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  1. FS: Klipsch Ref IV RF-82 and Ref IV RC-62

  2. FS: Yamaha Aventage RX-A3070 ($1700, OBO)

    Here is a picture of the box. I have not taken it out yet and everything is still sealed.
  3. I have a new, unused Yamaha 3070 I was planning on using in another room and now have no need for it. The unit is still in the box and has never been out of the box. My house is having to be redone due to the hurricane and I need this unit gone. Thinking $1700 but shoot me an offer. The worst I can say is no.
  4. FS: Klipsch Ref IV RF-82 and Ref IV RC-62

  5. FS: Klipsch Ref IV RF-82 and Ref IV RC-62

    RF-82 back
  6. FS: Klipsch Ref IV RF-82 and Ref IV RC-62

    Another Front
  7. FS: Klipsch Ref IV RF-82 and Ref IV RC-62

  8. FS: Klipsch Ref IV RF-82 and Ref IV RC-62

    Center Rear
  9. FS: Klipsch Ref IV RF-82 and Ref IV RC-62

    Center front
  10. I posted my RP280 up awhile ago and have decided to keep those and sell this set I have. They are in cherry and I am the original owner. I bought these new in 2007 and they are immaculate. I am going to sell them for $800 which is pretty fair going by ebay prices. These are located in College Station TX and I do not really want to ship them.
  11. Need Advice: Out with old and in with the new?

    Both sets are paid for and both sets I can fit in the room, after some adjustments. I guess I should sell the rf-82 and the center cause I really enjoy the Dolby Atmos effect. Not sure how much I could get though. They are in immaculate shape for being 10 years old.
  12. I have a dilemma. I have a set of Ref IV RF-82 and Ref IV RC-62 and a set of RS-52. My problem is that I currently have a Yamaha 3070 and set of RP-280FA, RP-450CA and the RP 240S and I need to get rid of one of the sets. I think I would keep the RS-52 and still use them as my sides or rears but have not decided yet. Would it be worth keeping the old or just go with the new speakers?
  13. This was a wall mount I had for my Panasonic projector. It is a WM120S and was made to order. It has been in storage for about two years and will work with any projector as long as the correct mounting plate for the projector is used. It can slide in and out to get the correct distance to the screen if that is necessary in your set up. Asking $120.00. will upload pictures tonight.
  14. Had a guy ask about the speakers. The fronts are the RP-280FA Walnut wood veneer versions that they made for a little while and retailed for $1749.99/speaker. The center is the matching RP-450CA also in Walnut wood veneer and retails for $849.00. The surrounds are RS-240S. This is a pretty smashing deal for a set of speakers that have never been used or even opened. I can get pictures of the boxes but I do not want to actually open the boxes. If you need pictures of the boxes I can provide them. I would like to move these so I can get a set that will actually fit in that space.