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  1. Thanks for the input. The mahogany finish is interesting to me. The finish on them looks great, but with the serial numbers being a few off... I wasn't sure where a fair price would be. With the black finish, I agree it doesn't matter much
  2. Folks, Despite selling my KLF30 years ago...I am tempted again to add a set! I have a line on a set with matching serial numbers, EXC in black. Also a set of mahogany EXC with the serial numbers off by a few. I am attracted to the mahogany finish...but the serial numbers may be a deal breaker unless the price is right.. Just curious on the going rate in the midwest on each finish. Thanks, Dan
  3. I have a pair of chorus 2 with the crites upgrade and love them! I, at one time had a set of forte 2.... See where I am going here... $400 for a pair of Forte 2 is a very good price. $800 for the chorus is fair all depending on condition of course. I would try both and feel confident that you can sell one off when you make your decision. Dan
  4. That is where I was going with the initial question, JJK. There have been so many changes over the years, I was wondering if all were for the best..Ultimately I guess it comes down to personal preference, room arrangements and stereo equipment setups.
  5. I own a pair of 1984 cornwall 1 in walnut. They were stock, I did the crites upgrade on the crossovers. I saw a pair for sale locally that are also walnut from 1975. These are stock. However I am open to upgrading components. I was curious with the same upgrades done to both, if there were sonic differences and if one model was better than the other. Sometimes newer is better, sometimes not.. Thanks!
  6. Folks, I was looking for some input to help make a decision...a nice set of 1975 Cornwall or 1984??.. both CW1. However I'm sure there have been some changes in the 9 year span between when these models came out. Thanks in advance!!
  7. Hello, I would be interested in the cf4s.. Zeus, you were on them first. I don't want to step on toes.. Dan
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