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  1. I got tired of asking the same question myself. I bought so many cables, and tossed them for larger/better/longer/specs/snake oil. I never have to worry about that again because for about $1.33 per foot, I bought a bulk roll of Marshall Sound Runner W8110. It is actually manufactured by MOGAMI. For me it saves me money because I know I won't be buying any more speaker cables.


    Byznasty, in your case this would be considered overkill for your current situation. I am just pointing out the fact that, over time our needs change but our speaker cables do not need to.


    Specs are 2-#10 AWG (238×34)   ---------that is 238 OFC copper stands folks, super high flex, and it lays and feels like 14AWG


    Capacitance (pF/ft) 18.5

    Inductance (µH/ft) 0.18





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  2. Edited post to address post 2 & 3. Yes the room is definitely a challenge here, as most non-dedicated non-theater rooms are. Certain room corrections will not be possible, I am not the only one making decisions here, but I really do have a very understanding wife.  All these Klipsch speakers are of the passive radiator type, so placement here does apply.  I intend to move the Quartets off the stands and place their replacements directly on the floor at the same location they are in currently.  The single RSW-10 subwoofer, also passive radiator, is currently under the Quartet on the left in this pic.

    I use this room mostly in multi-channel 5.4.1 home theater, blu-ray or TV. Music is usually 2.0 channel or 2.1 run from the PC with Tidal and Chromecast for now.


  3.    I have been acquiring and accumulating a collection of extended heritage Klipsch over the last 10 years, most being more recent. I decided to ask the members to help me choose what to keep, sell, trade, replace, upgrade, modify, or put in cryogenic storage :laugh:.  I have a 5.4.1 channel set up in my main listening space of approx. 15'W x 29"L with a sort of U-shape. The rest of the equipment I use is finally up in my signature.  If anyone wants to PM me for an offer that is fine, but this is not intended as a sell thread, I will do that later on as a parallel thread to this one in the garage section, if/when/what goes up for sale. I am located 30 miles outside Madison, Wisconsin and anyone wanting to have a listening session may also send a PM. I am not affiliated with any business, not in sales, not flipping for profit, not trying to fish, not trying to donate my stuff. I am trying to contribute here. Try to stay on topic please. If anyone would like to start or suggest another thread to address any specific A/B comparisons, I would contribute to another thread as well. I will be doing some A/B here, but large heavy speakers are not easily rotated in and out. 

       All these Klipsch speakers are of the passive radiator type, so placement here does apply.  I intend to move the Quartets off the stands and place their replacements directly on the floor at the same location they are in currently.  The single RSW-10 subwoofer, also passive radiator, is currently under the Quartet on the right in the pic.

       I have just added another to my collection, a matched pair of Oiled Oak Chorus II that will be replacing something in my listening space to accommodate them according to how this thread goes.


        -My Center channel is a Black lacquer HALF of a matched pair of Forte II + Crites titanium tweeter diaphram + Klipsch sourced k-53-ti midrange driver assembly + Crites bandpass board + Crites crossovers. It sits sideways on a Black glass tv stand underneath the tv 15" clearance from the back wall 28" up to centerline.

       -The other HALF is stored with equal modifications intact. All original parts are stored. Condition = 98/100

    The other center channel speakers I have stored are:

       -1 of 3 Academy Black lacquer + Crites titanium tweeter diaphram + Crites crossover. All original parts are stored. Condition = 98/100

       -2 of 3 Academy Black lacquer + Original box, styrofoam, and plastic sleeve.  Condition 92/100

       -3 of 3 Academy Oiled Oak stock. Condition 93/100

       -1 of 2 KV-3 Oiled Oak. Condition 98/100

       -2 of 2 KV-3 Oiled Oak. Condition 98/100


       -My Front channel is set as matched pair of Chorus II Oiled Walnut with Crites titanium tweeter diaphram + Crites crossovers.  Condition 96/100

       :emotion-55:Maybe I should upgrade change the Chorus II midrange to Ti as I did with the Forte II? All original parts are stored


       -My Surround channel is a matched pair of Oiled Oak QuartetsCrites titanium tweeter diaphram + Crites crossovers. All original parts are stored.  Condition 98/100


       -My Single Subwoofer is Black lacquer RSW-10. Space and neighbors are a concern here.


    The flow chart of the proposed changes is as follows:

       :emotion-55:Should I keep looking for another pair of Chorus II to split up with another local I know of who is trying for a 5 channel all Chorus II room.

       :emotion-55:Should I replace rear Quartets with newly acquired Chorus II in stock condition, with modifications to follow later

       :emotion-55:Should I Put 1 pair Quartets up for sale

       :emotion-55:Should I split a matched pair Forte II and put HALF up for sale

       :emotion-55:Should I Put 3 Academy centers up for sale individually, :emotion-55:2 in Black could be used as an expansion to 7.1 or 9.1 in height/rear/surround locations

       :emotion-55:Should I Put 2 KV-3 centers up for sale individually, :emotion-55:2 in Oak could be used as an expansion to 7.1 or 9.1 in height/rear/surround locations


    I will be editing this post as needed as the thread develops. Any of my Klipsch could go into my second listening space that is currently occupied by JBL L100T3 and other T3 variants. I did just sell a pair of JBL L80T3 in light oak. Not sure why I would move the rest. I am thankful for all those here who have gotten me to this point.


  4. I spoke to the seller. Nice guy. Original owner. Is still somewhat attached to these, in a $$$ kind of way. I drove 700 miles later that day instead, to buy my new Chorus II from another original owner, circa 1996. I love passive radiators.

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  5. 54 minutes ago, Ljk said:

    You have ti  and xover mid range upgrade on your chorus II? How do like it compared to stock, been thinking about doing those upgrades to my chorus IIs. 

    not trying to do a comparison thread here inside this thread, but since others also like to know, I believe it is an upgrade path suited for those that have tried and loved similar paths with their tweeters. The cost of the midrange upgrade is substantially greater due to the added complexity to the crossover. You can expect similar results in the midrange upgrade as is evident in the tweeter upgrade, and since midrange provides a large quantity of the source material, it is a very important decision to make before any changes are done. The cost can be obviously far more significant when doing multi channel as I have.

  6. Would anyone on the forum like to chime in on proceeding forward from here. I am using a walnut pair of "full upgraded" Chorus II for fronts, black "fully upgraded" Forte II center sitting horizontally on a black glass shelf, upgraded oak Quartet for surrounds. The finishes work in my space.


    My second space is full of walnut  4x JBL L100t3 and a L40T3 for center duty.


    I am willing to rotate speakers or trade/sell/buy. Not sure how toshare pics here either, not having used 2mb max uploaders in the past.


    Forgot add *fully upgraded = Crites titanium tweeter diagrams, K-53-Ti titanium midrange drivers, Crites bandpass boards + Crites crossover boards. My quartet rears do not have the midrange changes.

  7. Always looking for an upgrade path, I traveled 370 miles to get these from the original owner. I responded to his ad within 15 minutes of it posting and left immediately  after convincing him I am the right person to take care of his babies. By the time I arrived @10pm he had received 20 offers, some above his asking price. We did a short demo, traded stories, and I drive home in the middle of the night in snow. 11 hours later here is what I got.....


  8. I have a stock pair of chorus II crossovers wrapped up, and packed away. They came WITH my crites upgraded chorus II's.  I will sell them to you for what they are worth on the open market. also available....quartet,forte II,academy originals. Also have tweeter diaphrams and midrange drivers.

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