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  1. I'll take them! Pm coming.
  2. What blows my mind is the guy clearly knows something (lists parts, compares to specific models, etc) - but then makes these highly dubious claims. Why would an audio enthusiast try to scam another audio enthusiast based on poor information to on? Seems like a very odd choice. This isn’t a straight scam, it’s just a bizarre set of exaggerations...
  3. Excuse my ignorance, but I ran across a listing on Craigslist and I am very curious what members of the forum think of it...the claims seem a little unbelievable: https://chicago.craigslist.org/nch/ele/d/lake-forest-custom-pro-built-klipsch/7054606285.html My basic question - the seller claims these were designed to “compete” with Klipschorns. But I thought the larger horn of the Klipschorn would basically make a Cornwall-esque design like this one objectively inferior, no matter what quality of parts are used. Is it actually possible to make a design like this comparable to K-horns in distortion, quality of bass, etc?
  4. Chiliarches


    This is the Jurgencir guy again.
  5. Howdy, all. I picked up a Chinese FTLYS EL34 SET amp and I am really enjoying experimenting with it on my Cornwall 1.5s. It sounds nice - airy and with a nice soundstage. I am honestly shocked at what I got for $260 with free shipping from Amazon Prime! https://smile.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07MD74G92?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title The amp came with stock tubes that were branded FTLYS...unsure who made them. I would like to role some tubes to give it a richer, “plummier” quality, with more bass / tonal weight / bass slam. The tone is a bit too light/glassy for the kind of music I listen to at the volumes I listen to it. What would you suggest? I understand the amp has limitations due to the design, but I have heard amps of comparable wattage with much more “richness”, so know it’s not just a matter of power. It’s a $250 amp, so not looking for $300 tubes, looking for a “value” suggestion... Thank you!!!
  6. Wow, never heard of this. The DSP thing kind of blows my mind...is it really that good?!?
  7. Howdy, all. I am moving from a very nice integrated to separates and will be losing my phono stage. Please message me if you have a phono stage to sell under at or under $500. Tubes would be lovely, but this will be used with my old set of Cornwalls, so I definitely need something with a low noise floor. Also - MC + MM would be most ideal, but I am open to ideas since all of my current cartridges are MM or HOMC. Thank you!!!
  8. Howdy all - I have a pair of late Cornwall I's with risers and little metal sliders on the bottom of the risers. They are currently on the hardwood floor of my basement (which is on a subfloor on the foundation), and while I can get them fairly stable (by sticking coasters under the sliders and such), it's never quite perfect, and I suspect my speakers are moving microscopically during loud passages. Is there a "best practice" solution for placing these speakers so they are rock-solid on a hardwood floor without HARMING the floor? I don't want to use spikes directly on it. Rubber feet, brass feet, spikes into little trays, spikes into another slab of wood that's on the floor, rubber feet on top of a piece of granite..? I'm looking for a "high value" and simple solution that won't require anything exotic and will make these speakers absolutely stable. Thank you for your help!
  9. Oh man, you're making me wish I had corners. Those are gorgeous!
  10. BUMP...all PMs replied to. Thanks for the advice, I may have a look at those units, I hadn't really considered solid state...do old Mcintosh SS amps have the "holographic" quality I associate with tubes?
  11. Howdy, all! Just picked up a nice tube preamp (with a remote, which I wanted), a Belles Research 20A, for a good price. Now I want to match it with a tube power amp if possible. This will be driving Klipsch Cornwalls (Late V1s), so I don't need anything super powerful (?) But I am thinking at least 30WPC - more would be better, since I listen to large-scale-music (orchestral) at high volumes. Also, it would have to be an amp with a low noise floor, since the speakers are so sensitive - hum drives me crazy. I have NO bias around age, design, tubes, anything - I want something "holographic" and "tubey" with "balls" that will mate well with my speakers and the new preamp. DIY, vintage, chi-fi,console pulls, all are fair game as long as they are not a "project" for me. Budget is around $600-700, could stretch it for something really excellent. Please message me if you have an amp to sell! Thank you!
  12. Thanks for the help!!! Update: I took the horn and driver apart - left the diaphragm on the horn because it was pretty well stuck - but gave everything a good clean (vacuumed from the horn side, used used the sticky end of a post -it-note on the driver magnet, etc)...and that appears to have addressed the problem!!! I am thrilled. That being said, I suppose replacing the diaphragms wouldn't be a bad idea for such an old piece of gear. Are those eBay parts good replacements?
  13. Howdy, all. I am not a very technical person and am unsure how to proceed on solving my speaker problem... I got a pair of (late?) Cornwall I’s on Craigslist last summer and have been loving them! However, one of the speakers has started making a high pitched vibration/buzzing sound on certain frequencies, which seems to come from the midrange horn. I took the back off the speaker and checked to see if all the connections and screws are tight (they are). I am unsure how to further diagnose the problem or what to do about it...it is definitely the speaker. The midrange driver is marked “K-57-K”, and the crossover is marked “B3”, if that helps at all... Thank you!!!
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