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  1. Tested with a new Set of cable and av receiver (pioneer vsx-528) and same problem!
  2. Didn't try it to another system! I will try it tomorow to see how it's sound!
  3. The gain is Set to about half, but it's distorsion at any gain volume
  4. Yes the sub is connected to the sub out of receiver! Crossover is Set to 80hz but i tried all possible on the subwoofer without luck!
  5. Hello everyone! I just buy a new home theathre. My system : av receiver onkyo tx-nr626 - front: klipsch RP-260F - center: klipsch rp-250c - rear: klipsch rp-150m - sub: r110sw my big problem is that the sub is playing very distorssioned, even my old system (pioneer htp-071) have a very clean bass compared with klipsch r110sw. i turn off my sub to get a good sound because the sound from sub is very very distorssioned at any volume! can somebody help try figuring out what is the problem? maybe i did something wrong
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