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  1. We all are, just not yet. Duh.
  2. NOPE https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_incurable_diseases and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaccine-preventable_diseases
  3. There will be no "cure" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cure There will be "more likely than not" a vaccine within the time frame spoken about within this thread. Even smallpox, the only disease to ever be completely eradicated, has no "cure" For Covid-19, a vaccine with an expected effective efficacy rate of 40% will be given to millions of people, eventually hundreds of millions and finally billions over the course of several years. This vaccine will "teach" the body to develop and manufacture its own antibodies to fight off the Covid-19 virus. The goal here of course is to save lives and keep people from being sick. What will have a greater effect worldwide will be the slowing down of the transmission rate by forcing the Covid-19 virus into kind of a dead-end by having part of the population either immune or having reduced symptoms. This will keep ICU's and medical supplies from being overwhelmed. In some areas the virus will continue to spread, cause illness, cause death. This is not unlike the common flu we have now. It will continue to circulate the globe, and its human population for the long term future. Hundreds of years actually. Exactly like the H1N1 virus circa 1918, in all of its various strains, that we still inoculate for today, that still continues to cause illness and death, just not as many as when it first arrived in humans.
  4. Agreed. I have a small collection of boots and shoes. Most are European. Some U.S.A. Let me go count... Three Made in Italy (Zamberlan, LaSportiva ,Aku) Three Made in Romainia (Scarpa, Garmont, Bostonian) Two Made in Germany (Lowa, Hanwag) Three Made in U.S.A. (Danner, Johnston & Murphy, Redwing) Zero Asian Just bought a Made in the U.S.A. pair for work direct from the manufacturer, Danner, and the fit and finish was not up to my usual standards. Going back. My fault for choosing a "new" style on deep discount. Obvious cost cutting was involved although the MSRP was just under $400. I don't expect to see this model around again. Free shipping, free returns, bad reviews. So instead of new boots I will be sending my 3 year old pair of work boots directly to Danner, where they will do the following Replace midsole Replace outsole Replace shank Replace heal counter Replace insole/insert Repair hardware Repair stiching Recondition leather laces I could get the liners replaced, but do not want to Can you think of another company offering this kind of service and quality on consumer items? I can. Occidental leather is doing the same thing with tool bags I use for work. I still use the bags I bought in 2006. Sent in for repair a couple of time now. They are still under warranty. Moral of the story is do your research. Share your stories. Word of mouth. The world is full of full of cheap garbage. It's funny when your friend steps in dog S!%T but not funny when he gets back in the truck with you, so really it better to help each other out. The consumer goods marketing department won't help you one bit.
  5. Hanz Zimmer The Dark Knight 1:13:35 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wjYL0FwpPg&t=2s
  6. I had Klipsch community friend, 'John", who posted for many years just up and disappear for about 1 year. PM's were unread. Then boom he is back just a few days ago. Just wanted to share my joy about it with you for a moment. I hope your friend is well, but sounds like he is just busy.
  7. Yeah, that's just over 1K miles one way for me. Hop,skip.,jump, hotel, another hop,skip jump and oil change and I am there too! 3 days lead +1 for travel
  8. So you are then saying that Prestige Ameritech, a medical supply company in Fort Worth, Texas should have contacted the state of Texas and not HHS?
  9. Perhaps you could provide us with a link to factual based content showing specifically how the HHS was in fact unaware of there ever being any potential viral pandemic requiring the addition of millions of N95 facemasks in the U.S. I have seen myself several examples of factual based content previously posted here showing how a world pandemic was viewed as being inevitable years before January 2020.
  10. https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/496980-hhs-turned-down-opportunity-to-manufacture-millions-of-n95-masks-at Not political. Just facts.
  11. Congrats. Now let the shopping begin.
  12. First quick read, and I am coming away with the impression that the author is stuggling to find ways to love life as it is, in a world he finds is full of imbalance, lies, unfairness, and death. I did not summise anything about hate mongering.
  13. Freedumb! I love it Perfect https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Freedumb A watered down version of freedom spouted by psudeo patriots in American who claim to love freedom, justice and constitutional rights for all but are in fact only in favor for a select few having them. Freedom supporters hide their agenda by wrapping it up in a false sense of patriotism to cover up their lack of willingness to share it with everyone in the country. Usually cutting off others right to freedom when it prevents a privileged group from having their way with a particular politcal/social/Religious issue they want to have dictated in their personal favor. Freedom is for the everyone, while Freedumb is for the few...
  14. I wonder if now is a good time to ask. I have been using the Heos app on my Denon and Marantz AVR's in 2 seperate spaces for the past couple of years. I keep coming back to read about the Bluesound Node 2i as it continues to interest me. Can anyone with real life experience using both the Heos capable AVR's and the Bluesound devices tell me exactly why I could need/want/benefit from having both? P.S. I do not own any Apple products
  15. Watch the video. This guy has no problem wearing the mask. Heck he even gets his own hazmat suit and does quite well with it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmUNsaG5e6k Russia: Putin in full hazmat suit inspects hospital hosting coronavirus patients Totally opposite of this guy
  16. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2018/04/24/inside-the-secret-u-s-stockpile-meant-to-save-us-all-in-a-bioterror-attack/ An older video I found of the National Strategic Stockpile.
  17. I should put the competitors stamps on my envelopes too right? In my competitor mailbox?
  18. Nothing compared to... The U.S. Postal Service on Friday said its losses more than doubled to $4.5 billion in the quarter ending in March and warned the economic slowdown spurred by the spread of COVID-19 could severely hurt its finances over the next 18 months. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-postoffice/us-post-office-loss-doubles-as-it-warns-covid-19-will-hit-its-finances-idUSKBN22K1EO Imagine the lines at the local post office when mailbox deliveries stop. Remind me again, why do they deliver for Amazon at a loss? Not that it is the only thing driving their losses either.
  19. I found this https://www.npr.org/2020/05/08/852451652/seen-plandemic-we-take-a-close-look-at-the-viral-conspiracy-video-s-claims
  20. Rare look at stockpile handouts shows which states got ventilators, masks amid coronavirus. I really recommend all of you take a look. Your state is in there too. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/investigations/2020/04/10/rare-look-stockpile-shows-which-states-got-supplies-amid-covid/5126900002/ link to the data only portion https://infogram.com/national-stockpile-equipment-distribution-1h7j4dpnd37d4nr
  21. I am sure the Prez has a non-military private spot laid out, but the senior staff may not. Time for them to start shopping around for a new hangout? https://www.history.com/news/inside-the-governments-top-secret-doomsday-hideouts
  22. Not out at all. Willing to meet you in Montgomery, Alabama
  23. I have been sharing some pictures and answering some questions for some of you. I would be more than happy to continue doing so. Even more than that though, I would love to sell these to someone on the Forum. Buy now, make room later. Examples like this do not come often enough.
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