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  1. Schu is a Venere expert! Do you do restoration?
  2. Hey Klipsch family! There were two veneers on the klipsch facebook page that I had not seen before. East Indian Rosewood and California Black Walnut. Can anyone give any info on these?
  3. So sorry everyone, I had a family emergency I was attending to. I am in Baton Rouge Louisiana.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply!! This is will be a two channel set up that could one day turn into hometheater. I am more focused on the 2 channel as of right now. I am looking to spend about 3 to 5k on speakers as I know they will be upgraded. I have an amp picked out that I love, the Decware Mystery Amp. 6k. A preamp in the 2 to 3k realm. Sources with be computer and vinyl. My over all goal would be to get these to Greg at volti audio to do a full restoration in the long term. Hope this helps.
  5. Hi everyone, I am a long time lover of Klipsch but have always purchased non horn high end stuff. Wanted to start a project by getting a set up with the La Scala's, Belles or Khorns (Khorns would not be the best for my listening room). I am looking at this as long term project where I will be making a significant investment over time. I want to audition some first before I buy a pair of used speakers. So if anyone in the forum in Southeast Louisiana would be gracious enough to let me hear their speakers I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks everyone!
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