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  1. Thanks. Those look interesting. I'll have to see how much they want but I think I'll go for them.
  2. Buddy sent me these pictures asking if I wanted to buy them from his work, unfortunately he didn't get great pictures. He said they're about 4" deep and have rubber feet on the back. I have no clue what models they are, I thought Heresy until he said how thin they were then sent me the pic of with the grill off.
  3. I'm doing it myself, that's been the hold up. I've been trying to read through all of the rebuild threads. A few of the transistor pairs need to be updated and the trim pots could probably be replaced as well. The other part of why it's taken me so long is I don't have as nice of a soldering setup as my school and the hours they have the electronics lab in our maker space open is abysmal.
  4. Looks like the HK430 might not be done by Father's Day but I'm sure he'll love the Forte. Haven't been able to diagnose the input card yet but found out that a piece of equipment I had to buy for my electronics class has a built-in oscilloscope and signal generator on top of the built-in multimeter. National Instruments myDAQ, only $179 so it's somewhat incredible that is has those features for that price. I was going to have to go into our maker space to use their high end (donated) equipment but the myDAQ should do.
  5. SOLD! For reference, they ultimately sold for $950 to someone who drove 4 hours to listen to them.
  6. Woofer and amp cards are good on both speakers. Input card is the fault on that speaker, I swapped in the good input card and it the sub worked with no hum. Looks like I need to figure out what failed on the input board. Fortunately, another thread had the service manual PDF with all of the parts listed and diagrams with voltages to help with tracing the fault. I think I may go ahead and replace the capacitors on the amp cards seeing as they are common failure items.
  7. The fuse is fine, the led turns on green but doesn't switch to red. I sprayed the switch with contact cleaner but that didn't change anything. I don't have jumpers going to all three though I don't think that should matter but I can try that tomorrow. I pulled the board and tested it with the other speaker and same symptoms, so I believe that it's not a problem further up the line but I will take the other input board and test it on the speaker that wasn't working to be sure there isn't a problem with the amp card. I'll check the resistance of the woofer first before potentially frying the good board. The circuits on these boards seem pretty simple, no surface mount components. I should be able to rebuild them if necessary, only concern is part availability.
  8. Looks like one of the input boards is having issues. I have everything hooked up but the left speaker's indicator light stays green instead of turning red and nothing come out of the sub. I tried both line level and RCA and had the same result.
  9. Thanks for the manual. Now I know why the midbass sounded so dead. I had the "bass boost" knobs turned all the way counterclockwise because I didn't want to have any bass boost but that really just set the bass down -6dB. My Martin Logan subs were handling under 35Hz so the low bass sounded fine. I need to make a pair of crossbars and probably add some spikes as they are sitting on top of an area rug that's on top of terrazzo floors. So far I'm satisfied with my purchase but I've actually done more listening to another pair of speakers I've just picked up, vintage Infinity QB. I've never heard Infinity or done much listening to ribbon tweeters so those were a treat, bought them to sell but might find another room put them in.
  10. I first went down the Klipsch rabbit hole when I bought a pair of La Scala Industrial in an auction without any idea of what they were. I liked them besides the bright tweeters and bass extension (and I was interested in doing some of the mods) but they were too wide and too ugly for my room so I put them up for sale (still available if anyone is interested). I didn't know if would end up with another pair but a couple of months ago, I picked up a pair of Forte in walnut. They looked and sounded wonderful. I preferred the sound to the La Scala but I had to put them up as I got them for my dad and plan to surprise him with them on Father's Day along with a restored HK 430 Twin Powered. I then put my Monitor Audio Studio 6 in my system, which are great speakers for near or semi-near field listening but aren't meant to fill a large room. I was planning on buying something Martin Logan for my front channels (and may still at some point as I have a center channel and subs from them) but last night I was waiting for a friend to come pick up his phone that he left and decided to check Craigslist and saw a pair of Klipsch KSP-400 for $250. It had been up for an hour so I was sure they were already claimed but I texted the number anyway asking if the price was correct. He said I was the first to contact him and yes, the price was correct. He was renovating his house and the wife wanted them gone, plus they had seen a little water damage from a pipe that burst. He also said he had the matching C6 center and a pair of Mirage KRx Ones with speaker stands and would do $425 for the lot. I went and auditioned them this morning and drove home with them. The water damage was minimal, veneer had separated but wasn't warped or anything, should glue right back down. Otherwise, the grills were missing for the towers but that isn't any concern for me. My two smaller subs are Martin Logan Abyss and go lower than the KSP-400 so I am currently running a 2.4 setup (center channel isn't connected). No hum from the woofers so the amp cards seem to be fine for now. I think these may be my favorite Klipsch yet, they look beautiful in mahogany and aren't as bright as the other models I'm used to.
  11. I can certainly do the recapping myself, I just replaced a bad amplifier card on one my Genelec 8050As ($12 part on an originally $2k per each studio monitor, sorta strange if you ask me) and didn't manage to screw anything up. I don't have a ton of experience with audio equipment but taught myself soldering years ago for a science fair project and have mostly done car electronics since then. I think I will have a look at what I need to do to recap the crossovers, maybe use ALK's design he posted here a few years back though that would certainly cost more. I have Howard's Restore a Finish but only the maple/pine variety so I should probably get some walnut. My main problem with the La Scala is they are too big! If I had the space, I would probably have already made the ported bass boxes to see if that helped as much as people suggest. The tweeters aren't that bad, certainly better than many other speakers I have heard but my reference speaker at the time was a Monitor Audio Studio 6, and boy do those things have a beautiful upper end (and for the original cost of the things, they better have!) but are pretty much useless below 100hz. Fortunately, I have a guy coming up in the next couple of weeks to trade, he has a set of the industrial Cornwalls in the same finish and wants matching La Scala, has a load of great stuff to trade.
  12. It's an oil on canvas, I picked it up from estate company for like $25, as crazy as that may sound. I've pulled the chairs back and now have spaced out the speakers 7.5 feet from center to center. What sort of spacing do you guys do for these speakers? My seating is probably about 11 ft from the speakers, I can pull them further apart if I move stuff. What distance should I have them from the wall?
  13. I just picked up a pair of original series Forte in walnut. A couple of nicks and lick scratches so not perfect but boy do they look nice. I picked these up for $233 after tax to put in a budget system I am building for my dad to give him on Father's Day. It needs some work before going into service but they will be driven by a Harman Kardon 430 Twin Powered, which I picked up for $100 with the intention of eventually pairing with some sort of Klipsch Heritage speakers as I read on here that it was a favorite to pair with older Klipsch. Currently, I have it hooked up to an early 00s Sony 5.1 channel receiver connected to my brother's Axon 7 (you can look up the specs but supposedly the best DAC of any phone, only phone with Dolby Atmos) and they sound great. I prefer these to my La Scala Industrial. Better bass extension and no harshness in the highs, while still giving that big speaker sound in a much smaller, more attractive package. Definitely, the best full range speakers I own, I think my dad will be pleased. Btw, the record player is a Yamaha PF800, I didn't have anywhere to move it and it weighs a ton so I just put the HK430 under it. Any ownership tips for these?
  14. Bump for price reduction. $1050. Message me if interested and I can work with you.
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