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  1. I have a slightly (maybe used for 3 hours) used subwoofer I would like to sell. It is in like new condition and comes with all of the paperwork as well as the original boxes and packing material. I will ship, I just ask that we split the shipping. I am asking $500.00 OBO Let me know if you want any pics and I will post them.
  2. Also spinning Doom Side of the Moon by The Sword guitarist Kyle Shutt and friends.
  3. Spinning the newest from Baroness - Gold and Grey
  4. I have a Oppo 203 that I do not use very much if at all and I was wondering if any one would be interested. Based off of ones selling on avsforum.com I think $700 would be fair. Send me a message if you have any questions or want to see a picture.
  5. Well if a kid getting run over by a tank in 89 didnt get the ball rolling on if Americans give a shit about human rights over there I think you are going to be hard pressed to get the Americans to care about Muslims way out on the fringes. It may not be right but that is how it is. I think ethnic Hans are about 90% of the population in China.
  6. This thread is either up or down. I know I could talk about movies on blu-ray.com or some other dirge but those sites are just swamped with fanboys. Everything always degrades to poop throwing. So lets get this going. Anyways I watched "Dont Leave Home" and my Lord what a waste of time and money. BTW I just rented it off of itunes. Here is the synopsis: "On the urging of a reclusive priest and his creepy cohort, artist Melanie heads to the Irish countrside for an art commission. Telling no one where she is going. Melanie never stops to consider that some urban legends are real". It really tries to put on this mysterious aire but fails miserably. Not sure what urban legend they are talking about since none is ever mentioned. There are no real scares and it just plodds along. I thought the acting was pretty bad from the lead and the preist was so so. I am not sure what you are supposed to take away from this film. It kind of tries to do the ending to Martyrs (* this movie is nothing like Martyrs so please do not misconstrue that statement. There is no violence or gore or anything that might be considered hard core). Just skip it and save your money and wait for it to show up on Netflix.
  7. No I just rented it on itunes. It was even slower than Beyond a Black Rainbow. I just did not get what all of the hype was about. Of course somepeople will see it as some mad drug infused dreamscape but that would only cover the last 30 minutes and even then its mostly just plodding along.
  8. I guess I will resurrect this thread from oblivion. Been watching a lot of college football on the weekends so that has really eaten into my movie watching but got back on the horse yesterday. I watched a movie called Mandy. I dont really know hoe to catagorize the film but it seems to be going between Sci-Fi and Horror. This is a Nicholas Cage film but thanfully there is not a lot of him talking and more of him doing his usual crazy shit. This is the second movie by Panos Cosmatos, the first being Beyond the Black Rainbow. If you have seen that movie you pretty much know what to expect. The movie takes a while to get going, about a hour really. There is some graphic violence but nothing that has not been done before and while some will consider it over the top I thought it was a solid meh. The movie has a lot of color and filtration in the film. Most of the movie seems to be in reds and blues. I was bored for most of it and the characters where pretty bland. I was glad they reaped what the sowed but getting there was a chore. I guess it should really be considered more a avant garde film in the spirit of Dali, Gasper Noe, Nicolas Winding Refn or Lars von Trier. If you enjoy that kind of movie you will probably like this one. On a side note the soundtrack sounded like a Tangerine Dream score but not as good. I also went and saw the new Predator film last Thursday. I am sorry if you liked it but it was a straight up dumpster fire. I thought the story was a bit contrived and the lead actor while good in Logan was just not a good lead. I also do not understand why you make a movie involving the military and get so many things wrong. Do they not have advisors or something? Anyways I also can't stand it when the movie does not follow the rules of its own universe. I understand that there is a thing as susupending belief but if you set up rules in the films universe and then not follow them then I am out. SPOILER What I mean by this is that in one scene the heros, about 7, shoot a predator with a mix of 5.56 and 9mm rounds and you see the rounds bouncing off of him with no effect. This includes his face. Now this happens more than once mind you with our lead shouting "Light him up" before every burst. Anyways after doing this and the predator falling to the ground after a predator weapon is used against it the hero walks up to the predator and shoots it in the face with a 9mm pistol killing it. Are you ******* serious!?! Now about the military the problems I had were that they take a active duty soldier to the VA, a 20's something pilot is described as flying Hueys (uh no, this is not vietnam) while having a black hawk tattoo on his arm, lastley everyone uses american made weapons but the bad guys, not predators, use german hk g36 (WTF?). Also the main human bad guy dies in such an absurd way that if you blink you will miss it, seriously he is there for the whole film and then in half a second he is gone. End SPOILERS It was a very frustrating film and I am not even going to get into the scene right before the credits roll. Anyways watch at your own risk. Best thing about the movie, besides it being over, was the poster.
  9. Listening to one of my favorite concept albums from a great little metal band out of Austin, The Sword. This was their third album and my favorite by far. The whole album tells the story of group of mercenaries in space. Think "Heavy Metal" and you pretty much got it. There follow up albums have not had the same magic as this one IMO. If you like them do yourself a favor and check out Baroness or Mastadon.
  10. Working a little long today so I needed some thunder from down under to get me through it. This 10th anniversary vinyl of the classic self titled album by Wolfmother is amazing. Very lively. Including artwork by Frazetta is just icing on the cake for me.
  11. Havent been in the office much this week and if I was I was watching Netflix's "Ozark". That was a great series and Jason Bateman was amazing as always. As for spinning some records I really only listened to one and that was Coheed and Cambria's 'Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV, Volume 1: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness'. I was never really into Emo but this album has always been one of my favorites and was always a favorite of mine when prepping the Chinook for a mission.
  12. Its raining down here in SE Texas so I thought it was a good day for some Doom & Sludge Metal. First up was my favorite release by Pallbearer and coincidently their first, Sorrow and Extinction. Side A is maginificent. Gonna play with Earth a little later on with the album Pentastar:In the Style of Demons.
  13. Well I thought I would mellow out a bit and listen to some Beatles and started with my favorite album, The White Album, in mono of course.
  14. Thats them. Yeah metallica covered their song Breadfan on garage days. I prefer the original.
  15. This morning starting off with some original metal...Budgie.
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