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  1. Thanks Dude, point taken. I have edited my comment to reflect that I don't think forumites should throw down big bucks for these before inspecting them. But if they go for hundreds instead of thousands, just rolling the dice makes sense.
  2. I would suggest seeing (and smelling) these before making a high-dollar bid. The inch of dust is one thing, but these are in a carpeted basement. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a leaky carpeted basement, because the speakers are precariously propped up on bricks and there's a blobby dark stain inside the mouth of one bass horn.
  3. I am surprised no one has responded to your questions yet, so I'll jump in. These speakers are circa 1966 Klipschorns, often referred to as "corner horns". The design uses a folded bass horn to allow the speaker to have great clarity, efficiency, and space-saving (if the horn wasn't folded it would be much larger). The model number of this pair is KDFR, which stands for Klipschorn Decorator Fir Raw. Decorator models have no fancy veneer or grill cloth, so that a person decorating the house interior would select paint, veneer, fabric, or even wallpaper (yes, I've actually seen it) to coordinate the appearance of the speaker with the room. This pair is made of fir plywood and is unpainted so it is described as fir raw. This was the most stripped-down, basic model you could buy at the time, but it sounded just as good as the Klipschorns with fancier cosmetics of that day. These decorators were an ideal choice for an audiophile on a budget, who didn't want to compromise performance. Even though the speakers were originally built in 1966, your photos reveal that some updates have occurred over time. The photos show that the high-frequency driver (labeled K-77-M) and the mid-frequency driver (labeled K-55-M) are newer drivers, and from the labeling are genuine, factory-tested replacements. We can also see that at least some of the wiring has been updated with newer wire. What we can't see is if the drivers in both speaker cabinets match, and if other components (like the low-frequency drivers and the crossover networks) have also been updated. The value of the speakers is a difficult question to answer, as it depends on many factors like the local market, sales venue, condition, and many other variables. There are many things we don't know from these photos, but my arbitrary guess is that the speakers are probably worth somewhere between $1000 and $1800. I hope others will offer a more accurate assessment, and more photos will definitely help. Good luck with your sale, and note that there is a "garage section" of the forum where you are able advertise the speakers when you are ready to sell.
  4. I have seen this unique pair of speakers, as the previous owner used to be my neighbor. As billybob pointed out, these are LaScala splits which have a formica laminate applied to them. Some LaScala splits have square tops, but these are triangular so I think the backs are mostly sealed up like the bass bins, except for a panel with banana connectors. @Lnorrisyork I will attempt to contact you through the board to see if I can offer any assistance with the set up of your speakers. As a new member, I don't think you can respond by private message until you have several posts, so I will attempt to send you my contact info. Your grandpa was a member of the Oregon Triode Society, a club of tube gear enthusiasts. They are based in Portland as are several members of this forum. He powered these speakers with a custom-built 300B tube amp and a Bottlehead tube preamp, but there are many suitable amplifers available that you can use and it doesn't take much power to drive them. These are wonderful speakers and they will change the way you hear music. Welcome to the world of Klipsch!
  5. Nice score, Orbit! Looks like a lot of fun for a little pocket money. The red wax on the screws is put on at the JBL factory which shows that the drivers have their original diaphragms (to replace the diaphragms you have to remove the wax). So don't remove the wax because if the drivers work, that's the pedigree. Those two drivers alone are worth more than you paid for the whole pile. Rock on! -triceratops
  6. I've seen "discoloration" at that height before from repeated applications of cat urine. That might not be the case here, but maybe so--considering the seller's Craigslist etiquette.🤪 Caveat emptor!
  7. Congrats, Shelby! Once you've had a chance to settle in with the speakers, I'll be curious to hear how you folks feel about the CF-4's compared to the KLF-30's. Do you know what generation the CF-4's are?
  8. Buy a disposable box knife and a disposable shipping tape dispenser. Go to the recycling bin behind an appliance store, bicycle store, furniture store, or anywhere you can get some free big flat sheets of clean corrugated cardboard. Wrap up the cabinet in cardboard with opening for the handle. Cover with fragile stickers and hold your breath 'til you get to Maine. Good luck!
  9. EpicKlipschFan, Please note two things about the sale that minimize eBay advantages: 1. This is a buy-it-now auction, so the bid is not going to go up. The first bidder wins. 2. It is local pick-up only so there is no big benefit to paying a commission for national exposure If they posted on a free forum like Klipsch or Craig's the sales price could probably be $700 for the same net return as eBay. But the seller is a business (DaytonIT), which offers eBay listing services. So they may just be selling the speakers on consignment, in which case my comments are worthless 🤣🤣🤣 Just my three cents, triceratops
  10. Hey hanksjim1, Thanks for posting this, but it looks like you put up the wrong link: https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/ele/d/portland-vintage-receivers-tuners/7341757694.html I think this is what you want: https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/ele/d/beaverton-trade-klipsch-chorus-walnut/7343094538.html --triceratops
  11. He decided to keep his speakers. Then you suggested he could have netted more by parting them out. If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.
  12. Randy, On the Klipsch forum we typically celebrate when someone decides to keep their Klipsch speakers instead of selling them. Instead you suggest that this owner shouldn't keep, but should dismantle an intact, vintage pair Klipsch speakers in order to part them out to sell them for maximum return. I'm confused. Is this the Klipsch forum or the Flipper forum?
  13. I think monastery policy comes from the Vatican school 😇 Isn't AutoCorrect great? 🤣
  14. If they are from 1975, these probably would have come with the original pie slice badges, usually in a plastic envelope stapled to the back of the cabinet. The idea was that owners might want to install the badges in mirror image position, or symmetrically, or centrally, or not at all. Some people never opened the envelope and don't even know what's in there. I have no idea if these Klipschorns have uninstalled badges, but if they do it's another plus.
  15. Chris, My hat is off to you! You are a true pillar of the Klipsch community, and I'm glad to see you're still around. triceratops
  16. Local pickup only depresses bidding, too.
  17. You know there was a reserve, right?
  18. Nobody bid and it's over!
  19. If he's right, Shiva's got better vision than me. The CF-4's that were posted previously did not have the faded numbers that these do. In any case, the one number shown does not match the Craig's List speakers and does not appear to be 1994. The ones on Craig's List were 1994. This auction closes in 5 minutes!
  20. Yeah, it was my failed attempt at converting a hi-fi amp into a guitar rig. Conrad Sundholm (Sunn amplifiers) did it successfully with Dynaco tube gear, but by using a Southwest Technical Products solid-state power amp kit, I bet on the wrong pony.
  21. I don't know if it's the case with this 1968 pair, but on some of these earlier Cornwalls the grille is not on a separate board held on with velcro. Instead the material is wrapped around the motorboard, so you can't easily pop it off for a photo. You can see the outlines of the vertical horns if you enlarge the photos. Of course, you'll see a lot more by taking off the backs.
  22. If I remember correctly, Klipsch originally had a policy of replacing tweeters under warranty for customers that torched them. But that changed in the 1970's with the availability of Phase (Flame) Linear and other high-powered solid-state amps with destructive tendencies. I personally melted the voice coil of an Electro-Voice SRO 12" musical instrument speaker (the predecessor of the EVM) in the early 70's, not because of the volume level, but because the amp I was using actually burst into flames. The amp (from SWTPC) was dumpster food after that, but I sent the SRO back to E-V and they rebuilt and returned it to me at no charge with no questions asked. I loved the sound of those speakers, but if you hauled your own gear they were ball-busters.
  23. Yes, the "collector" referred to them as 2's in the CL ad, but they are really II's--as in a representation of the horns being vertical
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