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  1. One more available. Like new old stock. It is perfect in every way. Literally as close to new old stock as you can get. Fresh pics coming Sunday along with a new special price for Klipsch Community members only. Look for the new thread Sunday in Garage. Shipping is double boxed to protect the original Klipsch Academy box and packaging.
  2. First one is sold. Crites titanium tweeter is gone. Crites crossover board is gone.
  3. Final Hours and the Sumo Andromeda and Sumo Electra will be gone. Send your best offer now.
  4. Final Hours and the Sumo Andromeda and Sumo Electra will be gone. Send your best offer now.
  5. I just heard the RP8000F last week and the owner of them choose a Parasound 5250 over Classe and Marantz. The subwoofer was a SVS PB16 Ultra.
  6. Axpona 2019 one week away. I am going to the Klipsch room. I also hope to visit the following Anthem B&W Bryston Cary Audio Classe Emotiva Elac Focal Gik Acoustic Harmon KEF Krell Luxman Madisound Mcintosh Moon Audio Parasound Schiit SVS Triode
  7. https://www.toolshedamps.com/custom-amplifiers Check these out. Would be my local builder if I needed one. They have been used for powering several different klipsch conventions including CES2018. I just got off the phone an hour ago with the owner Matt. Funny thing, he had a local Craigslist ad for a pair of Cornwall III with 70th anniversary grills for sale. When he returned the call we chatted about Roy Delgado, tube power vs SS, and Anthem pre/pro's for multi channnel. Oh, and those CWIII's are walnut in the original box with 500 hours $3K and local pick-up only.
  8. Oiled Oak west of Knoxville, TN asking $350 https://knoxville.craigslist.org/ele/d/knoxville-klipsch-academy-center/6854713720.html
  9. My wife gets involved in my purchases. She travels with me, helps out in evaluation of what she hears, helps in determining when I am being overzealous and reaching beyond our living space and budget. Keeps me out of trouble and brings us both closer together. Not that she is into the audio scene, but she does like to be involved just like you said. If she is not interested, she leaves it up to me. I do not have to have any discussion with her on this item though. There is no way it fits into my future either.
  10. You have until Sunday to decide
  11. You have until Sunday to decide before I pull the add sell the Sumo's on Ebay.
  12. Never mind. I did not realize we shared pics on the other thread. Doh!😖
  13. 😖 There is no other choice. Design, engineer, and build new speakers or buy new ones. There are no other direct swaps on these.
  14. Really? I was not aware you owned them too. Are you willing to share a pic of your 250's. 😍 Mine are 250Ti. The woofer vent port foam repair requires removing the dust cap and pushing the foam plug from the inside out. A fine mesh screen (like the type used in a faucet aerator) replaces the original foam plug so no worries of deterioration down the road on that part. The foam was there just to keep trash out of the driver.
  15. Have you considered buying a used JBL 035tia?
  16. I have done the JBL diaphragm rebuilding myself. Need to do another 12 tweeters though. Not overly difficult, does requires patience, a steady hand, and don't make a mistake or you're SOL. F&)$!ng JBL foam is all over the place in them and all of it needs to be addressed. Woofer surrounds, woofer magnet vent ports, and tweeter diaphrams. Plus the cabinets constuction, finishes, grills, and fabric are sh!t. Sound fantastic though. There are better out there.
  17. In my experience the math will only get you close. For a perfect finish make a practice piece and template from that. Make sure you cut you miter joints at exactly the same angle no matter what. Cut it long and then....Fit,cut,fit,cut,fit,cut,etc.
  18. What you are looking for is the L100T3 with the modified crossover and 035tia tweeter. The crossover mod on the L100T3 removed the glare, edge, and bite while retaining a vary balanced and smooth even response from 30Hz-27KHz. You will not be able to swap tweeters to non titanium jbl without redesigning the tweeter portion of the crossover. For that you would do your own work, and get information from Lansing Heritage. Wait....wait....my crystal ball is getting clearer................ I see..............new speakers in your future. Where are you located Ron? What system components are you using? What sort of room?
  19. I own a dozen or more of 035Ti/a in various JBL speakers. What questions do you have? Are you referring to this? https://www.ebay.com/itm/JBL-035TIA-Tweeter-Speaker-Replacement-Parts-L7-35198/192823964420?hash=item2ce5343304:g:5P4AAOSwO7pcY5au:sc:USPSPriority!53932!US!-1 that you replace with this https://www.simplyspeakers.com/replacement-speaker-jbl-tweeter-t-035tia.html And now you would like to buy brand new, or newer speakers that are non titanium? If so, then the usual response is another question. What is your budget?
  20. It is all good. Seller wishes to find a good home for these. I would not mind at all if they could find their way into the community.
  21. I love when they super glue those store price tags right on the tops and kick them around with those unlined metal hand carts.
  22. Maybe I should remove the ad, as the seller would most likely posted here if he wanted to share it with the rest of the crew here. EDIT: No problem seller appreciates the attention I do not know the history, but I would assume the seller is definitely someone at least a few here are familiar with. I was just trying to help anyone here with the proper motivation get something they might have otherwise missed.
  23. https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/klipsch-70th-anniversary-khorns-one-of-70-pair-worldwide.864669/ If you cannot open this, I can help. A subscription is required. $8000 for the pair New Jersey, pick up only https://www.klipsch.com/products/klipschorn-70th-anniversary-edition
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