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  1. I just got off the phone with the dealer. They will give me a brand new unit! I'm driving back to their service center tomorrow to get it.
  2. Eventually, I ended up taking the unit to the authorized dealer affiliated to the reseller I mentioned. They'll be testing it and request necessary parts from Klipsch, the whole process should take 2-3 weeks, they say. Just hope everything will turn out fine after all the hassle.
  3. Unfortunately, leaving it on doesn't solve the problem. It eventually shuts down and I can't get it to wake up without first cutting the power. Whether I leave the switch to 'On' or 'Auto' doesn't make any difference. As suggested, I guess the amp board is faulty. But it's weird that the amp gets to work again, albeit for a while, when the power is reconnected :-( While googling, I found several similar (almost exact) complaints with R-112SW. Even in South Korea where I live. What's the odds? It indicates some sort of a design flaw or crappy parts. I want to return the unit but the local reseller won't take it back. Guess I'll have to send it in for repair instead.
  4. Hi, I bought an R-112SW last August and it's been working great. After a while, the auto power-on function stopped working. My A/V receiver is Yamaha RX-A2040 and I haven't changed any settings. I settled for 'always-on' but now even when I put the switch to 'ON', it randomly shuts off and won't power back on unless I pull the power plug, wait a couple of seconds and connect the plug again. Without pulling the power plug, the power switch has no effect. It behaves like a crashed computer or something that needs a cold power reboot. I have two subwoofers connected to the receiver and the other one (Yamaha SW-315) works just fine. At first I thought something might be goingg wrong when the power-saving function kicks in (I know that's not supposed to work in the always-on mode), but it went dead while I was watching a bass-rich action movie today. Sometimes it works just fine for hours, other times it shuts off in half an hour. Any thoughts?
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