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  1. I sure hope there are spoilers coming of the book cover before then. What do you say? Did we ever get confirmation on if there will in fact be an actual dust jacket? I will reserve the remainder of my questions for a later date. TIA.
  2. Yes. Yes. Stay out of HD. Make the drive. I suggest trying Woodcraft. https://www.woodcraft.com/store_locations?address=houston+&button=search
  3. This should answer that question sufficiently http://images.klipsch.com/Brochure_800000_Heritage_635164773475756000.pdf
  4. Howard's Restore a finish is not a finish and it is NOT an option for you. Forget about it. Howard's Feed N' Wax is oil and beeswax and has very little added protection. It will also attract dust and require repeated applications. I found Watco rejuvenating oil to be darkening, it is kind of reddish brown, all be it without the stain added to the rest of their line. Watco rejuvenating oil is not Danish oil because it does not contain varnish. The good thing about oil and wax is you can remove it without abrasives or strippers. The bad thing about Danish oil is that it has varnish which is hardening and sealing which with enough coats can be much more difficult to remove. Another point to be made here is stain will not penetrate a sealed surface.
  5. Oil over oil. What can go wrong? Howard's is a good product, but not for your application. Totally different product and use, unless you have a lacquer finish. You don't.
  6. Best lazy crowd "I don't want to know too much so just give me an answer", answer... buy a can of Watco. I have a 300 page book dedicated to wood finishing. There are 100 answers to your question. Depends on what you want to do. You can't make the wood do anything that isn't already there, but you can, in some cases, make it appear to have changed, or you can sometimes make it disappear. Cherry isn't going to "pop" much. With cherry veneer, you are most likely to do your best with as clear of a finish as possible. Now if decide what you want is more protection, again, 100 more answers to how to accomplish that. Remember that the sole purpose of a wood finish is to protect the wood. Some finishes have the effect of slightly altering the look of the wood. Stain by itself is not a protectant, but it will apply color. Paint is a cover and it will protect. UV damages all finishes and some finishes can include UV protectant. UV protectant is expensive, if you paid just a little for it you got just a little UV additive. Order of protection level for oil finishes are as follows oil/thinner oil/wax oil/thinner/varnish shellac lacquer varnish/oil Differences in oil finishes my be the type of oil used, the type of thinner used, or the type of varnish used within each product. Additives and driers are also a variable. Water finishes have the advantage of drying clearer, non yellowing, drying faster, but do require more coats and will have a slightly less protection level than their oil counterparts. There are a huge list of brands and products to avoid. That is a good thing. It is easier that way to find a product on the shelf that you can settle in with.
  7. Now your getting it! We are not talking about a plug in here. All before mentioned options that existed before were the result of the lack of a true center. We are talking about a true modern designed timbre matched MTM center for the Forte IV and for the Cornwal IV. Really want to crush the competition? Maintain a 3 way design.
  8. Nominated for the comment of the day award. To this I say that, as unfortunate as it may be, adding another new speaker in the line-up which would actually be "better" on some performance levels, while simultaneously stealing sales away from the other existing speakers, is obviously not in the cards at this late stage. Manufacturing a better speaker for some of us is not always better for Klipsch from a net profit standpoint. To the exact point Maximus89 made above, a timber matched and cosmetically designed center channel and subwoofer would only add to sales without cannibalizing the existing Klipsch Heritage lines. I think it is well past due that Klipsch take their extremely financially safe and passive approach to preserving the Heritage lines as 2 channel specialist and expand to 3.1. at a minimum. At least this one time. I really feel they owe us this one. 20,000 units each to start. What say you "keepers of the sound"?
  9. OMG. I can't believe I missed this. So sad. RIP BEC. Bob has helped me on an unquantifiable level, directly or indirectly, more than almost anyone else on this website. I wish his family well and hope they choose to continue his legacy, but we certainly all have lost a truly irreplaceable man.
  10. I own two myself. Both are 7 channel. ATI 2007 clone. Small window dressing differences. I could have got away with 5 channels, but for the slight increase in price I figured it would pay to have the extra power if I ever decided to move to a bi-amp configuration. Your choices with this quality in this price range are extremely limited. Nothing else in class AB has this build quality and power with this many channels without doubling your budget at a minimum. Only need 1.2V to drive them to ear bleed level. With other brands you can get less for less for sure. Or go to N-core D class for something different. So different, you really should not do direct comparisons to those designs here. Sound signature is a thing. The Monolith/ATI sound is better than all but one other (AB) amp brand I have owned. That brand is Classe. Like I said before, budget doubles at least. Atmos channels do not need this kind of amplification, but it can't hurt. It is nice to have everything in one chassis too. Even thought they are AB they do run very cool. Tons cooler than my AVR temps. The amplifiers are not totally silent, but better than anything else I have owned. There also is some transformer noise in the actual amp, not in the speakers, but only in complete silence and only when your ear is less than 3 feet away from the amp. Switch gear is solid. Premium connections are solid. Main caps are Elna 85c. There are some smaller Nichicons in there too. Return shipping would be a major problem if decide you want to back out during the 30 day trial. I did have two issues and those those issues were solved by Monoprice. The first amp I got had significant feedback in one of the channel outputs, and less with 2 others. Almost like a ground loop. I tried everything I could, but resolved that the issue was not on my end. I eventually decided to return the amplifier back to Monoprice. Free return, free replacement. When I got the replacement I was shocked at how quite it was. Problem solved. My second amp came with a loose connection at the main power supply cable. I figured the weight of the 12Gauge 20amp cable connection had everything to do with that. With one phone call Monoprice gave me enough credit back so I could purchase an upgraded locking power supply cable. The new cable has a locking device which creates a tight fit and now it does not move. Ever. Problem solved. In short and not comprehensive list format, Monolith amps beat class AB amps from Denon (power/quality) Marantz (power) Onkyo (power/quality) Parasound (all but the highest models) Rotel (price) Yamaha (power/price) Still better on price but gets beat by Anthem (quality) ATI (quality) NAD (quality) Not up to the even higher standards of Bryston Classe Krell
  11. Shut out again. Is this the last nail in the coffin for the Chorus line of speakers? What do you say?
  12. It really is fantastic that Klipsch continues to support the Heritage brand and is bringing out these new models on a regular basis. I must say I personally am disappointed to see that the Chorus is obviously completely abandoned at this point. I am completely aware of what existing options there are, and why those options exist. I do not need anyone to remind me. This is just my own opinion and is the simply the only direction my money will flow. I am going to have to hit the technical/modification thread especially hard now. Congratulations to those who are able to take advantage of the the existing Klipsch Heritage speaker lines which continue to evolve and improve. I will be watching from the sidelines while I continue to enjoy my Klipsch Chorus II speakers which are in amazing condition and continue to perform, on certain subjective levels, over and above the Forte III.
  13. If that is true, then that is on March 9th for those who did not have Paul's birthday written on the calendar.
  14. Seller has another ad for one Belle top grill. https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/ele/d/elmhurst-klipsch-belle-upper-speaker/7264268060.html
  15. I like the way you think. I would be devastated to loose my LCR WO Chorus II's. Glad you found a workaround here.
  16. $150. Chicago. From reading the ad I think these may be NOS. Double check the part#. https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/ele/d/elmhurst-klipsch-cornwall-speaker/7264197261.html Seller has another ad for one Belle top grill. https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/ele/d/elmhurst-klipsch-belle-upper-speaker/7264268060.html
  17. Some of the Record Heads in this forum may also be movie buffs. New release. January 17, 2020 John Carpenter Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998 With Exclusive Slipmat https://www.shoutfactory.com/product/john-carpenter-anthology-with-exclusive-slipmat?product_id=7350&utm_source=rejoiner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=John+Carpenter+Birthday+Sale+1%2F12%2F21&utm_content=JOHN+CARPENTER+BIRTHDAY+SALE+-+1%2F11%2F21&rjnrid=dDoNrrA Disk art is ok, but not a fan of the cover art.
  18. All gone! Now $599.00 Was $1,100.00 Save $501.00 (46%) https://www.musicdirect.com/integrated-amp/marantz-hd-amp1-integrated-amp-dac
  19. I love OPPO media players!
  20. Deang is done. Call JEM and report back. Then if they won't do the work, call the place I suggested earlier because they are legit, but not factory accurate "voltage tranfer curve", but can definitely build a high quality board. If you read the links I post you will understand why so few are involved in this kind of work. Applied math yes, applied income...well a few actually figured that part out pretty well.
  21. For continuity and those who want more answers 202 https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.ti.com/lit/pdf/snoa224&ved=2ahUKEwjMoKr3_IzuAhUBAZ0JHQ9eAKQQFjAVegQIDxAB&usg=AOvVaw1K2sJPOSLZkoxVaff7o3dV
  22. Great! Now that you understand, read this and ask again. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roll-off
  23. Practical capacitors and inductors as used in electric circuits are not ideal components with only capacitance or inductance. However, they can be treated, to a very good degree of approximation, as being ideal capacitors and inductors in series with a resistance; this resistance is defined as the equivalent series resistance (ESR). If not otherwise specified, the ESR is always an AC resistance, which means it is measured at specified frequencies, 100 kHz for switched-mode power supply components, 120 Hz for linear power-supply components, and at its self-resonant frequency for general-application components. Additionally, audio components may report a "Q factor", incorporating ESR among other things, at 1000 Hz. Ask again once you understand all of the above including the links provided.
  24. I am in for one first pressing, first edition, with dust jacket please. Can we get book signings done? The antiquarian book collector in me is asking a sincere question here.
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