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  1. Very cool... So what this guy is selling seems more a jbl than a klipsch..
  2. That's very strange.. I wonder what the flaps do. I'm guessing that's the tweeter.. So if that's what they are using as the top.... Then there is no midrange horn? Very odd.... And if the crossover was not changed, things may be out of whack.
  3. Photo someone in my area is selling these.. They look like a klipschorn, but the top section confuses me.
  4. I have looked all over and can't find the price on one of these, do you mind sharing? What would the base price be?
  5. I was thinking of the svs tube subs. Their just so expensive, and a good projector is my priority right now.
  6. Will placing them like that give me timing issues?
  7. Thanks for the advice, I am not trying to build a full range speaker, just want the extra bass from a custom bass bin. That would still need a crossover? One k43 is still in excellent condition, and both still work. I didn't know there was a issue until I took them apart. That's why it's hard to just walk away from them, and the lascalla's can always use some extra bass imho
  8. Also, who can I trust in the upstate NY area to perform a recone, or would I need to ship them somewhere?
  9. So, I just finished refinishing my 1980-82 lascalla's. After 2 gallons of Bondo and a gallon of duratec, they look great. During the restoration I found a piece of speaker surround when I removed the bottom. Even though all drivers worked well, one k43 was very deteriorated with dry rot and missing surround in places. I replaced both with crites aluminum replacements. No mods needed in these old cabs. So, the questions are. I have 2 k43's that could be reconed and used. I also have 2 generic 12" woofers I think we're used in a car setup. These are all 4 ohm speakers, and my pioneer elite does not accept 4 ohm. So I was thinking of building a custom bin with a k43 and 12" in series per channel. Will have 4 woofers total and 8 ohms per channel. Would this be a good setup? And can I drive the k43 without a crossover? I plan on powering them on B channel, which plays the same as front left and right, but uses the unused side channels in my 7.1 system, effectivity making it a 5.1 system with 4 front speakers. I was thinking of a compressed horn setup for the k43's and direct radiating for the 12", what design should I use for the k43's? Lascalla's bins? Jubilees? Or something different? Thanks in advance for all advice.
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