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  1. Actually live in Sour Lake. Just moved there from central texas.
  2. Beaumont TX. Sorry
  3. I have the original remote, wifi dongle and power cord but the original box and bag are long gone as I had no intention of getting rid of this. Condition is 9/10. The unit has been in the box I got for my 203 since February. My asking price is $275/obo shipped to the lower 48. I would prefer not to ship to Canada or Alaska or Hawaii but would be willing to negotiate on shipping if someone there wanted it. Payment preference is Paypal. Dave
  4. I wiped down the surfaces before I took the pictures and as far as the grills I cleaned them as best I could with out using a damp cloth. The photo makes them them look dirtier than the really are. Sitting in my chair looking at them they look black and not grey like in the photo. I can take close ups of the panels but there is nothing wrong with the cabinets. After reading your observations the lowest I would sell these for is $550. That would basically have me breaking even. I would still ship these but the buyer would need to pay. If they do not sell for this than I will probably just keep them.
  5. I am going to reduce these to $600 and I put them up on Ebay. I have had two people say they were going to buy these but subsequently back out. Am I asking too much for these?
  6. Price updated.
  7. Fair enough. $675 OBO.
  8. on the veneer or the back piece?
  9. I am over near Beaumont TX. There are no tags on the back for me to get the serial numbers.
  10. I have decided to go a different way with my speakers so I sadly have to offer these up. I do not have the space for them in my office to do them justice so I figured I would offer them here first. They have been updated with the Crites Tweeter upgrade as well as the Crites Crossovers. I am asking $550 OBO and I can split shipping. I had these shipped to me and still have the boxes that I received them in. They are pretty sturdy and much better than factory boxes. Let me know if I am to high in my asking