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  1. I heard one, for about 12 minutes at Axpona. I thought they were a bargain compared to the other over the top esoteric gear I listened to while I was there. I am not a tube guy. I have nothing to compare them to. Just always liked Bob Carver and what he has done for the audio world.


    I thought they sounded great. Sort of hard to compare when they were running on 7 foot tall ribbon array speakers. I never touched them. No idea on the temps. 


    Around here https://jimclarkstereo.com/ is the place to contact. 

    2019-04-13 11.42.39-1.jpg

  2. It is the same CL seller that lists everything at double price. He must sell this stuff eventually (up to a year), he always has new adds up. Probably takes best offer and runs out for more stock. I don't think he is in it to make friends.


    This is the rest of his stuff he has listed. Not currently overpriced on some items, but those items have been for sale for over 1 year, so I think some of the stuff may not work properly.



  3. @mr clean I know you pain very well. My sister Amanda who is only 39 years of age has been battling a very rare and aggressive form of brain tumor. It started benign. 4 brain surgeries and radiation twice. The doctors told her that was all that could be done. The tumor became malignant. 2 months ago, my sister fell and hit her head. The tumor responded with a vengeance. 3 weeks ago she fell and and hit her head a second time. The doctors signed off. Gave her 3 to 6 months. The decline in health was very rapid. She moved from 2 nursing homes, into a hospice care. Her life is coming to and end. I was just informed tonight that she stopped eating and drinking today because of not being able to swallow without choking now. This will be her last weekend on earth. I am not prepared for this. She won't even end up with one month from when the doctors signed off.


    Can someone please pray for my sister Amanda?

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  4. 1 hour ago, dtel said:

    For years because of the entertainment cabinet I use a Fll on its side, honestly couldn't hear a difference from it standing up. 

    Yeah, the horizontal forte II worked for me for a while too. My room is sort of long, narrow, and tall so the orientation of the horn worked in my situation. I was afraid with the OP having a low ceiling the horn orientation may be more of a challenge. 


    So @dtel it sounds like you now have FIII mains and 4 FII's running in a 6 channel setup? If so, my theater room is setup that way, only I use JBL's in that room, but is similar in how I have (2) 250Ti mains and (4) 240Ti's for the remainder of the 6 channels.


    My living room is now set up with 5 Chorus II's. I solved the problem of the center channel by building my own audio racks which allow for the proper placement of the Chorus II center speaker. Let me know if you like my audio racks. If you ever feel a need for a change in audio furniture I could provide details on the build.


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  5. What about a vertical Cornwall turned on its side? Never tried that myself, but in theory it may work in your situation. Worth a search in the old threads here. Not sure how well the blend would be with Forte III mains though. May need to modify some of the internals of the vertical Cornwall to suit. I think one orphan vertical Cornwall just sold in Milwaukee for $500.

  6. Welcome to the forum @Shawnnn . Congratulations on your sale of those really nice KG4's. Nice upgade too😉 New members are limited to one post a day, but get past that and you will find a wealth of knowledge and experience here. Help may come in the form of modifications, equipment choices, set-up, or just good cheer. You get the idea, you have seen the treads and read the posts. Hope we see you around.

  7. I feel bad about how this sale is playing out for you @oldred . I know you wanted to avoid the drama club. I am elated at how things worked out for the both of us on the last sale. 

    I believe I actually had first chance to buy when I was there, but passed on the gear in this thread and only purchased some fantastic looking Klipsch speakers. I tried to tell others to be prepared on the old (alerts) thread. Collections like yours do not go up for sale often. I would ask that others play nice and do not end up chasing you out of here


    Hey guys, with gear and prices this good there is bound to be some friendly competition. Not everyone can win. Someone is always going to be left out. In this case the seller and the buyer both left happy. We are all grown enough to accept it for what it is.  For example I happen to know @jimjimbo is a very nice guy who has extended me great courtesy in the past. Can't we all just get along? 

    Please don't leave us George.

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  8. I received an offer from someone semi-local. Only thing he asked for was that I hold it without payment for another week. I agreed that I would not list it on any other sites for one more week. I also agreed to contact him if and when I received any other offer before then.

  9. I knew you would do alright here George. I have seen your stuff. Top notch quality and awesome collection. Many smiling faces will result from your sale. I am sure you will find the buyers you need in very short order.

  10. 19 minutes ago, agreen60 said:

    I am running a Forte II now!! I have it laying on it's  side on the entertainment stand. I wanted the Academy so I can have the Forte II back to match it with the other I have sitting here for another use. My wife wants my Forte II's in the living room. 


    Been there done that. Took me a while. These things go in stages. I got rid of the entertainment stand and built a pair of equipment racks to bookend the Forte II in the proper upright position. I have pics around here.

  11. 15 minutes ago, Frzninvt said:

    If you have Chorus & Forte's you don't want a KLF-C7 it is not timbre' matched to the extended Heritage line and will stick out like a sore thumb.  It is designed to match the Legend series speaker line.  KLF-10, 30, 30.  Get an Academy or a Quartet you will thank yourself later.

    Better yet a Forte II for the center channel. I have a pair for sale @agreen60 and @DTO could possibly split. 

    Either way, welcome to the forum David. A wealth of of knowledge awaits you here.

  12. 1 hour ago, Yuper said:

    Are you looking to upgrade? Got a pr of '78 kcbb's that are in the same shape with crites boards tweets and m squawks 

    Nope. 5 Chorus II's on the floor plus a spare and reference premier in Atmos. All walnut. My Klipsch room is finally complete, and so is my JBL room. I am simply trying to dial back from the 33 speakers I own now. That's after I sold 11 speakers in April that were part of my previous configuration.

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  13. I never have luck with goo gone. Goof off! is the better more potent product. Place one dry rag behind the grill and one wet rag in front and dab. Allow the product to work, but not allow it to spread. Once it is loose give it a good scrub. Then wash in the bathtub using Dawn dish liquid, rinse and hang dry.

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