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  1. Hello, I have some old speakers that I had bought some crossovers for and some new diaphragms for the horns. I recently made a mistake and dropped a cable with an amp on and I think either fried a crossover or the tweeter, but it seems the tweeter still is playing but sounds dull and a little muddy compared to the other side. How do I test a capacitor with a multi meter? Which one would be the one I would look at for my horn? Can someone please break down what each one of the components are here so I can learn about this thing? I really want to get these going again. I bought these on Ebay 2017 and now the design has changed. This was supposedly a JBL or copy and is a 1200khz / 2 way crossover. The fuse removed only slightly lowers the highs it wills till work without it in . These are in a 2 old Peavy SP3 speaker. Thank you and any help or ideas are appreciated. I paid $100 for these and I can not buy another set right now, so I would like to try and replace the capacitor if possible. I just soldered the diaphragm back on and the sould level is the same as the good speaker, but the bass and highs have lost clarity. Is this as simple as replacing both capacitors?
  2. What kind or grade of plywood is usually used? What is the stock black color?
  3. I think the photos I was seeing are of kits r people that modified their khorns. I am aware of the factory sealed backs. I am looking at having a new tail board, bottoms and backs made.
  4. I'm thinking the photos I seen are of sealed backs, meaning... '60's/'70's.
  5. Hello, I am looking at putting some backs on my speakers. Why do some K horns have side grills that go all the way to the floor and some like mine have notches in them at the bottom? For the backs what is the stock paint used? Do people use nutserts or just screws?
  6. Thank you. I always thought it would not matter either until this last year coming here and another frum people said they can go out of phase having 2 different ohms plus that the crossing will change with 8ohm crossover going to a 4 ohm driver. I should mention these amps don't care what ohms they run, these are old school concert amps I use a monos. So the way I am looking at this is I will use UN bridge them and use channel 1 to power the main speakers, and channel 2 to power the sub on both L and R. I a, also wondering if I can just put a resistor or something in line to the subs rather than a crossover unit? The crossoers are not that expensive, but if Icould get a way with putting a certin resistor in line to filter over 80hz that would be easier. The next thing is with the speakers being 8 ohm and at least 99+db and the subs I would assume are somewhere are ound 85db maybe that ohm difference would bring them closer together. Does that makes sense?
  7. Hello, I have an unconventional question. I am looking at sing a car sub in a sealed box in my home and my specs are the following: Amps:8 ohm Sub: dvc 4 ohm each VC Crossover point: 80hz Crossover: should be what? 8 ohm or 4 ohm? I think if I use the 80hz 8ohm it will make it 160hz correct? If I go 4 ohm crossover 80hz it makes sense, but I am feeding it 8ohms from the amps, so now I am confused.
  8. 1505 ka-8dt https://assets.peavey.com/literature/manuals/80300801.pdf If anyone here knows how to design a triangle box for this 15, and maybe an 18" with a 19" horn in vertically please help.
  9. I thought a 15" should really in general have 8 cu ft, I have seen some in 13 cu ft which is 18" territory. This premade is 2.75 cu ft. Correct me if I'm wrong. The cornwall is 7+ cu ft correct? or am I thinking volume?
  10. Thanks. I have seen those, but I'm not sure they are large enough for good bass.
  11. I have some 15" woofers and large horns so I'm looking for some old cabinets to play with. I'm open to Onken, or custom cabs too. Let me know what you have to fit my 15s.
  12. I still am stuck here, so what parts on this board do I replace to raise the crossover point from 800hz to 2,000hz? If it is the 2 capacitors what values would the new ones be? I have also included the stock spec sheet from peavey showing the values for the SP3 model on the chart below the photo. Series 5 2-way xovers[1].pdf
  13. I guess it's the cross over that is set for a 4 ohm woofer. yes I need a cross over with 8ohms, 2way, 2,000hz, and attenuater built in. I see what you mean though, maybe I should try 800 first, it just sounds way too low right now, unless I run the woofer full range.
  14. I've decided to try 2000k cross over at the 12db 8ohms. Can someone please post up the proper capacitors for me so I can order them? I need a set for both speakers and all 4 need to be 8 ohms and 12db. Thank you, This is what I found... 1st Order Butterworth 2000 Hertz 8 Ohm Tweeter / 8 Ohm Woofer Parts List Capacitors C1 = 9.94 uF Inductors L1 = 0.64 mH
  15. Can someone now please break down the parts int eh photo of my crossover above? I think the stone piece is a resistor but what is the transformer piece? Do those go bad? I'm wondering if I can just solder some different value caps in the boards?
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