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  1. Wall mounted TV (65" TBD). I'll place the center just below it. Here's a rendering of the room. Thank You.
  2. Looking to install a in wall home theater system into new construction. We're designing the room to be very clean and modern so I would like to go with in wall speakers. I was thinking of using R-5800-W II for the left/right, R-5650-S II for the left surround/right surround and R-5502-W II for the center. I already have the Sub SW-112. Amp is a Yamaha RX-A830 (110 watts per channel) and the room is 3,213 cubic feet. We mostly watch movies but we do play music (stereo) through this system as well. Every now and then, I do like to turn it up and really enjoy. Any thoughts on this configuration? Is there a better speaker configuration that I'm missing? Are the THX versions that much better for double the price? Thanks, Lohbro,,,,,,
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