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  1. " I bought my BMS4592ND from Thomann US. Right now the Euro-to-USD exchange rate isn't terribly good (the price of the driver has risen about 15% since I bought mine two years ago, due mainly to currency exchange rates. I bought mine for right around $461 USD two years ago. Perhaps the currency exchange rate will swing back after late January (if you catch my drift). In any case, I don't think you should buy the drivers first, but put it off until you start to integrate everything." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Chris, I was wondering why the exchange rate might go down.... I would think that we would soon be in a weaker economic position because of the uncertainty , due to the new folks coming in having said they want to have new mandatory covid lockdown and so many businesses have to close down again.... as well as the promise to severely restrict oil and gas production in favor of more green energy options......... -- just curious your take on the business climate... thank you ,
  2. - Hi Chris , I am really looking forward to building the K-402 MEH Horns!! ..... I am planning on calling Xilica in the next day or two to ask about the firmware upgrades and get their opinion on the used unit. - Also I was looking back over a couple of your threads searching for some info , I thought it was in your thread where you introduced your MEH Horn concept... but I somehow missed where you recommended the best place to purchase the BMS 4592nd-Coax Drivers from?? - Thank you, Dean
  3. - - Last year I got to spend two days at the Lone Star Audio Fest listening to the 4592ND - Midrange in the Volti Audio Vittora Horn Speaker and I agree that is a Great sounding driver! So I sold my main speakers and my VTL 350 watt Monoblock Amplifiers and I am getting ready to maybe incorporate it into a horn speaker of some kind , my top choices are a upscaled La Scala, or maybe something like the Tune Audio Anima Horn speaker design.... but Chris's MEH Horn looks like the most interesting option! But I wanted to make sure that the 4592nd Coax sounded as good as the 4592nd - midrange does....... I have read several places that other people felt like you did , that they didn't like the Tweeter in the Coax , but maybe it's how it's implemented , maybe the K-402 Horn or the crossover / PEQ filter that Chris is using or both together make the tweeter sound better ---
  4. - Hi Chris , thank you for your answers to my questions - I don't mind the long explanations - they are very helpful! - I have to go and do some reading I don't know much about what a "shaded line array" is - lol - I think the Hypex solutions are very interesting and may try it down the road... but I may still try and find a Xilica , my situation is a little different from yours, our surround sound system is in our master bedroom and it needs to be very compact so no room for MEH horns there. I would be using them in main stereo which is in our living room and so I will only have the single pair of speakers to worry about. Also I really was wanting to run my Horn Midrange and Tweeter using Tube Amplifiers.... with the option of trying out several different diy amplifiers that I want to build too , So I will probably be looking for a new or used Xilica - whichever I can Find.
  5. Hi guys - thanks , for all the help. - thank you Chris , I have a couple of questions, I was wondering - 1. - Do you think that the Hypex solution sounds as good as using a Xilica crossover? 2. - How do you feel about the K402 - MEH Horn vs the Jubilee Horns do you feel like one is better then the other? 3. - After some time how are feeling about the the stacked AMT's vs. the K402- MEH Horn , do prefer one over the other?
  6. Hi Randy , thanks for your help, I appreciate it. - I'm hoping someone has heard both , I am concerned that the coaxial tweeter might affect the midrange performance... - I have heard the BMS 4592nd- MIDRANGE and Really like it, but the coaxial would a better option but I am worried it might not sound as good.... as the midrange alone...
  7. - Hello, I need help please, Has anyone Heard Both the BMS 4592ND Midrange and the BMS 4592ND Coaxial drivers? .... My question is Does the Midrange sound the same for both of the drivers, or does the BMS 4592nd - Midrange sound better than the Midirange in the BMS 4592nd Coax unit, or are the Midrange's in both compression drivers exactly the same? - Thank you!
  8. Well they are gone ......... and I miss them already! - 🙂 I need to get busy and build some Horn Speakers - or Stacked AMT's! NHT 3.3's and VTL Deluxe MB300 Monoblocks - SOLD , Thanks everybody!
  9. Thanks Chris for the explanations , I had asked the Speaker designer some question about a some of the different designs I was thinking of building, including the stacked AMT's , And all of his replies back about the different designs were that --- Basically none of it would ever work , then I had said that I was planning to buy some measurement equipment, and find a decent active crossover like a miniDSP, or Behringer , dbx, etc. , to try different crossover designs to narrow things down before committing to maybe then buying some final passive crossover parts. but he said --- No that doesn't work Active filters use text book slopes. I have never seen a speaker yet that will work with a text book slope crossover. ---- his answers depressed me for 2 days.... LOL - LOL
  10. Thanks guys, Yes they have been Wonderful speakers, I have really enjoyed them so much. I also found an Amplifier that is a perfect match with them, they are a pair of VTL Deluxe MB300 - 350 watt Monoblock Tube Amplifiers. There are actually two versions of VTL 's Deluxe MB300's they should have called them a Mk I and Mk II or something, Mine are the newer version of the Monoblock's they look a lot different from each other, the second version that they built has the much nicer looking front maroon face plate. It also has a Tetrode to Triode switch at the front, and a great meter that makes it so much easier to Bias the tubes. The VTL Monoblocks and the NHT 3.3's sound so Awesome together! But I've always dreamed of building my own speakers and amplifiers and I'm not getting any younger - LOL , So I decided it's time to get started ! I kind of went about things different than a lot of people do, we used to live in Riverside California and we were only about 45 minutes from the Orange County and Los Angeles area, and at the time there were dozens of audio stores in the area, so I decided it would be a lot easier to find the amplifier that I liked the best , and then take it around to the different Audio Stores, than it would be to try and lug around a pair of speakers to the different stores. So I spent about a year listening to all the different amplifiers , then after I decided on the VTL's I spent another year taking them to all the different Audio stores to find the right speakers - and eventually I found the NHT 3.3's , they sounded so great together - a perfect match. But Since I will be changing my whole system around and building High efficiency speakers I wont need the 350 watt Monoblocks anymore , so I've decided to put them up for sale too. I'm actually hoping that someone will buy both the NHT's and the VTL amplifiers together ... but we'll have to wait and see.
  11. - Hi Chris , I was wondering if you could clear something up for me, I was talking - well emailing back and forth with a honest to goodness professional speaker designer the other day, and I was trying to explain the great results everyone here is having, and how much they were enjoying with their stacked AMT's and the comment I got back was that it wasn't a good idea to stack those tweeters because it would cause comb filtering between the Amt tweeters, and I didn't really know what to say back... do you know if that is a problem or not? -- Thanks, Dean
  12. Hey guys, this isn't related to Klipsch , but I have a MINT pair of NHT 3.3 Loudspeakers for sale,. They are listed on US Audio Mart , Craig's List , Facebook , etc. I am the original owner , and they are in perfect shape, no scratches , dents, or scuffs. Grills are in perfect shape as well.... and Non smoking environment. I have replaced the only thing that wears out on them , the foam Absorption/ Deflection strip that can eventually fall apart... The strip is near the Tweeter and Midrange , I have replaced it with the best product I could find - a strip of soft natural wool so it will outlast the new owners, and it looks better than the foam strip did too. The 3.3's look almost exactly like when I bought them new. They are Amazing speakers and I have really enjoyed them, but I have just run out of room, time to let them bring the same enjoyment that we have had to someone else. I am located in Fort Worth Texas. I'll put the link below, I just have run out of room - -- https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649648761-nht-33-audiophile-loudspeakers/
  13. - I heard a while back that with the regulations that are in place here in the US it currently it could take as long as 20 years to actually put a new Nuclear power plant into operation... seems crazy to me. I haven't had the chance to watch the video yet, so I'm not able discus what was said in it, but I have watched a few videos in the past about Thorium Reactors, and recently I saw another video trying to learn if anyone had begun building the reactors yet. I don't know if it was mentioned in your video or not, but A team from the Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group (NRG) the Netherlands has built the first molten salt reactor powered by thorium in decades. I also believe that China and India have plans in place to have operating Thorium reactors in the very near future, and I think I heard that Indonesia also wants to move that direction as well. -- Does anyone know more about who else is making plans and doing research on the reactors?
  14. --- Hi Chris thanks for the response and leads , I have seen some of XRK's work , and I purchased several items from him at his audio store/website on Etsy. --- I have also talked to him on a number of audio topics, including the group buy we both participated in over at diyaudio.com for the revolutionary New Purifi Audio 6.5 inch mid-woofers...... a Very exciting speaker driver... ( the new driver design can lower the distortion found in speaker drivers by orders of magnitude... and those that have heard them say they are the Best by far that they have ever heard.) --- thank you for his thread info - I will go and check out his AMT build! .......... ------ And Maybe someone will chime in here with more Ideas on this thread too. Best Regards, Dean
  15. -- Hello , Ever since reading about Chris's MEH horns, and also other people following in his foot steps I have been really biting at the bit to build some MEH Horns but I have been waiting to pull the trigger , mostly because of limited funds and also because of the threads on stacked AMT drivers have gotten such good reviews., and then because Chris and a few others mentioning that stacked AMT's might be Awesome in a MEH . I have been searching regularly for any threads on anyone trying them in a MEH but haven't found any yet , but I thought I would throw it out there and see if I missed a thread or if someone had started work on some..... Anyone seen the topic or know of a build started anywhere? ? ?
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