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  1. FS Media Codes: It and Justice League

    Was just going by what AVS does. If anyone wants them just shoot me a pm. I already have them on digital so it's no loss to me.
  2. I have two media codes for sale and both come from the 4k Discs. It - $6 Justice League - $8
  3. SOLD: Apple TV 4k ($100 TYD)

    Replied to all PM's.
  4. SOLD: Apple TV 4k ($100 TYD)

    Have had the unit for a couple of months but I do not use it. Has been sitting on the shelf and is in like new condition. Still have the original box and materials. Asking $100 shipped TYD OBO. Any questions please PM me.
  5. The towers and the center have sold. I still have the surrounds if anyone is interested. $250/pair.
  6. Bump. Price lowered. $1500 or i will part them out seperatly. They are just to big for the room.
  7. The last Blu-ray you watched.

    Watched the third one last night. What a turd. I do not think I ever really liked it and honestly thought the kills were pretty tame and lame. The use of the 3d gimmick is overused and just really used for gags and in none of the kills. Oh well.
  8. I have always defaulted to the DTS track, they always had higher bit rates and more data, on DVD's. With blu-rays though both formats seem to be really equal. Now with 4k blu-ray and the ability to have atmos or DTS X I always pick atmos. As far as up-converting I do not think that it really adds anything to the older discs soundtrack so I rarely do it.
  9. The last Blu-ray you watched.

    I see you liked it but after seeing the trailers and having read the series years ago, which i was not gaga over like others are, i am not sure about. I will have to wait for it to hit netflix next month. Anyways, i watched Friday the 13 Part 1 and Friday the 13 Part 2 both from the 8 disc set. Brings back good memories from getting thos vhs tapes from blockbuster. On a side note anyone else think that the clearer the picture it kind of ruins these sort of films?
  10. I was wondering if any one would be interested in this HTPC I built a couple of years ago. I never used it as a HTPC but the case was made for it. It is overbuilt and can run VR at the highest settings. It has a Intel i5-4670 @3.40 GHz with 8GB of DDR 3 at 1867 MHz. There are 2 HDD, one a ssd and the other a 10000 RPM WD Raptor. There is a dvd drive and plenty of USB 3.0 ports. It has a founders edition Nvidia GeForce 1070 card. I am going to ask for $700 OBO. The card alone is worth that ever since the crypto-mining craze has caught on. If you have any questions let me know.
  11. Dual SVS SB-2000 review

    I will look it up but what does that mean, "near field"? Just bring it closer
  12. Dual SVS SB-2000 review

    Yeah I agree. Just thought I see what it would do. Think I am gonna try and order a PB-1000 and see if that is any better. One of my problems is the PB-12/plus 2 is so darn big it is really hard to find a place to fit it. I had to put it in a corner and gave it about a foot on each side and tuned it to 18 hz. I put the SB-2000 in the front in between my center and right channel.