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  1. peteb5

    Emblem missing

    Sorry, I wanted to know if Klipsch can send me one.
  2. peteb5

    Emblem missing

    I just bought a new 12sw from best buy and the klipsch emblem is missing from front.
  3. What happens to the bass when you go lower or higher on the lpf knob and should I change the lpf on the receiver too?
  4. My 2 mains are r28f klipsch speakers
  5. What is the best setting for the LPF?
  6. Ahhh, ok, I got it. Thank you both for the replies.
  7. Lol, I'm confused, 2 different opinions?
  8. Thanks for the reply FuzzyDog, that would be the subwoofer hook up, what is the sub pre out for and also, on the sub, do I hook into the L/LFE or R?
  9. I have an Onkyo tx nr656, it has a sub hook up, and a sub pre out hookup, which one do I use and do I split the cable to connect to the r and l of the sub? Thanks in advance.
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