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  1. 20180629_145730-1200x900.thumb.jpg.ac2bc1afd850d46e1970965cd0824629.jpg 

    I finally finished fabricating my new custom built DIY audio/video racks to hold my new gear, and here everything is in place.  I custom color matched the shelves to match the oiled walnut Chorus II's. It was a pain waiting each day for another layer to dry, but the 4 stage color was really worth it. It looks 30 years old already. I knew it would be a little glossy, but I would have to wait a month before I could buff it out, so it will stay this way.


    Now the Monolith 7x amplifier has a proper home, the center channel is standing upright as it should have been all along, the new Morrow Audio MA-2/MA-1.1/MA-1 interconnects are in place and are currently in demo. 


    Next will be covering all 5 speakers and both audio racks with black granite slabs for protection, added mass, and just plain cool factor. Of course I will need to tidy up the cable management a bit, but I ran through all of the spare parts bins I own, and lack the proper length of several of the cables as you can see, so I will be replacing them as I acquire them later.



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  2. 12 hours ago, wvu80 said:

    The last I heard there were only seven or so drive-in theaters left in the entire country. 

    Nah. I have 1 operational drive-in theater within 1 hours drive of me, and 3 within 2 hours drive. I have no desire to spend any of my time or money at any of them though. Needing to upgrade the projectors to digital is what killed them. Hobbiest keep a few running using crowd funding, and always at zero profit.

  3. 1 hour ago, dirtmudd said:

    For $470... They should resole themselves.. Nice boots

    Ever since I was intoduced to Sierra Trading Post I have become a shoe *****. Getting $400 footwear for $150 and less just gets my juices flowing. I have some from U.S.A, Germany, Italy, Romania, Australia, a few others. Indo/china or 3rd world are un-welcome here.

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  4. 20180604_170427-800x600.jpg


    These are built hands on, with machines one at a time, in an old world factory in Italy. All Italian Leather, Gore Tex, Vibram. Check out that Norwegian welt stitch. Only a few companies left still doing that. I will probably end up resoling these for the next 10-20 years with proper leather care. One of the best boot makers on the planet. Mostly known in the U.S. for hunting. These will be my everyday, off work, 6 month footwear, october - march.

    I got 2 mail order, and will only keep the one that fits best. How cool, they even came in a nice canvas bag.

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  5. 53 minutes ago, Emile said:

    Think conditioner and walnut oil will get the "new" birch to that level?

    Definitely not going to be dark like walnut going without some stain or dye. Test samples will be required to do the color match. Luckily birch will have a fairly even tone between the earlywood and latewood, like walnut and maple, unlike oak and pine.

  6. Ouch. Sorry to hear about your son. I hope he is ok. It would be helpful if there was a video camera of the accident, or witness. That red light is key, but hard to prove it was red. The person going straight has the right of way. When this exact same thing happened to me, being shook up mentally is what I remeber most. Difference was both vehicles were in the opposing protected left lanes, making opposing left turns, and the other driver decided to drive straight instead, into my passenger door. I wound up on the passenger floor, no seatbelt or airbags for me back then, wondering wtf just happened. He was taking immediately to jail for outstanding warrants and not having a drivers license or insurance. He ended having the right of way, going straight out of a turn only lane with his turn signal on. Burden of proof decided the fate.

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  7. 2 minutes ago, W27 said:

    Careful what you wish for lol 

    Cool. Thanks for that. I should be more specific then. Chorus II in oiled walnut within 900 miles of wisconsin, in great shape, needing no repairs, for $674 or less.

  8. I know from the thread mentioned above that he paid $500, and is wanting to sell them because they obviously do not fit in his space. He also has stated that he has turned down $1500. I personally do not believe any of the aforementioned to likely be truthful statements, but in context may have some relative points he was trying to make.

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  9. 58 minutes ago, SWL said:

    How much did that granite cost ya?

    Habitat for Humanity ReStore. $50 each, approximately $9 sq. ft.


    At this point, I am leaning toward cutting to make tops for 5 speakers and 2 equipment racks. This will add approximately 27 pounds of mass. Going this route I would probably use something like Herbies grungebustor pads for a protection layer between granite tops and wood tops. I always wanted glass tops, and this would be an even cooler upgrade than that.


    As these slabs are 3/4" (2cm), I have determined the rack design I am going with just will not allow for this granite to be used as shelving without needing to add a sub shelf layer to support the granite layer. So my shelving will instead be a 1 3/4" wood material that I have in great abundance here, which I need to find uses for to consume it all anyway. Speaker platforms my come at a later date, even though that would have most likely given the biggest change(better or worse), to the audio signature of the room.


    P.S. I have a laminate floor, and am not going spike it. I could spike a platform though. I should probably move this to a new thread now. Thank you.



  10. 22 minutes ago, JJkizak said:

    There are more variable methods and finishes in wood finishing than waves in the ocean. 


    Top pic is shellac and lacquer. 

    Last pic is oil and wax.

    I have used oil, wax, shellac, lacquer, poly stain, wiping varnish, oil based, water based, all with success. Each have pros and cons and usually choice is project specific. Sometimes you try to match an existing finish, or want a new look, or need more protection, or want less maintenance, or have less time, whatever. Everyone wants a good looking finish, and that simply comes from how much time you put in to the project, how many steps you are willing to take, quality of product, and skill/practice level.

  11. I picked up 4 black granite slabs for some future audio related projects. Just not sure what yet. Could be plinths on the new equipment rack I am still designing. Could be used to decouple the Chorus II's from the 2nd story wood floor. Could be used to protect the tops of those same speakers. However they get used, I just like the high polish nearly full black look.

    22 1/2" x 37" for now, until I cut them up as needed.

    How would you use them in your set up?



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  12. Seeing how everyone is hanging out in here, I figured I should update. I have not settled on the binding posts, but have ordered 7 rca cables from Morrow Audio that I will be placing between the Denon X6200W and Monolith 7X. I went with a 10 day burn in free of charge courtesy of Mike Morrow, using MA-2's for the LCR, MA-1.1 for surround, and the lowly MA-1's for front height/atmos. I won't have them here for another month though.


    GO BREWERS! oh,wait the Indians just hit a homerun. Let's Go!



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