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  1. 3 minutes ago, K5SS said:

    Added to my library. I know physical media is almost dead but I still prefer watching/listening my favorites on a disc. Local pawn shops had all these for $10/ea. and even threw in 2 free movies, since I bought so many. Not bad at all!

    Very nice find. I am right there with you in preferences. I have been buying physical movie disks at a feverish pace ever since audio CD's were pulled from retail store shelves. I have added approx. 175 titles to my collection in 2018 alone.

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  2. In modern furniture, finish of any sort is either non existant or very thin. You will not find a high gloss finish in furniture made in 20+ years. The more matte a finish is, the more it will obscure the wood details underneath. The more glossy a finish the more it will reflect light and that can also make it hard to see the wood underneath it depending on the light and angle.

  3. 39 minutes ago, Westcoastdrums said:

    Woild you rather have Klipsch gear or a pair of those yourself?   They have a very interesting looking "pro" model that got my attention... 




    A couple years prior I spoke with the owner and he tried to sell me a pair of the 1812 at a KILLER price point.   I had to think long and hard before passing on that deal.   For what I paid for my system, makes a hard argument that I could get something that compares or would be better in my room. 

    I am very impressed with the offerings from Tekton, and feel that that company is moving in the right direction. They fit a niche that you don't find with many current companies. I myself am stuck in an era, and am not comfortable with the "new" sound of modern speakers. Very subjective. The price points from Tekton are incredible. Quality is there too. I have a fair share on the used market recently. What do you make of that?

  4. JBL L20T for Atmos on custom made ceiling mounts in the JBL room


    Klipsch The Three for the wife in her sewing room


    In the foreground 2 Nvidia Shields for the Klipsch and JBL rooms


    Also Logitech elite to replace a old URC R50 that has become so obsolete, I completely stopped using it at all about 2 years ago.


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  5. I needed to replace a broken tape measure and found these new models. Along the way I saw this new model saw on the clearance table. Crazy to even consider paying this much ($400) for a circular saw, but this was the store display model, so it was 25% off and that comes out to be $50 more than what the older 9.0 model sold for while adding about 2X the power and 33% more battery capacity. If you have not heard, the new 21700 lithium cells are a very substantial improvement over the 18650 last gen cells. I also buy one big driver bit set annually and this was the biggest one they had. BTW I got the security alarm included, so that is sitting in a bucket of water chirping away dying a slow death. LOL



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  6. He has a guy coming tomorrow, but he did not sound confident about the buyers ability to pay in full. I told him to call me if the sale falls apart. Then I ask myself why do I keep doing this? I don't need them, I am sitting on 33 speakers again.

  7. Confirmed with the seller these are serial #000003/4 and are new old stock in unused condition. He has a hoard of new old stock much of it pre 1980. He sold most of the speakers, tube amps, preamps. Still has not got to the turntables or pro gear yet. Just selling everything now, beware appointments to pickers are not welcome. Send him a wish list and you may get lucky. Most items are buried and not currently listed for sale.

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  8. SOLD


    An active Milwaukee Craigslister who is a  prominant collector,  now turned seller, named Acorn Larry is listing a seamingly astonishing pair of Klipsch Heresy II's in Oak lacquer finish. They appear to be in showroom condition. The original packaging boxes included in the sale look to be in like new condition as well. The pictures show riser speaker stands, so may be included in the sale, but that is not confirmed.


    I hope to get some help from those here who are familiar with the 2003 Heresy serial number decoding to verify the claim of being #3 and #4. 


    What do you think of the pricing? Yes it is very high, but with that being said what value could be added here given the condition?


    What do you know about the commonality of the oak lacquer finish in heresy II's? Not like they are Brazilian tea tree nut oil or something.


    Here are a few pics from the ad which can be seen here https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-collectors-heresy-ii/6740774808.html





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