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  1. Thanks. Yes, I've seen the half top plate version around the web. A friend let me know of this ru site with lots of examples and restos. He is Russian so will have to interpret a few questions for me maybe, but it is an interesting source for seeing K&S Musicmaster. http://forum.soundup.ru/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=979&hilit=Musicmaster
  2. Hi and thanks for your replies and the welcome. With such fast and detailed responses I'll need to get organized so that I can ask solid questions. I have had my Music Master for about 2 years. It has lost the nameplate and I was told it was a NEAT when I bought it. Checking the web I decided that prob was not correct, but I didn't find this thread or much else at the time and am know just finding much better info. I love its heavy and uncomplicated build and I won't part with it. I'm definitely in the category of 'love audio, love vinyl, love old gear, can't spend much $$' so am enjoy budget improvements done when I can find something cheap or make it myself. I've cleaned up the Musicmaster and made a temporary plinth from old pine table-tops. I intend to build a constrained-layer plinth and couple the top-plate to it. Acos GST-1 arm and Ortofon 2M Red. I have double stacked rubber platter mats from a Technics SL1700 and a HKardon, as they were the best I had in my collection. From what I can hear I'm sure there is a lot more to be gained from servicing and improving the set-up. Mine does have the oil tubes. I did enjoy pulling the motor apart. It's a good old beast! I hear a fair bit of rumble but it looks like everything is the old original so am not surprised. But it still sounds much better than my Dual 1219. Can I ask where you bought a new idler wheel? I'd like to replace mine to see how it sounds. I'd also like to replace the motor mounting bushes if I can find an alternative. The platter is lighter than the build of the top-plate & motor. It would be nice to machine a new heavier platter & bearing
  3. or anyone else here that has info on this TT. Thanks, Greg
  4. Hi Mike, By now you've prob worked out I am crup with this forum stuff! Have just joined as I've the same model MMaster point one five as you posted. if you're still active I'd be keen to learn what you know Thanks, Greg
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