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  1. for sure man, thats a no doubt thing.. will let u guys know once all those things fall in place.
  2. yes that makes sense. matt and ibiza, i was lucky and fortunate to find guys like you, you guys were of great help since last 24 hours.thanks again. now eyes set on RP 160M.
  3. ok so woofer will or can wait.
  4. so i can add floor standing speakers later also? is sub necessary right now coz budget will go overboard. i can add it later? just having RP 160M right now will be enough?
  5. thanx ibiza that was of great help, you have really got me thinking of RP-160M, really have to check them out. and yes just placed the order for X1200, thanks to you.
  6. thnx matt for the help. really appreciate it..
  7. please check YAMAHA RX-V581. how is it as compared to denon AVR-X1200W?
  8. thats how the sequence needs to be for me right?
  9. thanks alot ibiza you have been superbly patient and answered all my queries, now am certainly sorted out with priorities to buy, being 1)denon avr x1200w 7.2 ch 2) standing speakers and then 3)a sub. please correct me if i am wrong. in India there is also alot of hype about yamaha speakers. any take on them?
  10. could you suggest if possible any other brand of speakers like yamaha or pioneer?are they any better to be considered?
  11. RP160M are bookshelf speakers, which i am not much keen on buying.
  12. yeah this sounds nice, should start with avr and the main speakers . i will be able to save a bit at a time..nice advice also makes a lot of sense going this way.
  13. nice man!! its bit cheaper at your place.
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