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    I work alot so its nice to just come home and watch a movie or listen to music. Requires no effort, unlike some of my okder hobbies like hunting or home improvement.
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    Sony 65" 4k
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  1. Been reading through some old post about heritage versus reference. There's a lot of love out there for the heritage series. I still need some surrounds so I may have to go ahead and grab some Heresy's when I find a decent deal. I know those aren't anywhere near the top of the line but are they a good representative of the heritage series in general?
  2. Well then. I'd hoped to find some default settings that I could just tweak a little, but I guess it will be more complicated than that. I'll keep messing with it. I really haven't gotten too deep into it yet, just sampling out the defaults and making minor adjustments. Really want to just find a happy medium and leave it there for everything. Or at least just have a setting for TV/movies, and music.
  3. Surely I can duplicate the Pure Audio settings on another option that allows the sub.
  4. Hmm, guess I'm gonna have to sort out this avr and get this sub working on Pure Audio mode. Then maybe I'll see if I can find some treatment for upgrade-itis. You know its bad when your trying to upgrade what you just upgraded!
  5. I got a chance to crank em up again last night since the family was out shopping. Played with the settings on the Onkyo, and my best music setting is Pure Audio, but it doesnt use the sub. This is standard 2-channel left and right fronts. It was good but the lack of a serious bottom end left me wanting that sub to be on. It makes me wonder about the RF-7II or the Heresy for 2-channel. I mostly listen to rock music of all types and often read that Klipsch are some of the best for this. I know I've been all over the place, but am now considering doing 3 Heresy's for L-C-R sitting on a chest to get them up under the TV. Anyone got a conparison between the Heresy and RF-7?
  6. Warning! Incoming Thread Jack Huh? I've been salivating over upgrading my RC62 to an RC64II. Maybe its not the upgrade I think it will be? What do you prefer?
  7. I have a friend that seems like he's always changing his front speakers. His use is mainly music and he spends ridiculous amounts of money on full range towers. I don't think he's held on to a pair of speakers more than 6 months though. Doesn't that uncommon for people to try a set for awhile and then move on. He buys all of his stuff used and always seems to sell for what he paid for so I guess past the initial cost it isn't hurting him any. Ideal sound seems like a moving target depending on the source and I find myself constantly adjusting settings. I wish there was a room mic that I could set up to my preferences and then the avr could auto adjust all other material for me. Earlier it looked like you had settled in on the RF-7II's as being your Klipsch preference. Is that what you were still running when the LaScalas came along? Also, what is your opinion of the imaging on the LaScalas? Seems like they sit kind of low for HT. Are you using them for 2-Channel mainly?
  8. As I've been browsing the forum looking up different Klipsch speakers from the past, it seems you've owned quite a few. It's telling that you prefer the latest iteration of the RF-7II.Seems to show, at least in your opinion, that the Klipsch speakers do keep improving. I was just looking at the Epic CF-4s that you compared to your 83's. I see you still have the 83's. I guess some think the CF-4's are Epic like the name implies. Not to say that they aren't, but just interesting that you've owned and compared so many and these are the ones you've held on to. Out of curiosity, there's a photographer that goes by the name of Stickman that posts in some other forums. Are you one in the same?
  9. Just looking at the pics there I can see there's definitely a lot of variation in the grain patterns. Yours in particular have a lot of contrast between the darker and lighter grain. Very nice looking. The cherry RF-7II or the RF-5 are now at the top of my list, just have to wait till another good deal comes along. Somebody beat me to those RF-5's for $400. The other ones I was looking into are black so no go there either. These seem to come up a little more often than I would've expected, but only in the larger markets like Dallas and St.Louis. Little Rock, not so much. I wonder if you can get them straight from the factory. Might cost me full price, but would be cool to pick em up in person.
  10. Hmmm, interesting. One thing I've been wondering about is if the labels are really signed by the workers or if they are just printed that way? I could see it being signed in then past but nowadays may just be printed. Brenda seems to have tested a lot of speakers.
  11. Cherry seems to be a little lighter than yours and most others I've seen too, but I'm surethat varies a little.
  12. Looks fishy. Are those real signatures or are they printed?
  13. Oh yeah, forgot to ask, do you think these are any upgrade in sound over the RF-82 II or just a nicer cabinet? Only other problem I see is RC-7 seems very hard to come by.
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