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  1. Thanks for the info. I am in Nacogdoches Texas,which is hallway between Dallas and Houston but closer to the Louisiana border.
  2. Can anyone suggest a starter amp/reciever "under $500" to pair with a set of Belles from 1979-80? I'm am new to the high end stereo world,so go easy on me. I just got them last week and am running them through an Onkyo a-9050 2channel integrated amp 75watts per channel and they sound pretty lifeless. I've tried doubling the power with a 150 watt per channel Onkyo power amp and not much better. Most people are telling me to get a tube amp and this is where my basic stereo skills end.... How much power from a tube amp is sufficent to power these? Any brand names recommended? I live in a small town with no audio store to speak of,so I will probably be purchasing through Amazon. Thanks for the help!
  3. Can anyone recommend a starter "under $500" receiver or tube amp to go with a vintage set of Belles? I live in a small town with no audio stores to speak of. Probably will purchase through Amazon. I am running them now through a 2channel Onkyo A-9050 integrated amplifier and they sound kindof lifeless. I am new to the high end stereo scene,so go easy on me....Thanks!
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