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  1. Reduced the price to $600 and the listing was deleted with the hour.
  2. Yeah. Your good to go for a while on those. Spool up cash later, but for now just enjoy the music. Pull the crossovers on the Forte II's instead. Your in luck. Check out ALK Engineering for Forte II crossovers. Al Klappenberger design. It's a redesign and a descent upgrade over recaps or Bob Crites. @John Chi-town Want to share what you have going on inside your Forte II's?
  3. I am thinking of going this route. How do you like the color scheme on these?
  4. I usually see this kind of thing happen when family sells your stuff from under you. Either that or a clueless person using a computer for the first time. They get mass calls from the usual flippers and boom price goes up and etiquette goes out.
  5. OH. OK. Seen this happen before. I am done with this whole thread. NM.
  6. Edit: I am no longer monitoring this sale. Yep. Stay at home drove up demand. Evictions sales are lagging. I am counting the hours to better gauge exactly how much they have gone up. At least in MLK. In general terms, if they sell in 1 day they were way too cheap. 1 month and probably got top dollar. More than 2 months and someone likely got price gouged. I find most recent listings are usually either too high or too low which throws off the averages. Time is a better indicator. My guess I give this one is less than 2 weeks away from being deleted. I would give $600 NP. Current value of the parts is about $500. I am more curious to just watch so I can better gauge this covid-19 market. Besides my current inventory needs thinning.
  7. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/ele/d/milwaukee-klipsch-forte-ii/7127124863.html Only one pic. Looks oak. Says mint. I will be counting the months till they are gone.
  8. I have that one, but also just purchased one like this (below) today. Here is a diagram of what to expect. I do not have the problems you have though. Also, when you contact your power company, they are responsible for checking their end and they will do so with no hassle to you. Source: http://www.laaudiofile.com/max5400pm.html
  9. Niiiiiice! Killer price too. Thanks saving them for one of us. Now I wish more than ever I had the speakers to put them in. Maybe @Outrider 6 can get them for his new digs.
  10. LKS good to me. GLWYS.
  11. Exactly the same reasons I built my own racks previously. Last one I built will hold 1/2 ton. I made a whole thread here about it. It is nearly impossible to get anything quality that will hold real weight that is not made of steel. Even the better real wood racks usually have some form of internal steel frames. The good ones go for $1K or more. If I need to, I can modify anything with brackets, solid shelves, solid back, etc. If the veneer peels off, that will piss me off for sure. For your DIY THIS MATERIAL will get you a solid start.
  12. Got it from a broke guy getting evicted, so no return policy. Paid $95. Thanks for the warnings. I have 3 racks for my real gear. This will one will be parked in the laundry area, so I hope it does not blow up!
  13. Bell'O ATC402 Will be my home network/server rack
  14. Audio rack jewelry Panamax M5400-PM Line conditioner/surge protector/voltage regulation/power meter Yeah I know... Snake oil. Only third world countries need this stuff. Whole home. Brand X is better. Whatever. It does exactly what I want.
  15. Start with this. Original oil finish is very basic. 3 parts BLO boiled linseed oil 1 part pure gum turpentine. Use if you only want oil without protection Later you may decide to do something more. If/then Other popular products I recommend are: Howard's Feed N' Wax if you like wax Watco Danish oil if you want some added protection General Finishes Arm-R-Seal if you want even more protection
  16. The walnut veneer (WO) on the Forte II is worth and additional $50-$100 in today's marketplace.
  17. Setting aside individual behavior, societal reformation, and political actions, I see the #1 difference in the worlds response from 68-69 Hong Kong Flu and Covid-19 being the effectiviness of communication to the public of the pandemic at large. One sure thing I think we could all agree on here is that we certainly succeeded in getting everyone's attention this time around.
  18. First spoiler @ 23:18
  19. I just watched a bit of the live show. Something tells me this one is really going to be worth your time. @dwilawyer pinned it on the forum earlier. It would be so nice to chatter about Klipsch news there as much as we do about covid here.
  20. Unfortunately I also struggle with being able to afford myself.
  21. 4 years of using methyl ethyl ketone without proper ppe damaged the dna in the skin of my hands. 20 years later, the skin of my palms still peels off easier than should.
  22. WOW! They just broke news about "The Beast"! Which is the inside nickname for the prototype next gen huge sized mega powered subwoofer. Get this... it is a Klipsch subwoofer. Yes, it actually exists. Made to compete with the other big boys out there.
  23. Won't be finding contractors up around here doing anything for those rates. 3X material is close on contractor rates plus add material. I know some areas of the country where you can pick up some imported labor down standing around the parking lots looking for day jobs. You can hold their hand.
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