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  1. --- Hi Chris thanks for the response and leads , I have seen some of XRK's work , and I purchased several items from him at his audio store/website on Etsy. --- I have also talked to him on a number of audio topics, including the group buy we both participated in over at diyaudio.com for the revolutionary New Purifi Audio 6.5 inch mid-woofers...... a Very exciting speaker driver... ( the new driver design can lower the distortion found in speaker drivers by orders of magnitude... and those that have heard them say they are the Best by far that they have ever heard.) --- thank you for his thread info - I will go and check out his AMT build! .......... ------ And Maybe someone will chime in here with more Ideas on this thread too. Best Regards, Dean
  2. -- Hello , Ever since reading about Chris's MEH horns, and also other people following in his foot steps I have been really biting at the bit to build some MEH Horns but I have been waiting to pull the trigger , mostly because of limited funds and also because of the threads on stacked AMT drivers have gotten such good reviews., and then because Chris and a few others mentioning that stacked AMT's might be Awesome in a MEH . I have been searching regularly for any threads on anyone trying them in a MEH but haven't found any yet , but I thought I would throw it out there and see if I missed a thread or if someone had started work on some..... Anyone seen the topic or know of a build started anywhere? ? ?
  3. - Can i have some! ......... LOL -- Wow - and I Second that -- BEAUTIFUL!! ---- NEED to find some long forgotten land that has some growing on it . . . . or some property where the owners need a tree cleared!!!! = just dreaming.......
  4. Thank you for the information , I will take a look at them .
  5. Good to hear your all set up! ..... -- I'm in the need of a new great dac and possibly a streamer/media player setup myself - so I thought I would head on over and take a look at your website , I'm not very familiar with Pecan Pi and that approach -- 🙂 have a great day!
  6. Hi orchardaudio, I just added my avatar ... and yes it took a while before the website made the option available , I've been a member for quite awhile but didn't feel I could help much so I hadn't posted very often . I finally just decided to get involved and started posting here and there. About the avatar - I just would click on it when ever I thought about it and eventually the add Avatar/picture box showed up .... I'm not sure, but It didn't seem like it happened until I started making more posts here - so you might want just to jump into threads when you have a question or can contribute to the subject. Best Regards, Dean
  7. Hi hanksjim1 , Thank you for looking - sorry I was awake all night- or maybe I should say half asleep..... I really meant the bottom halves of La Scala's ... I edited it - thanks! Hi RANDYH , I saw an old ratty pair of the bottom half of some La Scala's 8 or 9 months ago that needed a complete new exterior that someone was asking 200.00 for . . . .but at the time I had just found out - out of the blue that I had cancer and I passed on them because I was walking around in a daze for a few days - LOL . ------ But you may be right I may have to build them , it's just that time is a limited resource at the moment - so I was just hoping that someone may have an old ratty pair stashed away for a project that they decide they don't want to mess with - or see a pair of bottoms on Craig's List , or somewhere. I guess I'm just being an ever hopeful optimist - 🙂 - 🙃 - 🙂 - 🙃 ....... figured it couldn't hurt to ask.
  8. Hi live in Fort Worth / Dallas area , looking for old , even ratty pair of La Scala's, Even just the Bottom half's would be fine - don't have much money , so that= ratty, Just hoping something will come along - thanks, Dean
  9. Hey Seadog - Thanks, Great tunes! , I am going to check him out , Iv'e never heard Chris Rea before.
  10. I had a quick question for Rudy81 (or any one else) , do you know the dimensions across the front of the wave guide when using seven inch wings? - Thanks, Dean
  11. - Hi No.4 , Thank You, that's very kind I really appreciate the help, I've built a few things , but just beginning to try do any actual real quality wood working. Have the Table saw, Jigsaw, and Router , but haven't learned to use the Router yet, need to build a table for it still, your description and pictures are very helpful! - This is a Great Thread , can't wait to see someone - ( Hint Hint, to our fearless Leader - Chris ) to try the double stacked AMT's in a MEH Horn !!! - I apologize for moving off topic for a moment, but I'm part of a Group buy of the New Patented Purify 6.5 in. woofers over on diyaudio , the new woofers are from a new research focused company in Denmark founded and staffed by a distinguished group of Hi-Fi industry heavyweights , it's a collaboration between eight of some of the sharpest designers in Commercial audio - Purifi's initial offering is the PTT6.5W04-01A , 6.5 inch woofer, a design that reduces distortion by tens of db's while remaining linear to extreme excursion levels.This promises to allow bass depth with low midrange distortion that is normally the providence of large speakers using 12 and 15 inch woofers in jumbo multi-cubic foot boxes to be had from a 1/2 cubic foot /liter enclosure 2 - way system. The new woofer is the result of approximately four years of research and the new 6.5 inch drivers have far less distortion than any other single driver being made today -- that adds up to some real fun for diy guys! - That was all to say - or ASK if it's okay I would like to post a link to This thread over there to inspire the guys - the Mid-Woofers just came in and everyone is looking for the best Tweeter option to complete the speaker designs, and I think that for some people your work on the Stacked AMT's could really be an answer to that design. - ????? --- Thank you, Dean --- PS. If you get a chance head over to Purifi Audio - the new 6.5 woofer is wild! ------ ( I wish I could post a link.) ---- Iv'e been following a lot of threads here over the years - And some day I really hope to have a pair of maybe Cornwall's, or La Scala Klipsch speakers..... but I'm new to posting here on the Klipsch Forum and I found out the hard way that I shouldn't post a link for a while - LOL
  12. Hi all, Born in LA. moved early to Washington State , lived in Longview Washington , then for Jr. High and High School moved to Vancouver Washington. Moved to California to attended College in Riverside California, stayed 20+ years, moved to Fort Worth Texas about 14 years ago , I'm Texan now - the people here are great !
  13. Hi No.4 , those AMT Speakers are absolutely Beautiful! I was wondering if I could ask you just a couple of questions... back on page 28 towards the bottom you showed a Jig you had used , it had the basic shape of the AMT drawn on top of it , can I ask what tool you used, and how you cut those lines so straight and with such crisp edges of the jig, and then also the small straight line at the bottom of the "V" where the two angles come together? - ( It looks like maybe a table saw but if that were mine you could probably see the blade marks at the end of the cuts ) -- Also on the plywood piece that is all assembled before it was veneered how did you get the angles so perfect where the pieces of the star shape came together? ... ( mine would probably be filled with Spackle or Bondo - LOL) -- Thank you for great looking workmanship and design ! It's very inspiring. - Dean
  14. I think that it is referred to as Osage Orange Tiger Stripe Composite veneer - an Engineered veneer , Also the "Osage Orange" that they are referring to is An orange / yellow wood found mostly in Argentina . -- cheers, Dean
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