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  1. www.planetdrugsdirect.com I get almost all my prescriptions here. But only the ones that are manufactured/shipped from either Canada or Great Britten. If they don't list one on their website call them. It can be a hassle sometimes but much cheaper. My doctor is linked to them & just puts the order in from his computer.
  2. Don't know if this has been mentioned or not but I glued/screwed 3/4" plywood on the sides of my La Scala I's & put carpet under them & it made a noticeable difference in Bass...
  3. Not sure if I should post this here or somewhere else? Where's a good place to buy albums? On-line? Big Box? Local music store? And what's up with some albums being remastered? Which is better? Or is asking "Which is better" like asking "which is better, a Ford or a Chevy"... I like oldies like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Country Western, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Dylan, etc. And Michael Jackson's Billy Jean sounds incredible on my Jubee's... As always, Thank You! Bill New Turntable; Technic's SL-1100A with a Jelco SA-750D Tonearm & a New Ortofon 2 Black Cartridge...
  4. Going to use the H/K 430 with my La Scala's for my bedroom set-up. Used La Scala I's $1000 + $100 for plywood & glue to stiffen sides + $350 for refurbished H/K 430 =$1450... Living room set-up, McIntosh amps + pre amp + Jube's + K 402 horns = $30 grand... Does my living room setup sound better. Of course it does... Spend another $28,550 for my bedroom setup? It sounds fantastic for what it is...
  5. And I'd like to do a big "Thank You" shout out to HDBRBuilder for the help in setting up my La Scala's with a Harman Kardon 430 receiver. A 40+ year old amp & it kicks a**!
  6. ALRIGHT!!! Got this e-mail from McIntosh this morning! They are sending me a brand new Mc 275! Good afternoon Bill, We have completed our evaluation of your MC275 and have determined that it is once again a failure of the power transformers internal thermal switch. Since this is now the 3rd failure of the thermal switch, I will be replacing your amplifier with a new amp. I have already begun the exchange process and will notify you once I am able to ship the replacement amplifier. Please allow me a few more days due to the short holiday week and end of month activities. I’ll be in touch shortly with UPS tracking information. Thank you, John John C. Messemer Customer Service Manager McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. Wadia Digital, LLC.
  7. I also got the headphone jack with split L/R RCA outputs. I thought it'd be a skinny little cable like other cables I've gotten but it's bigger around than a pencil!
  8. Wow! A wealth of information! Thank You! Got my H/K today. I'll post a pic of the receipt from the audio store that shows what they did to it. Looks like they 'cleaned the pots' cuz it says "cleaned switches & controls". It says they took the amp in cuz it was 'cutting out'. And they 'soldered the suspect connections' to fix it? My daughters stopping by tomorrow to help me carry the speakers upstairs & I'll hook it up! Need to get some speaker wire also... Thank You! Bill
  9. Whew! You had me worried! Lol... And I have the adapter to hook up the amp to my i Phone too...
  10. Thank You! Got it on Amazon & it'll be here Monday! Bill
  11. Thank You HDBRbuilder! The amp should be here Monday & I'll PM you when it arrives. My e-mail is billwhoo@reagan.com... And I watched a You Tube video on 'cleaning the pots' ... Whats the best way to hook up my Mac Book Air (I run the music through Amarra) to the H/K 430? I googled it and just got confused.... Thanks again! Bill
  12. Thanks for the links. They sent me a return mail label to send the amp back so we'll see what happens.... Bill
  13. I only had the amp hooked up for 80 days but I'd owed it longer. So hence over 90 days & out of warrantee on the tubes...
  14. I certainly agree about being on a heavenly cloud when listening to Jube's on Tubes! Last couple of times my amp broke I've hooked up my bass bins to my Crown amp & it's just not the same... How would you hook up the H/K 430? Run the Jube base bins with it & the K 402 horns with my other Mc 275? Seeing as how I've been looking for an amp to run my La Scala's with I just went to ebay & got an H/K 430! Thank You! Bill
  15. McIntosh is sending me a shipping label & I'll send it back to them. I told them it was a lemon & I wanted a new one. We'll see what happens. I looked & the 2nd time it broke it flashed the power transformer thermal protection switch. No idea what that is... The first time it had an 'Open Transformer', that it 'dead shorted' & it blew 4 K88 tubes. One tube had 'flashed', One tube had an 'open filament' & two tubes had 'low emission gain'. No idea what this means either. And that it had excessive wear on it. Which is BS, I had & still have very few hours on it... Thank You for the replies! Bill
  16. Yep, the factory fixed it free BUT it just quit working for the 3rd time! I have a $6400 lemon...
  17. Thank You Everyone! I'm still using Apple iTunes running through Amarra... Other than the obvious answers to me such as CD or Vinyl the other stuff just confuses me... Bill
  18. Thank You for the replies! Maybe I should go for an over 55 park cuz they won't hear as well? Bill
  19. I'm considering getting a Mobile/Modular Home. A double wide. Anyone have them or something similar in a Mobile/Modular Home? Worried about how they'll sound with paper thin walls. Anything I can do to make them sound ok? I'm imagine my Danley DTS 10 will bring the walls down... Thank You , Bill
  20. Only speakers I've ever owned other than my current ones were Bic Venturi 6's. Bought em at Pacific Stereo back in the early-mid 70's... I loved 'em... My Jube's sound better though!
  21. Thank You guys! I e-mailed the guy at McIntosh that agreed to send me the tubes by replying to the last correspondence we had. He had added 3 other people from McIntosh to receive copies of our e-mails. So 4 people at Mc read everything we write back & forth. I think this is the best/quickest way to handle it. The stereo shop I got the amp from is quit a drive from where I live (the local place didn't have an amp in stock). Dealing directly with Mc cuts out all the middle men... Oh, I checked the fuse & it's good... Bill
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