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  1. SOLD






    Walnut Oil

    Gorgeous wood grain structure 

    Black Grills

    Glass tops

    Crites tweeter diaphrams, along with originals are included.

    Crossovers have been recapped.


    I also have Crites crossover boards for sale separately if interested.




  2. I believe this will be the final week to get your votes in before one of these iconic speakers will be getting their turn at a refresh. Which one it will be? I will not be adding to the rumors here, but I am pretty sure I already figured it out. If you know Klipsch and follow their current sales focus, you will be able to figure it out too. I will leave it up to you guys to search for details on the current lineup and future plans. I have no details to add. Anything I know about has already been posted on this website. Thank you all for participating in my poll and expressing your interests. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to share these wishes with you all.  Super stoked to have a "NEW" Klipsch Heritage to gush over in the months ahead.

  3. 10 hours ago, dwilawyer said:

    I think you will have half your wish by the end of the month, and the other half -well might not even be on the distant horizon.


    I'm guessing there are a lot of factors that go into all of this.  Product placement, pricing, what they have on the drawing board for 1, 2 and 3 years out.



    Interesting comment. Care to elaborate a little bit more? I am just a little unsure of where you were directing your post.

  4. 45 minutes ago, Ceptorman said:

    Very nice, I'll bet 5 Chorus lls sound spectacular.....congrats, I'm digging the granite.

    Upon reviewing the custom granite tops, in my listening tests, I have noticed slightly enhanced upper midrange transients, ocassional extended decay on the high notes, and a noticeably  faster roll off on the bottom end. I could not detect any induced ringing. Also, I could not perceive the changes in resonant frequency due to the added coupling. Well worth the additional investment.


    If any one believes that BS, send me a PM cause I have some stuff for sale you may also like.

    I myself just like the style and protection they will provide.


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  5. I finally finished cutting my black granite slabs that I have had for almost a year now. Placed them on top of my 5 Chorus II's and my diy audio racks for a seamless look. The other 2 Chorus II's are in surround position with matching black granite tops. So what do you guys think? Do you like the look of black granite and walnut?




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  6. 3 hours ago, SWL said:

    Shiit Loki tone control/equalizer. This is my second one for another system in the house. The first one I'm actually using in my main system with a tube amp.

    This is the only analog EQ/tone control I've ever had that didn't impact the sound in a negative way. I use it very sparingly to cut some mids and it works very well.....tubes and solid state

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    I have heard good things about that piece. A couple db here and there. A very good problem solver. Not quite parametric though, but who needs that?

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  7. 11 hours ago, A1UC said:

    I have a room full of extra audio gear I will prob sell before I move , just don’t have enough time right now

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    Let me know when you have a time for a private showing. I would love to pay you visit.

  8. 106" 2.35:1 Stewart FilmScreen Balon Borderless with StudioTek100 snapper material. I am going from a 92" 16:9 EliteScreen, so at 8X's cost differential the change should be dramatic. It is reference material, very accurate and neutral from any angle, for use in a light controlled room. Supports 4K, 8K, and 16K. The Balon Borderless provides zero edge floating image from any angle and can be mounted 1"- 5" off the wall.






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  9. My grandfather, pvt. Loren W. Tully 743rd Tank Battalion Company B, landed on Omaha beach D-day at 6:30A.M. He was the driver of a Sherman M duplex-drive amphibious tank. I remember how he told me he never seen a single hollywood movie that got it right. Turn the ocean into blood, and fill the beach with bodies, and you start to get close to the reality. He said Saving Private Ryan D-day scenes got the closest. Stopping there with details told to me by him.


    The Initial Assault Wave

    Ninety-six tanks, the Special Engineer Task Force, and eight companies of assault infantry (1,450 men), landing just before and after 0630, were to carry out the first assault missions


    "On the right, the 743d Tank Battalion brought in all its tanks on LCT's. Company B, coming in directly in face of the Vierville draw, suffered from enemy artillery fire. The LCT carrying the company commander was sunk just of shore, and four other officers were killed or wounded, leaving one lieutenant in Company B. Eight of that company's 16 tanks landed and started to fire from the water's edge on enemy positions. The tanks of Companies C and A touched down to the east at well-spaced intervals and without initial losses. In the 16th RCT one, only 5 of the 32 DD tanks (741st Tank Battalion) made shore; of Company A's 16 standard tanks, 2 were lost far off shore by an explosion of undetermined cause, and 3 were hit and put out of action very shortly after beaching. The surviving third of the battalion landed between E-1 and E-3 draws and went into action at once against enemy emplacements."


    By the end of D-Day the 743rd Tank Battalion could report 38 operational tanks (with one in repair). Nevertheless, the much larger numbers of tanks that made it to the beach from the 743rd Tank Battalion by all accounts proved critical in suppressing and destroying German positions. This helped the 29th Infantry Division's men to get off the beach at the D-1 Vierville draw. In addition, the 743rd Tank Battalion even took over for the missing 741st Tank Battalion's armor in helping to open the E-1 St Laurent draw off the beach."


  10. Not sure how to vote. I have 2 small home theater systems. One, I voted Forte... Klipsch Chorus II's and the other system JBL 250Ti/240Ti. I voted Pre/Pro as I use only 2 channels of the AVR and 7 channels of external amplification for the remainder for both atmos systems. Subs are Monolith. Plasma and projector.

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  11. Selling a pair of Forte II crossovers I bought a while back. I am just not using them any longer. These are the complete crossovers on a wood board. The upgraded wiring is included. Will be shipped bubble wrapped inside of a Styrofoam cube that will be stuffed and packed inside of a cardboard box.





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