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  1. DC-1 is in good condition and comes with remote, power cord and original box,$335.00 Shipping & PayPal fees included to US LOWER 48 only! DC-1 Factory Warranty until 09/17/2020 CD-1 is in used condition comes with power cord, remote, no original box,$199.00 Shipping & PayPal fees included US LOWER 48 ONLY! Thank You For Looking
  2. I sure wish the Krell would have been packed like that.
  3. That is certainly a possibility.I have the exact message the seller sent to me after I told him that the amp was received damaged(quote below) 1."Are you kidding me please send me pictures. Is the box damaged? That would be the only way for it to be broken the device was wrapped in bubble wrap 6 times and had the box filled with bubble wrap and other hard cardboard"END QUOTE
  4. No,not more damaged audio gear!
  5. My thoughts exactly,I was lucky it did not sell.
  6. I bought it through Audiogon.I had to use Audiogon's express checkout because the seller did not accept PayPal.That means the buyer protection is through Audiogon also.I have never used it before but they seem really good at handling these issues.Audiogon offers buyer 7 days to file a claim.After the item is initially received Audiogon sends a email with a tab to click on that says "looks good"if you click on that button Audiogon releases the funds to the seller and no more recourse is available.I filed a claim right after unpacking the amp.I received an email from customer service requesting more info and pictures.I sent all that in last night,this morning I received email saying they put a hold on the payment and will process a refund.I think all is good.Funny thing is the seller is going to file a claim against FedEx,Yeah good luck with that.
  7. Yes I ended the auction early due to a couple issues.The 1st issue was a Ebay bidder bidding up my auction to the reserve price.Then 18 hours later retracted his bid which put it back at the high bid of $454.I did not like that everyone knew the reserve price at that point .The 2nd issue was I received my Krell amp yesterday with the side trim piece broke completely off.The seller could not believe that it arrived damaged with his great packing job.I was completely shocked that is all the damage it sustained.The seller shipped a 60 lb Krell KAV-500 amp wrapped in bubble wrap with some cardboard thrown in for good measure.Then put it all in a box that was 24x18x18 allowing the amp to have plenty of leg room for the road trip.That is when I decided to just end the sale and keep what I have for now.
  8. Thank You! Yeah Ebay can be crazy,I have lost my *** on auctions also,you never know.
  9. Looks like the reserve will be met so the amp is only available on Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/173208486452?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  10. Those are really detailed pics.I wanted to make sure any potential buyer was prepared for the worst.I am a firm believer in under promise over deliver.I always under grade any gear I sell anyway.I did take a pic tonight with my Canon.
  11. Point taken,they are just surface scratches though.There are no dents anywhere.
  12. Not sure,I bought it like that about a year ago.
  13. Good point,thank you
  14. Damn is my price really to high??
  15. I am selling my Parasound A52 silver amp.The amp does have facial problems(kinda like myself lol) but otherwise functions fine.I am selling because I just acquired a Krell KAV-500.I will only ship to the US Lower 48.I will include shipping and will not charge any PayPal fees.I would let it go to Klipsch forum members for $899.00.Only amp and power cord included in the sale.
  16. Thank You! Will get the replacement on Monday Krell KAV 150a Pure Class A
  17. Here you go teaman WYRED 4 SOUND.pdf
  18. still available,I removed my Ebay ad and decided to sell on Audiogon and the Klipsch forum instead.
  19. I would say no,the following is from the manual. The ST 1000 series amplifier is a stereo amplifier design that will produce peaks in excess of 625W with 8 ohm loads and 1225W with 4 ohm loads per channel depending on model. Each channel of the stereo amplifiers is powered from their own dedicated power supply. The compact and effective design is made easy thanks to the switching power supply that powers the bridged switching output stage derived from ICEpowerâ„¢ technology.
  20. Wanted to know if there is any interest in a Wyred 4 Sound ST-1000 amp (black) Original double box, manual and power cord amp in overall good condition. for Klipsch Forum members theres no PayPal fees or shipping charge and I will only ship to USA lower 48 only. $875.00 The amp is also listed on Audiogon,link below. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis8ea6c-wyred-4-sound-st-1000-mkii-solid-state
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