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  1. Hi Everyone , I'm new here... I have been lurking for quite a while but being a newbie I never felt like I could add much ... this is a little off topic and will probably need to be approved by a moderator - but several people have mentioned their Klipsch Forte III Horn Speakers -- so I hope this is okay, so here goes -------- just saw a video recently by a company called GR Research it's a company that designs for, and improves other Speaker Company's speakers ... as well as builds their own speakers too - usually in a knock down kit form - - - - Outstanding Speakers!!!! Recently they did several upgrade videos that were Amazing .... !!! When any company builds a speaker, they have to build it to a price point -- (that is 99% of the time) so compromises Have to be made somewhere in the design ... and if budget wasn't a factor, any speaker you buy could have built better by the same company. So Most speakers although they may sound very good can be improved ... and Gr.Research can show where those improvements can be made. The two videos that I'll mention , and are relevant here are first , where recently a guy drove his Klipsch Forte III to GR. Research''s facility's and had it tested and measured, and then they did some upgrades to it. They decided it went so well , and the owner was SO Happy , that they decided to offered a kit to Upgrade your own Forte's yourself! The kit is upgraded crossover parts to rebuild the crossovers , and then they improved the build on the inside of the speaker as well adding braces, and a special sound liner for the walls, and a few other things as well --- This took a wonderful speaker and made it Much Better!!!!!! -- In another set of videos they also took the Klipsch RP 600M and did a 4 or 5 part video series on improving that speaker too, and then on how to do the improvements yourself - and they sell those kits too. -- this isn't knock on Klipsch Speakers - they are just owned by a lot of peple and we all know they make great speakers! --- Any way I am not affiliated with the company at all ---- but know if I had speakers that someone could show me how to make major improvements to - then offered the kits and help at a great price I'd want to know about it! Best Regards, Dean ------------- PS. -- here is the link to the video on the Forte III's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7IOOxqc81U
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