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  1. I'm selling my current AVR, in excellent condition. It's 4 yrs old, I originally bought new from bh photo. Like new condition, sounds great and looks brand new. Comes with remote and audyssey microphone (I can't find the owners manual, but a quick google search will have the PDF version). Asking $250 obo. Local pickup or will ship for $50. Thank you!
  2. If it's still available, how much to ship the rp450c to Texas? Zip code 78613. Thank you
  3. Im going to hang a fixed screen mounted directly on the wall. I have a table that will sit below the screen for the center channel. Im going to Frys on Friday to listen to the RP 450c to see how it compares to the Rc 64ii to my ears. Very exciting
  4. I'm doing a projector (maybe a jvc rs500?) with a 135" screen. I'm going to slowly add the pieces as I get the $, but I'd like to keep my speaker budget to $10k. I live in Cedar Park TX (suburb of Austin). Excited to get on the Klipsch bandwagon. Thanks for the feedback!
  5. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the advice! Oops, I meant to type "atmos" setup instead of atoms in reference to a dolby atmos setup. My bad Youthman! What does everyone think a reference premium setup (RP 450c, RP 280F) vs. the RC 64ii and the RF7 ii? I will try to listen to them next at my local Frys.
  6. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone had a HT room similar to my dimensions 18x12x10ft, dedicated HT room. I really loved the sound of the rc64ii and rf7ii that i heard at my friends house. However his room was much larger than mine. Would these be too powerful for my room dimensions? I have an anthem mrx 1120 avr. I sit about 10 feet from the center channel. (I eventually want to have an all Klipsch 7.2.4 atoms set up with some in ceiling speakers for the .4. But Im starting with the center and fronts first.) Any advice from more experienced audiophiles would be much appreciated. Thank you!
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