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  1. The aforementioned price you are referring to included delivery. For you David, the come and get it price is $350 As-Is. Testing is available here. Anything else would be an upcharge though as my time is not free. If $350 for a single Forte II is still too steep then I suppose you could just wait for Santa Clause. Ho Ho Ho.
  2. I have The Three V1. Not recently. My wife uses it in the sewing room. Not sure the wifi audio quality with it is any better than some flavors of bluetooth though. With mono there is no imaging. I think with the V2 you can talk to it.
  3. Without the riser. Risers are simple. I can make a new one if necessary. Original Oiled Oak. Black lacquer upon request.
  4. I have a single Forte II in Southeast Wisconsin. 100 miles North of the OP. I am willing to meet or deliver. No trades.
  5. Perhaps someday you would like to share your thoughts on what you have learned with the rest of us. Even more specifically I would like to know about what changes you heard in your own set-up. Maybe after the sale? Welcome to the Forum. Looking forward to those pics. 2MB max so resize them first. GLWYS.
  6. Oh, that's right. I was focused on the pic not the description. Diaphrams are everywhere. Drivers not so much.
  7. https://www.simplyspeakers.com/klipsch-replacement-speaker-diaphragm-127120.html What about this?
  8. I have 2 drivers that are original to Chorus II. Diaphrams too.
  9. Just the stock diaphrams? I have stacks of those. I assume you want the horn and driver as well. I only have a single.
  10. 314carpenter


    If you would like assistance locating a source for a brand new one.
  11. See my corrected response above. See, I almost always catch my own mistakes when given a moment to do so.
  12. Edit. Whoa.....fact check. I initially F&#@d up this response. Polarity is reversed on the crossover side (within the network). The schematic is correct. You should not be reversing the polarity at the driver terminal.
  13. 314carpenter


    I am sorry. It was available only for a limited time. Currently NFS. If that changes I will let you know. I pulled it from the listing, unfortunately not before your offer was made. Again, sorry for the confusion over this one set.
  14. Just keep hitting refresh. There is a good chance they will appear again. If the new owner paid the asking or lower, and that guy wants to double his money, you could see them listed for $1600. Make an offer of $1400, or whatever you were originally willing to pay for them, and you got what you wanted for what you offered the original owner.
  15. 314carpenter


    More movies I just added to the sale today. Check them out. $12 Items 4K Spider-Man: Homecoming https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Spider-Man-Homecoming-4K-Blu-ray/181194/
  16. Just eavesdropping. Learn something new everyday. Once again so glad that I hang out around here.
  17. I am happy that you can see what the true intention of my post was all about then. I am sorry when occasionally I am impelled to say things that may have the effect of devaluing others comments and opinions. I do not have anything more to add here. Please continue doing your best, as will I. FWIW my wife and I spoke about this sale and agreed to drive 650 miles round trip to purchase them for $800 if the buyer would subsequently agree to sell to us. Never heard from the seller anyway. I already own 3 pairs now. I am confident that if I were to have succeeded I could have easily accumulated $200 in expenses, $200 in net profit after resale, while still retaining more than $400 in parts for which I was after. Don't know about you, but for me a long days work for what I think would have been a decent payoff made the prospect appealing enough to get my wife to buy in as well. Keep posting these kind of sales guys.
  18. I appreciate all the work you have put in to tracking and creating the awesome speadsheet document of past sales of particular Klipsch models of speakers. I have used it many times myself. However, it is times like these that I oppose the speadsheet document being used for current real world appraisals. Specifically, when the speadsheet shows a value that is obviously below current market trends. When a specific speaker model such as this one, which has a far higher market demand than the same market is capable of supplying, continues to increase in asking price, and buyers continue to line up around the block praying for a chance to actually be the the sole owner. Again I value the work you have done and hope that you would continue to do so and continue to share that information with all the members. I am just against using that document as an appraisal tool. I am not against using that document to weigh current market trends. Just saying this is what they averaged for X and then saying that is what they are now worth is wishful thinking at best and will actually be preventative to a member actually trying to acquire these, or even worse try to sell them, in today's real world market. I can personally respond to 4 very recent cases where Klipsch Chorus II's were sold to buyers traveling over 400 miles to pay more than 150% of the current speadsheet average. I do not know these people, can not prove the sale, I only know of the sales, I know they are not on your speadsheet. One more thing. Time. Time is representative in valuation. For instance how many days homes sit on the market after being listed is always indicative of housing market demand. When the first guy you see throws his money at you and runs away laughing and crying about what a great deal he just got, you just lost money.
  19. Simple. A tiny bit of wood putty. Try not to spread it everywhere. A wax filler crayon can work for the deep scratches that may not come out in sanding. Get some Watco Danish Oil in the the color of your choice and be done with it. When you are done, if you do not like the way the risers come out, just make new ones out of solid oak boards and finish the new ones with the same Watco again. Sell the old risers to someone with a worse pair than you. Don't bury yourself in these. Get it done in one weekend. And guys, take it easy on all the sanding. Use Lacquer Thinner before you even touch the paper stuff.
  20. Edit. Just sent an offer to purchase myself. Waiting for a reply. It is late now. Thank you for the listing. This forum is great. If the owner is here, save them for me buddy.
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