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  1. Are they still for sale? If so I'm in driving distance
  2. Klipsch Heresy iii in Cherry. Comes with original manual and certificate. Price $1300 Slight bump on the corner of each speaker from original owner shown in pictures. Audio functions perfectly the best sounding speakers I've ever heard from clarity and voice perspective. If its posted they are available. Please feel free to ask any questions. Local pickup or will drive a reasonable distance to meet someone. Regularly travel to Blacksburg and Lynchburg VA also.
  3. RC-64ii in Cherry. Audio in excellent condition, there is a mark on the top of the speaker from a rubber pad. The original owner had the pad on top to protect it that left an imprint. The grill has broken tabs on the exterior tabs the 4 middle ones are all in place - $650 4x RP-160M in excellent condition. Two pairs available for sale. $325 a pair or $600 for both pairs. Local pickup in Vinton VA. Can demo for in person pickup or drive a reasonable distance to meet someone. Frequently travel to Blacksburg and Lynchburg VA. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for looking.
  4. Any opinions on the color pattern here of the unfinished
  5. Attached is a picture of the sides/top he offered them for $950 seems like that would be a good deal and if I wanted to resell in a year to upgrade to forte's I could get that back out of them. Trying to determine in there is something going on with the finish...or lack of since they come unfinished. Any opinions?
  6. He replied confimed they are the chipotle model. Getting pictures of the sides/top sounds like they are unfinished. So no riser which is why the stands. He just upgraded to some new Forte's so trying to recoup some money.
  7. Will definitely let you know. What is a respectful number to offer to start with it's a friend of a friend selling them so didn't want to really low ball them.
  8. Ok I'll check into the finish for the top/sides. Any difference in the woofer, horns, and crossovers compared to regular heresy's? Sounds like $1000 for the pair is reasonable then with the stands if you can get them new for $1075
  9. Interesting is there a way to sell if they are that chipotle version? Is there any difference besides the finish in the quality of the enclosure or speakers themselves?
  10. So 1500 to 1750 would be a deal for all of it?
  11. Does have original paperwork less than a year old. Does not have original boxes.
  12. Hello, Someone is selling some Klipsch Heresy iii's near me black in like new condition no scratches, with stands. Was wondering what a good price was to offer them. Thank You, Jeff
  13. Bump - Will sell RB-61's separate if someone is interested in those please make an offer
  14. 5.1 Klipsch System for Sale in Vinton Virginia. Fronts are RF-63's, center RC-64, surrounds RB-61, and sub R12SW. The RF-63's have very minor wear on the tops from previous owner moving them. All other speakers are in mint condition. Email or text for pictures. Will find a way to compress they are all over 2MB 540-5eight9-3914
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