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  1. Finally got around to replacing the worn out cane grill covers on my Cornwallis. What do you think? Also what is the best way to attach the badges. And where do they go?
  2. What crossovers do you recommend to replace these with, a kit from Crites, or source them from somewhere else? I have no problem doing this myself.
  3. I have a pair of Cornwalls from 1983 and I am trying to identify all of the speakers it came with and the crossover network it is using. I am going to rebuild or replace the crossovers soon. I have attached some pictures. From reading the Klipsch History Guide found on here I have concluded the following. Let me know if you see any errors. The Tweeter is an Electro Voice The Woofer is An Eminecne K33 The Horn/Midrange has no markings. so I need help on this one. Also on the crossover there are some numbers but I cant find anything about them. Thanks for the help.
  4. What Logos were used in 1983? Sent from my SM-N910T3 using Tapatalk
  5. HDBRbuilder Can you tell me what the correct logo for the speaker grills would be on these speakers. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the update Maynard that helps alot. You have a happy n safe one also. HNY!
  7. Thanks Maynard. If you prefer I can give you my email or cell number. Sent from my SM-N910T3 using Tapatalk
  8. Maynard and anyone else who has built The Ultimate Gem, I have attached a breakdown of yhe parts needed to build it. (I think I got everything correct), What I would like to know is if I have identified all of the parts correctly. If I did not let me know and I will update it or add anything that is missing. I am very close to pulling the trigger on purchasing the parts for this build and want to make sure I have them identified correctly. Thanks The Ultimate Jem.pdf
  9. I will also be using my desktop pc (Realtek ALC887) is the motherboard sound chip will this work. Here is the voltage information on the Audio portion of the Motherboard. Full-Scale Output Voltage Min Typical Max Units DAC - 1.2 - Vrms Headphone Amplifier Output@32Ω Load - 1.2 - Vrms Not sure if that is what you were looking for or not. Will I be able to play music from my phone? That's funny that you recommended Mark, I emailed him and got a reply from him yesterday The reason I was asking about the diy kits is because I was getting frustrated trying to figure out what all the parts are on your (and others) schematics. But I am going to persevere and keep reading and asking questions. On the Ultimate Gem schematic, are the following assumptions correct? R1 R2 R3 etc. are these Resistors? C1 C2 C3 etc. are the Capacitors? RS407L is this a Bridge Rectifier? Thanks everyone, have a Happy and SAFE New Year!
  10. One other question, does anyone sell a diy tube kit with all of the electronic parts included and you build your own base? That is reasonably priced? So far the parts from the Lil Tater, Smoothie and Gem look about like 2-3 hundred in parts if I am off let me know.
  11. Thanks for the reply Maynard! I will be using it at work with my cell phone. I am going to build the Ultimate Gem. I think I might gave found a few local ham radio clubs to go check out. Are there some electronic tools I need other than a soldering iron & multi meter? And is it better to buy a big kit of various caps or just what you need for 1 build?
  12. Maynard thanks for your replies (checks in the mail) and for the safety link (I do have all my hair, it's not going anywhere for a long time). I will review and also still looking for someone local that can give me some hands on help. Yes I do want to build it from total scratch. I will review your builds, I have seen the following, are there more? The little Smoothie The little Tater
  13. OK Maynard I am going to listen to you and others advice and start out with a "safer" build. What I would like to build is a tube amp set or pp you tell me. To drive a pair of Cerwin Vega 5-W bookshelf speakers. They are rated at 89 db. Here is a link to the dpecs. http://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/cerwin-vega/v-5m.shtml I will use this as a desktop system at work, speakers will be right in front of me. (2 feet) away. This will also be a learning time for me b4 I tackle the FRANKENSET300B for my Cornwalls. So if anyone has an idea of what I should build let me know. Sent from my SM-N910T3 using Tapatalk
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