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  1. Didn't someone mentioned that the La Scala residential speakers don't have fuses but the commercial ones do? Just cut the wires off of the fuse holders & solder them together... A soldering iron is $10 +/-... If you've never soldered a youtube video will teach you in minutes... just my .02
  2. Not trying to bug you cuz you didn't do it BUT 3/4" plywood on the sides. I can hear the difference while listening to Eminem (Rap)... Or you can put braces on the insides of the bins but I'm not familiar on doing it that way...
  3. LOL... Solid uncomfortable aluminum...
  4. BTE is what I need for my type of hearing loss... Stands for Behind the Ear...
  5. Thank You Oscarsear! I Googled Starkey reviews & there were a lot of bad reviews although they were mostly older reviews. I'm going to go Google the other ones now... Bill
  6. Thank You Mr Music Fan! I'm new to this so I'm not sure what cic or bte is. The doctor said she would normally recommend, as my first choice, either the Widex Beyond (220, 330 or 440) or the Signia Siemens Primax 7. But the Starkey Halo 2 is on sale so she recommended it. Said I could try it for 60 days & if I didn't like it return it. Said it worked really well for some folks. The Widex for the pair $7590 + tax (the 440). She said the Signa (Siemens) was a little bit less & the Starkey Halo 2 was $4938 + tax for the pair (buy one get the second at 1/2 price). She had the chart from the test I took (took it a year ago, she said it'd still be good). It showed a line of dots in a line towards the top & then a line of dots towards the bottom. She said I hear sounds but just can't make out the words. Not sure if this helps you or not. I know nothing about hearing aids except I'm tired of saying "What"... Thank You! Bill ps, Oh, she said her #1 recommendation for me was the Starkey because it was on sale...
  7. Just replying so I can turn on 'Notify Me Of Replies'...
  8. I'm getting tired of saying "What" all the time (plus I'm sure my friends are even more tired of it). Just wondering what brand you have & how it works when listening to music? The doctor's first two recommendations are usually from Widex or Siemens but there's a promotion being offered from Starkey that saves $2700 & she says that Starkey is a close 2nd in quality. Anyone know anything about hearing aids? Thank You! Bill
  9. '32 Ford 3 Window Coupe w/ a 392 Hemi from Big Al's Toy Box. Turbo 400 Trans & 9" Ford rear end... Dyno'ed at 540 rear wheel HP. Although I wasn't really concerned about HP as I went with the '58 Hemi for looks. Could have had 300+ more HP for less money with a big block Chevy that was every bit as streetable as this...
  10. Thank You wvu80 & pelliott321! They are overpriced then. Maybe I will make an offer although I'd rather have the II's. Well, of course, my 1st choice would be the III's but the cost rules those out... I'd like a spreadsheet. How do you send it? My email is billwhoo@reagan.com... Thank You! bill
  11. Long story but I found some Cornwall speakers for sale for $1200. All the girl knows is they were bought in 1979. Is there a chance they could be Cornwall II's? Or did the II's come out after that? Thank You! Bill
  12. My Industrials came with metal trim all around the sides. I see that your's didn't but just wanted to show how I used the metal corners to help with my lack of carpenters experience Lol... You could maybe find these if you needed to.... Bill
  13. This is the paint I used. $10 a quart at Lowe's. Keep in mind though that I know nothing about paint. I got it cuz it was inexpensive & it turned out "good enough for me". Bill
  14. I have La Scala Industrial's. I'm just using the bass bins as I went with different speakers for the mids & highs. The only reason I removed the paint & repainted the bins is I added 3/4"plywood to the sides to stiffen them up to improve the bass (I would highly recommend this as it really improved the bass). The biggest hassle of adding plywood to the sides is you have to remove the existing paint & then repaint. And your doing this anyway. I went to Lowe's and got A1 3/4" plywood $50 +/- a sheet. Sanded the paint off with a Harbor Freight Belt Sander ($30), used Gorilla Construction Adhesive. To help hold the sides on while the glue set I used #8 x 1 1/4" flat phillips wood screws (I used 21 per side), drilled & counter sunk the holes. I did one side at a time & used the tops of the mid/high speaker to hold it down. Wood clamps would have probably been better. At first I tried a Palm sander & after spending an hour or two & getting nowhere I went a got the Belt sander. It removed the paint in minutes. I didn't want to deal with the smell & mess of paint remover. Although you've got tight corners to sand & I didn't. I then painted the bins with a roller.... Bill
  15. OMG, just proved I'm a senior citizen! It flew over my head TWICE! Lol...