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  1. 32blownhemi

    Jube's in a Mobile/Modular Home?

    Thank You for the replies! Maybe I should go for an over 55 park cuz they won't hear as well? Bill
  2. I'm considering getting a Mobile/Modular Home. A double wide. Anyone have them or something similar in a Mobile/Modular Home? Worried about how they'll sound with paper thin walls. Anything I can do to make them sound ok? I'm imagine my Danley DTS 10 will bring the walls down... Thank You , Bill
  3. 32blownhemi

    Other brands of speakers...

    Only speakers I've ever owned other than my current ones were Bic Venturi 6's. Bought em at Pacific Stereo back in the early-mid 70's... I loved 'em... My Jube's sound better though!
  4. 32blownhemi

    Tubes bad in 80 days on new Mc275? Are they BS'ing me?

    Thank You guys! I e-mailed the guy at McIntosh that agreed to send me the tubes by replying to the last correspondence we had. He had added 3 other people from McIntosh to receive copies of our e-mails. So 4 people at Mc read everything we write back & forth. I think this is the best/quickest way to handle it. The stereo shop I got the amp from is quit a drive from where I live (the local place didn't have an amp in stock). Dealing directly with Mc cuts out all the middle men... Oh, I checked the fuse & it's good... Bill
  5. 32blownhemi

    Tubes bad in 80 days on new Mc275? Are they BS'ing me?

    Unbelievable! My Mc275 (the same one) just quit working! I'm sitting here listening to it & it just quit! I turned it off & then tried to turn it on but same thing. The little red light that's above the on/off switch is on but nothing else! What would you guys do? Send it straight back to McIntosh? Thank You! Bill
  6. 32blownhemi

    Tubes bad in 80 days on new Mc275? Are they BS'ing me?

    Wow! At least they made it up to me by giving me 8 tubes in addition to the 4 they put in the amp. Now that I think about it the place I bought the amp from should have been the ones to handle this for me... Thank You! Bill
  7. 32blownhemi

    Tubes bad in 80 days on new Mc275? Are they BS'ing me?

    They sent me 8 new tubes & installed 4 new ones in my amp (& I got the 4 'bad' ones back). But I had to pay $300... I guess it was easier/cheaper for them to send me 8 tubes than refund money? I'll post a pic of the e-mail they sent me..
  8. 32blownhemi

    Cornwall's III with McIntosh MA5300

    I don't know if this makes a difference with Cornwall's but my La Scala's & my Jubes sounded better with carpet under the speakers. A lot better...
  9. 32blownhemi

    K-402 2 way LF bass

    I'm in no way qualified to comment on the speakers you mentioned. But, before I had my Jube's I had La Scala Bass Bins with my K-402 Horns & it sounded amazing. Of course, not as amazing as Jubes but still amazing. And, as long as you get a decent deal on used ones, you could probably sell your La Scala's for what you paid for them when you get Jube's. Mine were $1000... Put 3/4" plywood on the sides to stiffen them & the'll sound better...
  10. 32blownhemi

    Best place to buy new tubes

    Tagged for future reference...
  11. 32blownhemi

    A link showing Ohm requirements for K-691 Drivers?

    Thank You Everyone! McIntosh told me the reason the tubes in my Mc275 (with 50-60 hours on it) had gone bad was because I was hooking up to the 8 Ohm connections. That this was causing my amp to work twice as hard as necessary. They said the Jube's were 4 ohm's & the horns 5 ohm's. But my Jube Bass Bins say 8 ohm's on them. So they were wrong. I just wanted to know what ohm the horn's were. Thanks again! Bill
  12. 32blownhemi

    Tubes bad in 80 days on new Mc275? Are they BS'ing me?

    It looks good sitting on the stereo rack. But, haven't hooked it up yet... Need to get on that...
  13. 32blownhemi

    Tubes bad in 80 days on new Mc275? Are they BS'ing me?

    Part II... Ok, so I went back & forth with McIntosh with several e-mails. Told them how unhappy I was, I was going to bash them on-line, etc... They asked lots of questions, how the amps were set-up, type of active crossover, what make/model of speakers, etc... McIntosh finally said the reason my amp showed excessive wear was because I was using the 8 ohm connections. That my K-691 horns are rated 5 ohms & my Jubilee bass bins are 4 ohms. But I looked at the Jubes & they say 8 ohm's on them. Horns don't say... So being hooked up like it was made the amp work twice as hard as it should & wore the tubes out. But, the good news is he said he'd mail me 8 KT-88 tubes! Yes 8... I was thinking 'checks in the mail' but I got a tracking number today. Said they'll be delivered next Wednesday. And 8 tubes cost a lot more than $300! Thanks everyone, Bill
  14. 32blownhemi

    Tubes bad in 80 days on new Mc275? Are they BS'ing me?

    I'll try to keep my ADHD in check & start over... Update! Ok, I bought a Mc275 last May (my second one, first was purchased last March). Last August, 3 months after I purchased it I hooked it up. Vertical Bi-Amp'ed, using 8 Ohm connections. 80 days later it quit working. Yes, I know mac tube amp's are warrantee'd for 3 years from date of purchase but the tubes are only warrantee'd for 90 days from date of purchase. I figured, at most, I played the amp 60 hours. Ok, the cast of characters are; 1) Alon at Shelley's Stereo in Woodland Hills, Ca where I purchased the amp. 2) Morris at George Meyer Audio in Woodland Hills, Ca. 3) Shannon at McIntosh warrantee department... I took my amp to Alon & he sent it to Morris to be repaired. Alon then called me & said my amp had a broken transformer & it would be covered under warrantee but also 4 bad tubes (the KT88's). And these were not covered under warrantee, the charge was $300. He said that Morris said the tubes showed excessive wear. So I called Shannon, told her the details (owned for 6 months, used for 80 days, etc). She told me tubes were only warrantee'd for 90 days but she'd call Morris & talk to him. I talked to Shannon & Alon several times over the next 2 or so months (I was gone on vacation for a few weeks). After I got back from vacation & called Shannon & she said "No" they weren't going to warrantee the tubes because they showed excessive wear. I then called Morris & asked him details. He said; the transformer had 'dead shorted'. Of the four K88 tubes, One tube had 'flashed'. One tube had an 'open filament'. & two tubes had 'low emission gain'. And said all 4 tubes didn't show a 'bright yellow glow' that tubes stop showing after 800-1000 hr's or so. I didn't understand what he was saying but took notes. So bottom line when I picked up the amp I had to pay for the tubes. I asked for the tubes but they didn't have them when I picked up the amp from Alon. So I called Morris & he mailed them to me... I then wrote McIntosh an e-mail explaining how unhappy I was & how I was going to tell everyone I talked to what I thought of them.... Got to go... I'll finish later... Bill