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    Mains: RF 7ii ($1100 each)
    Center: RC 64ii ($1,120)
    Surround: RP 160M ($550 pair)
    AVR: Onkyo tx-RZ800 ($650)
    Sub: SVS SB-2000 ($700)
    TV: 47" Vizio smart ($1200ish)
    Media: Nvidia Shield, and PS3

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  1. Justus

    Stacked subs?

    yeah, Im good with it. surprised..........def surprised, but totally fine with it.
  2. Justus

    Stacked subs?

    you should have "purchased the right sub to begin with"
  3. Justus

    Stacked subs?

    what is the "right" sub/subs for me?
  4. Justus

    Stacked subs?

    The subs are staying, im not complaining. They used to be in opposing corners, so throwing the rear sub on top of the front sub didnt change the fact they were, and are in a corner still (reiterating cause i think someone overlooked that). Its not boomy stacked, it got boomy at opposing corners when the phase was switched. Sorry if my post was misunderstood.. Middle of right wall has a fireplace, and a cutout for some stupid reason next to the fire place thats pretty big and is inclosed at the top and sides so im not putting it in there as id assume it would be boomy as hell. Plus, wine fridge. Left wall middle is right next to couch and i dont want a sub that close to drink/food. 3000cu ft room that has hallway access on 1 end, and kitchen entry on the other side, no doors. Not my house so i cannot frame in a doorway. Again, no complaints... was just kinda sharing how surprised i was.
  5. Justus

    Stacked subs?

    I agree, i did have someone else turning phase knob on the back sub while i was listening (prior locations). I also told them to turn it in minor adjustments sometimes and to PRETEND to turn it other times and just tell me when they were done moving it that notch (or not). It was the only way i could figure on a blind test. . The only thing i noticed was it get boomy at some point and sounded terrible. In the end, it sounds good so.... here we sit i guess
  6. Justus

    Stacked subs?

    Now they are both up front corner
  7. Justus

    Stacked subs?

    Yes, and they were before. They were at a front corner and a rear corner.
  8. Justus

    Stacked subs?

    Recently stacked 2 pb2000 subs for fun. Holy crap! So much power compared to 1 sub up front and a sub behind seating area. Who else has tried this? Same outcome?
  9. Im sure my truck also will make a few more ponies since i fixed the dealerships screwup. They left a plug in the inlet of the heat exchanger. Thankfully i dont drive too hard, l live between sea level and 900ft, and on the central coast. Dealer replied "no way we could have done that".
  10. I do appreciate the reply btw
  11. Ive only heard 52s, 28s, and 7ii. So clearly not what op was asking for. Count me out.
  12. Open loop i believe turns off the compressor on most vehicles no?
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