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  1. No takers? Goes on ebay at the end of the week. No reasonable offer refused...
  2. @Jeff Penley If you're serious I could cut you a deal on shipping!
  3. Bump... I was able to scrounge up a writeup of the crossover rebuild that was done by the previous owner, who is also a member of this forum. I've attached it here as well as the original post. Happy Friday! merged.pdf
  4. @Weber thanks! Long time lurker (also own/have owned Heresys and KG1s, as well as newer RCs) @CECAA850 Seattle, WA.
  5. Selling my favorite speakers I've ever owned. Space constraints force sale, and they are not being used right now so they should go to a fellow enthusiast who would appreciate them. Never overdriven (only used with an AVR247 receiver). I've attached a writeup of the crossover rebuild by the previous owner, who is a member of this forum. Features Crites titanium tweeter diaphragms Jantzen biamp/biwire crossovers with Crites autotransformers Jantzen internal wiring Dampened driver baskets and horns Plexiglass binding post plates with biamp/biwire option New driver gaskets and cabinet sealing Condition 8/10, some minor chipping/scuffing along base but pretty good for 20+ year old floor standing speakers. Price $600 OBO (but please don't lowball) Shipping I can arrange shipping within the continental US for $200. If they don't sell in 2 weeks they're going on ebay. merged.pdf
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