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  1. https://www.svsound.com/products/svs-13-ultra-amplifier-upgrade-kit
  2. OK, I will bite. I am local enough. I can trade you for a pair of Klipsch Epic CF4's. If you don't like that trade then shoot me a price.
  3. steelbooks only Specifically looking to acquire these 4K steelbook titles. New or used. Undamaged. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Spider-man: Homecoming Thor: Ragnarok Black Panther Ant-Man and the Wasp Spider-man Far From Home Thanks. Send a PM anytime. If you read this, I am still looking.
  4. Postponing an audio convention seems like a small maneuver. Sounds like Italy shut the entire country down. Time to panic buy more toilet paper?
  5. @Drewg Thanks for posting this. I was just about to update the thread myself. Glad to hear the news anyway. Caution is the word of the day.
  6. https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/ele/d/hoffman-estates-klipsch-forte-ii/7086133079.html The add-ons make this a good score in this geographic area. I am in the middle of replacing bedroom furniture, and my usual speaker storage spaces are all full. Jump ahead.
  7. 314carpenter


    If it is $250 + fees for the pair, I will send you my PP, you can invoice me. PM sent.
  8. 314carpenter


    Dumb question here. Is the price for a pair, single, each?
  9. Ford VS Ferrari race from WI to AZ. Who gets there first gets the LSII's. Oh wait, I don't have a Ferrari or even a Ford. NM, guess I am out. Damn.
  10. Klipsch had some Forte III's last year. Klipsch is not currently on the vendor list. Nothing this year, unless someone drags in a pair unannounced. With a global launch of 2 Heritage speakers that I have been long awaiting to have brought to production, I am seriously disappointed in the fact that Klipsch will not be at what Axpona is calling itself the "largest high-end audio show in North America".
  11. Get your tickets today. Early Bird pricing will end @ 11:59 P.M Central Time
  12. Material list: 1/2" AC plywood Owens Corning 703 Guilford of Maine FR701 fabric Black cotton broadcloth for backs Titebond II wood glue 1 1/2" long staples 3/8" long staples IIRC it cost me about $33 per 2' X 4' panel. I purchased enough material for 24 panels.
  13. I have used Behlen lacquer toner and clear with great success refurbishing an antique mahagony desk/table. I did not know they would ship it, or how close the sheen in the Behlen product would be to the original used at the Klipsch factory. Would you expand on your knowledge here please. Edit: just checked the link you gave and with shipping the items and quantity you suggested comes to $56.99 for me. I guess I would need to pre-order some at Woodcraft
  14. The former, not the latter. $21 plus tax. BTW I would also recommend to anyone they should never use any rattle can paint for painting wood unless it is labeled as lacquer. In this case it just happens that the DAL1608 is the correct sheen + 5%
  15. As in all paint jobs, prep work is more important than the actual painting. Specifically to your question no removal required. 3 cans per pair. 3 Ultra light coats each. Leave the last 5% in the can to avoid any potential low pressure spitting. Above 60 degrees less than 70% humidity. Here is a handy pdf I found for you. application-tips.pdf
  16. Here is the product you are looking for. It will bring your Klipsch black lacquer speakers to within 5% sheen of the original. DAL1608 on the back label. I buy mine at O'reilly Auto.
  17. There are still rooms available. Are there any Klipsch marketing insiders looking into it? Moderators... here is your chance to forward this to corporate. Would be a shame to launch Corwall IV's without hitting all of the whistle stops. from the become an exhibitor webpage from the official Axpona website For information on exhibiting contact: Mark Freed at mark@jdevents.com or 203-416-1927 Why exhibit at AXPONA 2020? AXPONA 2019 attracted a record 9,354 music lovers. Consumers, distributors and dealers from 42 countries attended AXPONA 2019. 136 members of the press attended AXPONA 2019. Attendee YouTube videos and reviews can be found here. AXPONA 2019 photos are here. 200 Listening Rooms. Rates: $4,250 for Standard Listening Rooms. The dimensions are here. New! Custom Larger Listening Rooms can be built to your dimensions in the EXPO Hall! Call 203-416-1927 for info. The EXPO Hall is the most visited area at AXPONA and showcases turntables, vinyl, tonearms, CDs, cables, racks and stands, built rooms and accessories. Rates: $1,195 for each 10'x10' booth. Each booth includes one 6 foot table and three chairs. The Ear Gear Experience showcases the latest ang greatest in headphones and personal listening products. Rates: $1,795 for each 10'x10' booth. Each booth includes Wi-Fi, carpet, standard electricity, one 6 foot table and three chairs.
  18. Not sure. Last year was Klipsch's first and handled poorly by Saturday Audio. It is a big show so one could easily get lost in the commercialism. Most of this stuff a mortal human could never afford, but there are deals to be found. For example HSU was selling subs for 30% less than anywhere. I remember having a great learning interactive experience at some of the seminars. Last year Matthew Poes (now on the Audiohaulics Youtube channel) presented a how-to REW seminar and later at the after-party with AV Nirvana and JTR speakers featuring subwoofer integration in a home theater, all while watching a movie on a $5000 screen with $3000 masking and a $40,000 projector. I went for the free food.
  19. Get your tickets now. Early Bird Discounts expire Sunday February 2nd. See you there.
  20. EDIT: THE SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED AGAIN. THIS TIME PERMANENTLY FOR 2020. DETAILS DOWN IN THE THREAD. https://www.axpona.com/ What are you looking forward to this year? Do you have anything to bring for a parking lot swap meet? Rescheduled to August 7-9, 2020. Same location. More updates later.
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