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  1. I did the same thing and it did seem to make the sound richer. I moved the Chorus a little bit further away from the wall to avoid any murkiness in the bass.
  2. Ha - matter of perspective. I've always seen Australia at the Top of the World! Wish I could work out how to fix the image though.
  3. The Chorus has arrived. Hope to connect it up in a day or 2. Waiting for Pilot AA-903B mono amp now!
  4. Success. Got a Chorus in excellent condition. Now to pack and send to Oz. Have found a shipper after much emailing and a couple of calls. Next job is to find a cheap amp to put in front of PWKs splitter box. Mono amps seem to have disappeared off the market - at least the affordable ones.
  5. I've been looking at an old Kenwood KA4002a- its stereo but has mono switch and more interestingly right and left main in sockets as well as auxilliary. Not sure how that will work with the PWK splitter. The Sony TA-N55ES claims to be both stereo and mono. Do you know it?
  6. Should have said the speaker set up is for music not HT
  7. I'm looking to add a center speaker between 2 widely spaced khorns. I can make up a mixer box from the figure in Paul Klipsch's Dope from Hope http://assets.klipsch.com/files/Dope_740700_v14n4.pdf but need advice as to whether I can use any stereo amp with a stereo-mono switch or if something like the Sony TA-N55ES is needed. The Sony appears to have dedicated mono input on the back. Any suggestions for readily available amps that would be suitable?
  8. Good idea. I'm trying to work out how Delta cargo freight works. Is it just me or is this confusing?
  9. The Cornwall would be perfect. Shipping could be the killer from Minneapolis though. Will see if any agents work weekends.
  10. That's a fantastic offer. If it's not too much trouble for either you or the seller I would really appreciate eyes and ears on the ground. If it doesn't work out, no sweat.
  11. I think I the Chorus I might require less mucking around and it will be a hell of a lot cheaper to freight one rather than 2.
  12. I'll follow up with the sellers. The single speaker looks to be in better nick than the pair and Chorus I should be okay even though most seem to think the C2 better.
  13. Much as the wife loves the Khorns in the corner there is no way in the world that anything other than a nice standard rectangle is going to make it into the middle of the wall
  14. A few years ago I bought a par of Khorns in NY and shipped them to Australia - at more than they cost to buy. The Khorns are in the corners of a long room so now I'm looking for a single heritage speaker to fill the gap. Cornwall, Chorus II or Forte II look good candidates. The problem is most Klipsch for sale are pairs and I only need one and can't afford to ship a spare. Because of their size most speakers are also pickup only which poses a problem when I'm in Australia. So the question is, anyone have a single speaker to sell and is also willing to help me get it shipped? If I get the chance to be picky, walnut would match the Khorns.
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