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  1. Congratulations on the win. I listened to an older EMO XPR 400W X 5 channel amp last week pushing Tekton Design Double Impacts. That amp was bigger than some microwave ovens.


    I guess we wont be having a comparison review on the emo/monolith/ati debate.


    I would have bought the 7 channel b stock by now if shipping was not $111. For full disclosure, I could be wrong in my statement earlier about the monolith 3x,5x,7x being ATI 4000 series. There is a 2007 ATI amp possibility as well. I read somewhere in my research that the Monoprice Monolith amps could be using lower cost caps? Glad I could bring more confusion to the discussion.



  2. I am debating the cost to benifit of paying $1600 for an amplifer with XLR and RCA connections VS an amplifier of exact same specifications EXCEPT RCA 

    only connections for $1300.


    So is it worth $300 or (23% more) for XLR connections? I am already aware of the long cable runs benefit, which I do not have a need for.

  3. On 4/12/2018 at 12:01 PM, CECAA850 said:

    They have a 7 channel b stock for 1299.  I'd be all over that.

    Yes, I was referring to the XLR models. I really thought all the Monolith models that were not B-stock were going to be XLR from now on. Just the 3/5/7 models mind you.


    Thanks for the tip. I did not see those listed previously, but I may have missed that B-stock item during my frequent checks. Now I have to decide if I continue to wait, or just get the non xlr model at a discount. I called Monoprice, and they have 20+ Monolith 7 B-stock in inventory. My Denon denon x6200w does not have XLR, but I wanted to future proof, just in case I eventually end up with a XLR pre/pro at some future time.  I sure could use 200Watts now. I am trying to push 5 Chorus II's with a 100x5 now. I am trying to offload as many channels off the AVR as possible to run it as if it were a pre/pro. I have 9 channels are running currently.



    Main system : Panasonic TC-P60ST60 plasma; Denon AVR-X6200W; Outlaw 5000; OPPO UDP-203; Klipsch RSW-10 sub; modified Klipsch Chorus II Fronts; modified Klipsch Forte II center; modified Klipsch Chorus II surrounds; modified Klipsch Academy rear heights; JBL L20T3 front heights; Mogami 10ga speaker cables, Mogami interconnects; custom gaming pc 

    Secondary system LG 47" LCD; Onkyo tx-nr818; OPPO UDP-83; JBL 240Ti Fronts; JBL L40T3 Center; JBL L100T3 Surrounds; JBL L200T3 in rotation; Mogami cables; custom htpc/server.



  4. 4 hours ago, pdasterly said:

    monoprice monolith is made by ati, at1800 to be specific

    This is no longer a product Monoprice carries. The units that are on back order are of the AT4000 line.  Not that it makes much of a difference, other than the included XLR inputs. The other specs have not changed enough to mention here. The problem with any of this discussion is that the Monoprice amplifiers of this ATI type have been out of stock for nearly 6 MONTHS now. Actually it is true that Monoprice has never even sold a single one of these updated XLR models as they have never had any to sell. I have been checking several time a week since before Christmas 2017. I have contacted Monoprice repeatedly also to no avail. Every month the ETA changes another 30 days out. The most recent ETA was 4/6/18 which was weird because Monoprice had been listing the ETA's for the end of month dates, So I was starting to have more hope with this most recent update, but of course it is just TBD currently, which is very ??????

  5. https://techsupport.cambridgeaudio.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000641645-CXUHD-Oppo-Digital


    CXUHD & Oppo Digital

    On April 2nd, 2018, Oppo Digital announced that they will gradually stop manufacturing new products with the eventual closure of their audio division.

    The Cambridge Audio CXUHD shares its Mediatek platform with the Oppo 203; hence there may be some concern that this will adversely affect its future maintenance and support.

    Firmware updates are a joint activity with Oppo and we share updates on the Mediatek platform. We both feedback to Mediatek and together we work to improve the performance and robustness of the platform.

    Oppo have pledged to maintain long term support for their products and we will continue to work with them to ensure that CXUHD customers continue to benefit from their expertise.

    Our customers can rest assured that firmware will continue to be maintained and updates released from time to time when new features or bug fixes warrant such an upgrade.

  6. Here's a quote from Gary Reber of ''Widescreen Review'':

    ''According to a conversation I had with a representative of OPPO, they are shutting down because of rising prices from parts suppliers, causing an unacceptable increase in the cost of production.''

  7. @Deang I hope this helps. Please Contact the Magnolia department at BestBuy. Call them direct, as  their internal server goes to the BB warehouse where the 205's are in inventory. My local BB has a new 203, and can get a 205 in one week. 


    As far as the production run, the determining factors are OPPO needing to keep parts for service, and whole units for exchanges. The suppliers are ringing oppo's neck here, and increasing the cost of new orders so severely,  it has put Oppo in this corner where they want another production run of 205's, but do not want to be left paying over cost to cover future claims and long term, having parts available for all long term owners is a very good thing to have around. When the parts run dry, it really is over.


  8. :( I am mourning the lose of another great leader and contributor in the industry that has supported my hobby. I spoke with a rep a OPPO today, and the feeling was somber there as well. unfortunately lay-offs are coming soon. And they are not located in an area where you can "get by". 


    The 205's are all gone, and none will be manufactured at the next production run either. All other resellers and outlets supplies have been exhausted, or are filling backorders only. Eventually a lucky few may get crossed off the waiting list. There were about 30 units of the 203 remaining at Oppo directly, and so I put in my order to help drown my sorrow in shiny new gear. I never bought a new Oppo before, but with every single HI-FI review outlet having one in their test set-up, I personally have sat on the fence looking over long enough. I already own several cheap plastic Chinese players. Regardless of price, I can live with this purchase with ease.


    I do not have a 4K TV, or any 4K disks, but that is not what I want this player for at this time. I have no available high speed internet 5Mb's, so streaming 4K is out, and I really do enjoy owning a library of digital media in physical form.  I have personally collected approx.1000 old books in a reading room, so why not physical media? Most of my books are 100 years old, and several are nearly 200 years old. My oldest disk is less than 30.

  9. This is an active thread and all things listed are still for sale. This thread has been repeatedly edited, and prices may be lower and inventory may change.


     All JBL speakers have been professionally refurbished by http://audioventures.com/.  When needed, all Original JBL parts used. Receipts are available.


    Some Klipsch speakers have been professionally upgraded with parts from http://www.klipsch.com/contact-us OR https://critesspeakers.com/.  All original parts are available. Receipts are available.


    All original cabinets have been professionally refurbished by @314carpenter




    1---Pair L200T3 - walnut (1990).........................Sold refurbished

    1---Pair L100T3 - walnut (1989-1991)................Sold refurbished

    1---Pair L40T3   - oak       (1989).........................$300 refurbished




    1---(single) Forte II    - Black lacquer  (1995)...........Sold factory original

    2---KV-3                - Oak                    (1993-1997)..$100 each factory original

    2---Academy -Black Lacquer (1992-1994) with 1 Crites crossover board; (1 Original box and packing for 1 Black Academy included in pair of academy)....

    Sold for all the academy stuff




    Bob Crites B&K Sound

    1---(pair) Klipsch Forte II Crossovers on wood boards.......$200



    TX-NR818                (2012).................................Sold

    Yamaha RXV-2500 (2004).................................$100




  10. This is the response I just received moments ago when I contacted Monoprice about a possible purchase of a 100 pound amplifier they listed with an ETA of 3/30/2018

    I asked how they packaged this to ensure it is delivered without damage, is it double boxed? 


    You’ll find the packing around the amp to be a type of pillow/air-filled plastic.



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