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    Thank you George. Don't forget to pick a movie off of the free item list.
  2. https://www.amazon.com/Aqua-Coat-Filler-Non-Toxic-Environmentally/dp/B00LEFWGWA + https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/b/dupli-color-3391/paint---body-repair-16614/paint-25201/paint---lacquer-17769/de1f28247258/dupli-color-12-ounce-black-spray-paint/dal1608/4268070 Done
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    Please note that the 3D titles are UK packaging, but are region free. Questions?
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    https://www.amazon.com/Lord-Rings-Fellowship-Extended-Editions/dp/B0026L7H20 I have the same Hobbit set too if you want. The Hobbit set is not sealed, but like new. $40. Discount applies. Free shipping with 4 or more items. https://www.amazon.com/Hobbit-Motion-Picture-Trilogy-Extended/dp/B014GJBTWI/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=the+hobbit+Extended+Editions)+[Blu-ray]&qid=1603114836&refinements=p_n_format_browse-bin%3A2650305011&rnid=2650303011&s=movies-tv&sr=1-3
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    This is the star wars set. Original 3 movies on blu-ray and dvd. 6 disks. https://www.amazon.com/Star-Trilogy-Episodes-IV-VI-Blu-ray/dp/B00E9PMMX0
  6. Almost there. A few dog holes and couple of end vices away from an awesome workbench. Looks kind of like my woodworking bench. Oops, sorry wrong forum. Regardless of my bad humor, I think it looks amazing.
  7. If anyone needs to go out and see a movie away from home I would invite you over to my place. There are 2 theater spaces to view movies in. 2.35 aspect and 16:9. Your choice. 5.4.2 Atmos in both. Here there are over 1000 movies on 4K disk or blu-ray. Many of which you will never find on the likes af Netflix. Hundreds of recent physical disk purchases means that I am still uploading them onto the server for easy playback on Plex. Way better audio and video than you would otherwise get streaming, plus I own these forever, not renting. The popcorn is always fresh and hot, beverages are cold, assortments of candy are available too. Movie times are as needed, tickets cost zero, best seats are always open. My wife says, if you are really hungry the kitchen is open, and if you call ahead the desert will be freshly baked.
  8. Friday The 13th Collection with 2 limited edition 24x36 lithograph posters. All 12 films on 16 discs. Rigid slipcase. New 4K scans. New uncut gore scenes. New 3D version of part 3. Too many hours of extras to list. I added a couple of pieces to add to the collection for the final display.
  9. About the Carver, they have great group of members on their forum. The gear is good, but they all are now in need of restoration. I would not say reliability is the problem, just that they did not age as well as some others have. Plan for $450 restoration and 4-6 months turn around. There is only one legitimately reliable location for the full Monty restorations. For that much time and money, it is best left for the true fans. There are better options currently. Better know what you are doing and have a deep stack when blind buying 30-40 year old used electronics. I have seen top of the line house name amplifiers completely toasted after 10 years of use.
  10. Lowballs...guilty. Age... not even close. Long way to go yet.
  11. I will have my eye on the popcorn machine during the auction
  12. I am in for $90 if that helps you any.
  13. Should have used rubber cement. Less weight. I agree with proceeding with your list in the order you have it. The amount of $, time, skill, and OCD you commit to the project determine the rest. Return on investment net zero or more likely subzero with any of your choices. Original is always best when possible.
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