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  1. Is there anything that is like a step down from the Forte?
  2. Oh, cool.. In the year of 93 I heard Forte 2's and my life has never been the same.. I had a plastic boom box at the time.. I just remember it sounded amazing!... I think those are the speakers I have been looking for.. Do they have that super nice crisp high end?.. and clear sounding?... I wish I could hear them it's been 25 yrs..
  3. They only made them for 1 yr but they have a tower speaker from the same line that should have a bigger sound.. Klipsch SF-3 with 2 woofers and 150 watts... What do you have now in it's place???... I want the same high end and clarity and can't find it in a 150 watt tower speaker..
  4. I think the clearly with the highs are the best I have ever heard... Better than RF-82 and RF-3.. Kind of enhanced but not fake sounding.. Super crisp it gave me chills!..
  5. I'm asking $150 These are discounted because of a damaged speaker. They do sound good at low volumes tho. besides that 2 others have very small dents that don't effect the sound at all. You can find a used one on eBay from time to time.. Or order a new one through Speaker Exchange for $75. They would normally go for $200-$350 in good condition. I would consider a trade for Klipsch SF-1 or 2. Or SB-2 bookshelfs I'm located in Springvale, Maine email or text svoivod@hotmail.com 207-651-2780
  6. Cool thanks for your response any idea which go the Icon's were any good?
  7. I have now owned 5-7 sets of Klipsch, I just sold my RF82'S and got RF-3's.. They're ok... But I got some small SB-1 bookshelf speakers and the high end and clarity.. Seem to be the best I have ever heard with my 12 inch klipsch sub.. I was always told the Synergy wasn't any good!... I don't believe what I'm hearing... maybe it's because it's not a big room???.. I'm so confused i thought for some reason the RF's would be better... Now I'm wonder if the Icon's sound this good???????... Because I have read they're like the Synergy line...
  8. All of the copper speakers RF 82, RF -3, R-28, have NO midrange!... Horrible for music!.. Great for movies only..
  9. I wasn't that clear on what I meant.. The RF 82's and all the ones just like them pretty much zero midrange!... Of course klipsch forte have midrange but you have to spend over $4,000 in order to have music sound good.. Please tell me which ones without having to spend $4,000 have midrange??????
  10. "Never heard CV"..... Yet all new Klipsch lack midrange... And aren't good for music.
  11. Do NOT buy any new Cerwin Vega!!!.... Those may be big and powerful looking but not good sounding.. And you need a amp to power them.. Just because the say Cerwin Vega on them doesn't mean they sound like Cerwin Vega.. They were taken over by Gibson Guitars awhile ago and now make crap.. If you want some killer speakers by them look into the D-5, or D-9.. I think the D-5 is amazing!... I call it the poor mans Klipsch Forte. It's a 150 watts and ton of bass and super crisp high end.. And people will tell you the DX series is good.. It isn't even close.. If you get the D-5 you won't be sorry.. I also have D-9 with 15 inch woofers and it's 355 watts.. super powerful!.. And they make lots of replacement parts and you can refoam and recone them.. the D-5's are the small ones in the middle and will blow away anything new by CV.
  12. How did your woofer go bad?.. Or did it get damaged?
  13. Has anyone tried the speaker replacement for the RF-3 II from speaker exchange?.. Do they sound kind of the same???... My speaker is badly damaged I thought of maybe trying to replace the top ones in each at least it would be balanced????. PS I sold my RF-82's because I thought they lacked too much mid range.. Some of you said these older ones have less bass and are more balanced.. And I agree 100%
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