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  1. It ended up being a members only thing. @oldred and I got together on a sale that worked for the both of us. Other gear was exactly what made this possible for me. My suv is completely stuffed. Good thing I did not buy anything else or I would have to had left my wife behind LOL. JK. Pics later. Just taking a meal break in FRG. More details to come.
  2. Stay tuned. It is not over yet. Same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel.
  3. @Emile Did you see this one? I thought you were looking for a pair. Listed 4 days ago. Local to you. https://sarasota.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-chorus-11/6876628270.html
  4. I can guarantee you that is definitely not going to happen.
  5. Umm...we are in Alerts. Did you mean move to a new thread?
  6. Rivernuggets does Oak Oil CHII. I sold him one pair myself. It is me looking for CHII Walnut oil. I just seen them on CL and was hoping to find them here in Garage and not in Alerts. I am willing to go $900, but $1100 and 300 miles is just not right for me. I guess I will have to wait another 18 months. My problem lies in the fact that I only need one single CHII to serve as a center channel and to replace the Forte II pair I use now. One speaker just sits on a shelf unused indefinitely. So it is like me paying $1100 for one speaker. These are very nice indeed, but I specialize in speaker restoration myself, so there is no added value there for me when they are already in top shape.
  7. @avguytxI just tossed a 10% off $300 coupon for HD. Expires today. You want the code?
  8. FINISHED! anyone got info for a dustcap and upgraded grill cloth?
  9. WTF. How did I miss this? Stupid trackers. Edit: Oh, I know, who would think that anything I would have interest in would list below the $100 min.
  10. Unless you actually wanted to buy them. There may be a college frat house beater pair sitting around for less money that has trouble selling. Otherwise in good condition this is the going rate. With the upgrades on this pair, I was surprised to see the ad remain up for 2 weeks. If you got a Chorus II you want to ditch let me know.
  11. On my way home with my next project.
  12. Question. First, Is the ONLY cosmetic difference with new passive (III) and the old passive (II) in the appearance of the dustcap? Second, if so, could a person get a new passive and refit with an old dustcap to restore the original appearance? Never seen this asked or suggested before. I will repost this later in the tech/mod section.
  13. Correct. Pure speculation on my part. My small effort to rally the Klipsch fans out their to show some love. You never know who might poke their head in and look. I am sure corporate would appreciate the feedback as well. Thanks to all who choose to participate in this effort.
  14. Tonight is the 40th Anniversary release date of
  15. I made the appointment at the halfway location. I will post here again Thursday of my hopefully successful transaction. Just so everyone knows, you may still contact me if you have one of these players for sale. I am still interested in purchasing.
  16. @opusk2k9 Can you tell me if the guy you bought from before is a 40 Y.O. Russian? We have some trust issues happening so far. The seller will not share his address. He wants to meet in a parking lot. As an alternative he says he can meet me at a location that is much closer to me, but in a parking lot again. I have no way of knowing this thing actually works well. Just some photos of whatever he sent me. Has all the parts and pieces, just no box.
  17. Depending on speaker location, room reflections, room size, seating postition, media content, and system components, etc......I generally suggest tweeters out (away). This will have the effect of widening the soundstage. YMMV. Try testing it yourself. Not too hard to flip a speaker around.
  18. Thanks. I just started looking. I seen a couple of these around, but shipping was an issue for them. This one sounds good. I will give him a call and see if I can get some details.
  19. Still here. Pretty sure most people don't know what these are, or sound like.
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