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  1. https://www.klipschmuseum.org/founder-biography
  2. I agree with all of your recent comments above. In my defense I am not a research specialist. I am a Klipsch enthusiast. My intent of the poll all along has always been to generate interest in a "new" product and find where most others here place their preferences regardless of price. The poll was started long before any public information about any "new" product rumors or announcements. Hindsight. Good job by Klipsch keeping the wrap on this though. I am willing to edit, or mute if it helps the cause. Just seemed like a good thread for me to post what comes up on google search. Well, now that there is something to actually search that is. I was busy eating popcorn during that epic event. I thought it important to note here that in my opinion, being a carpenter and all, I happen to really enjoy things made out of wood. I get a lot of enjoyment out of the consumer (home) versions of Klipsch speakers vs their pro counter parts. Those beautiful cabinets keep me on the hook. I live among my speakers.
  3. Unofficially All unofficial specs as per https://www.digitalcinema.com.au/klipsch-cornwall-iv-heritage-speakers-pair.html Brand Klipsch Frequency Response 34 Hz - 20 kHz Power 400 Watts Woofer Bass Driver Size (mm) 581 mm Midrange Size mm 44.5 mm Tweeter 25 mm Impedance (Ω) 8 Ω Sensitivity 102 dB Item Sold As Pair Klipsch Series Heritage Subwoofer Size 15 Inch Crossover Frequency HF: 5 kHz | MF: 800 Hz Warranty Australian Manufacturers Warranty Product Dimension (H×W×D) 907.1 x 642.9 x 392.9 mm (ea) Product Weight 44.5 Kg (ea)
  4. $3K each...already exceeds the total of what I payed for 6 pre-owned Chorus II's. Apples to oranges, I know. Oh well, knew they would not come cheap. I really do hope they are 6X better. Not that I have faith in that. Just that it would really be something. Holding out for more info and reviews on the new midrange. That was the one thing that to me was in dire need of an update. My local Certified Klipsch Heritage Dealer was one of the first in the country to have set up in the showroom the AK6 Klipschorn. (The La Scala AL5 were my favs.) I may just get a chance to listen soon after Rocky Mountain.
  5. Still unofficial although they state they are a Certified Klipsch Heritage Dealer https://jemperformanceaudio.com/klipsch-heritage-speakers
  6. I don't understand. Tell me if I am wrong here. So you don't have them set up where you can listen to them, and don't know how they sound, but you want to modify them? Why?
  7. Which Home Theater? I have not posted in this thread before, so I though why not now. The dedicated theater room is currently getting a back wall makeover so here is a pic taken showing the recent front wall makeover. I run JBL in there The Klipsch room is a non-dedicated all purpose space. Ready for anything.
  8. 314carpenter


    Let's see what you got!
  9. I actually ended up selling them anyway. Either way they are gone and no longer available. Thanks.
  10. I was reading on an authorized Klipsch retailers homepage something about a new speaker coming soon to replace the cornwall III. I can't find the page, so no link to share. Just more rumors
  11. Today I got all the wood I needed for my next project. A custom made audio equipment rack. This one will go in the JBL theater room. It will not be like the last 2 racks I made that are sandwiched between Klipsch Chorus II's. I am planning for something a bit more toward the high end furniture look with this build. 60" height 25" width 20"depth with casters. 7 shelves plus the top.
  12. Thank goodness I am too far away to buy from you. That is quite a load of Klipsch you got there. I like how they are all matching. I am sure someone here could make them sparkle like new after giving them some love and hard work.
  13. https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/denavrx4400h/denon-avr-x4400h-9.2-ch-x-125-watts-a/v-receiver-w/heos/1.html My vote. Not loosing anything buying this one, except a warranty and some B.S you will never use or care about. If you look around, hold out for another 2 months, you will find the X4500 for about half price when the new models roll out. Happens every year, and is how I buy mine.
  14. There is another pair closer to home for $800, and at least that one comes with a RC-7 center. I said "go fish" to that "deal". I do however remember selling a pair myself on ebay and collecting $750 so I guess it may happen for these guys too. I just thought it was funny to see quartets listed for $1100. Pretty sure that shattered the previous record.
  15. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ram/ele/d/saint-paul-klipsch-quartet-speakers/6961406232.html
  16. Pulling the ad. No longer for sale. Thanks for looking.
  17. Pulling the ad. No longer for sale. Thanks for looking.
  18. I agree. Just name them Klipsch Heritage Chorus III. Once people had a chance to hear them, I don't see the Forte having a chance. Will even eat into the Cornwall sales. As a company, they need to focus on putting as much cash in the drawer as possible, so product diversity is what is likely getting in the way. I know I will be not be selling any of my 3 pairs of my modified Chorus II's to pay for anything in the current Heritage lineup. Exception being LaScalla AL5, size and money ruling them out though. No way 5 of them are ever going into my room. Even 5 Cornwalls in any flavor wouldn't make it. They just will not fit. I barely shoehorn 5 Chorus II's now.
  19. Not picking on you, just sayin....Forte is not any more Heritage than Chorus. Both were considered "Extended Heritage" before Klipsch adopted the Forte III into the current Heritage moniker.The Forte compared to the Chorus just sold more pairs in the past, cost less, was smaller, lighter, likely had a larger profit margin. As far as room space.... most of the Forte III rooms I saw set up had ample spaaaace for a larger speaker. And in the speaker world, size does matter. Laws of physics. Stay tuned....8/23/19 I am sure that a certain Heritage will be getting a new horn soon. But will it be tractrix? And will it have mumps? More importantly, how will it sound? And then how will that sound make you feel? Here is to good things yet come.
  20. Anyone else here super excited to hear the announcement of the newest Klipsch Heritage speaker to get an update? Can't wait to get all the details. Hope we do get all of the details on 8/23/19. I will post links to the media announcements as they get posted. I am sure we are many months away from any official reviews though. I know I will be visiting my Klipsch dealer for an audition just as soon as they get their hands on a pair.
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