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  1. On 3/5/2019 at 5:28 AM, pzannucci said:

    Klipsch should have put the mid horn from the Forte III into the Cornwall III then I bet more people would look at the Cornwall III more seriously.

    Any votes for Cornwall IV?

    I see it happening one day.

    I think Chorus III will not happen though unfortunately, regardless of popularity.

  2. 4 hours ago, spencersmb said:

    I think eco mode is not on as well

    From Audiohaulics.com

    Eco Mode - Avoid like the Plague!

    As much as I am in favor of conserving resources and reducing my carbon footprint on this planet, running Eco mode on your AV receiver isn't going to slow the rising ocean levels or lower the acidity of our oceans. Instead, it's going to starve your speakers of power.  With Eco mode engaged, it limited power on the bench to 20 watts/ch no matter how many channels were driven.  This is worse than the dreaded 4-ohm impedance switch many receiver companies are using today.  Make triple sure you NEVER set this receiver to Eco if you plan on using the internal amplifiers.  I'd go so far as to omit the button from the remote control in case someone accidentally hits it and engages that mode.


    Caution:  No matter how tempted you may be to do so, DO NOT change the default "8 ohm min" impedance setting of ANY AV receiver.  All this does is starve your speakers of power, simply so Denon could get 4-ohm certification (at a reduced power level) without making the receiver get too hot during their power tests.

    7 hours ago, JefDC said:

    I have changed the (standard) impedance setting of the amplifier from 8 Ohms to 4 Ohms after which the amplifier runs much cooler and without video hick-ups.


    I hope this helps. Here is the link to the authors page.



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  3. Range of $450-$750 not including extremes. Condition dictates final. You can always wait longer. If you really are interested, you should be having discussions with him. Ask him questions. I personally would want history and many quality pics.

  4. They are back again. I inserted the new link above. Sale must have fell through or something. No price drop though. I do think the asking price is high, however someone interested could still make a realistic offer.

  5. I will be attending the convention myself. I am hoping to meet up with some forum members while I am there room hoping. I will be bringing a pair of JBL L100T3 speakers with me for a parking lot sale (pending) I have set up with a fine gentleman from Ohio. Believe me that kind of thing happens everyday in Chi-town.

  6. 15 minutes ago, wstrickland1 said:

    I've got a Carver AV 806x laying around that has a really nice sound. 133w x 6 channels, 360w x 3 channels or other combinations like 133x4 and 360x1, etc etc.


    basically you can bridge any 2 and run the others by their lonesome. I even have the original manual.


    I'm sorta the original owner. I bought it new, sold it to @sunburnwilly some years ago, then bought it back from him so I bought it originally but am the third owner :)


    $400 plus actual shipping


    I fully endorse this message.

    As a previous owner myself of the the Carver AV 806X I can assure you of its quality, function, and flexibility. I loved it on my Forte II's. I sold mine for the same amount as the post above, and that guy drove 650 miles to get it to avoid shipping. Bonus: You can get it fully rebuilt by a several guys who have specialized in Carver for years and still remain in your original budget.

  7. $200


    A second Academy is available if you want a pair.


    My location is Fall River, Wisconsin 53932
    Let me know if you require accommodations on getting these to your location. Free Delivery is available within 100 miles from zip 53932.




    Selling one very clean Klipsch Academy. This one comes with options. 

    1) Decide if you want the original box, packaging materials, with 2 matching serial # tags. +$50

    2) Decide if you want Bob Crites titanium tweeter diaphram installed to timbre match your own front left and right channel. +$25

    3) Decide if you want Bob Crites Klipsch Academy crossover board installed. +$95

    4) Decide how you want to receive this. Shipping is at your expense. I will drive up to 100 miles, or meet you halfway.










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  8. $750


    Professionally restored. Paperwork included. 


    https://manuals.harman.com/JBL/HOM/Technical Sheet/L100t3 ts.pdf

    Not your fathers JBL L100's. Nothing about these are the same. Manufactured in the USA. One of the last ones made before JBL switched to production overseas. The L100T3 was the improved version of their very well reviewed L100T, with improved crossovers and newer titanium tweeters. The 4412A was the matching studio monitor. All original parts. The restoration includes having the 12" woofers rebuilt with new spiders and surrounds. These were my daily drivers, so no issues. The cabinets are in excellent condition, and you will not see the normal bikini lines that you will find with other examples of these T3 series JBL's. The grill cloth is perfect, and the grill frames are too, except for 2 out of 6 pegs on one frame are gone. The pictures say it all. Live demo is recommended. 

    My location is Fall River, Wisconsin 53932
    Let me know if you require accommodations on getting these to your location. Free Delivery is available within 100 miles from zip 53932.







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  9. http://static.highspeedbackbone.net/pdf/Onkyo TX-NR818 Home Theater AV Receiver Data Sheet.pdf


    Fall River, Wisconsin 53932 


    Original manual on CD

    Audyssey MultiEQ XT32 microphone

    Original Remote control

    FM Antenna

    AM Antenna

    I will add an extra compatable usb wifi adapter

    Have box, but no original packing materials

    Local pick up preferred

    Will meet half way

    If you want it shipped, Please check UPS pack and ship rates