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  1. Thanks for the comments. I really have no idea what these things are supposed to sound like. I listened to them for a couple of months with dead tweeters and I thought they sounded pretty good. It will definitely be interesting to hear them with working tweeters and new crossovers!
  2. I rechecked the tweeter wiring and it looks good. Pulled the crossovers and they don't look good. It appears the speakers were used for some time after the tweeter diaphragms bit the dust and the tweeter inductors got so hot they melted. I'll be ordering new ones from Bob Crites. From what I've read they are great and will be a major upgrade. The bad part is they will cost more than what I paid for the speakers.
  3. I replaced both diaphragms (ordered from Bob Crites) on the K-75 tweeters and they tested at 8.3 ohms. Connected green wire to + terminal and black wire to - terminal but I'm not getting sound out of either tweeter. Could the crossovers on both speakers have problems affecting the tweeters? The odds of that would seem to be low. Any ideas?
  4. Thanks. I appreciate the information! I'll message you the buy/sell information on the Heresy's I sold to get the Forte II's.
  5. Thanks! Looking forward to getting them set up in the living room with my Accuphase P-300/C-200/T-100 trio. I got him down to $300 initially and then $250 when I went to look at them. Based on their condition I think I got a good deal. Cosmetically, I would rate them somewhere between 7/10 to maybe 8/10. It's hard to see in the pictures but there are some pretty bad burn or stain marks on the top of one cabinet and a small area on the other cabinet where the top and side pieces got wet and separated. Fortunately, it's only a few inches long and towards the back of the cabinet.
  6. FWIW, they are definitely II's. Luckily, I was able to buy them even though two days had gone by since the ad was placed. I thought for sure I was going to miss out on them since I didn't have the cash to buy them but I decided to put my Heresy's up for sale to come up with the money. They sold quick which was good but I was on pins and needles the whole day, worried that someone else would get the Forte's. I was really surprised the seller still had them since he was very negotiable on the price. I was a little disappointed due to the cabinets having some flaws but it's nothing that can't be repaired. The main thing is all the drivers are working and they sound great. A HUGE thanks to opusk2k9 for posting the ad for them!
  7. Thanks a lot for the replies. I really appreciate the feedback! I disconnected the Heresy's and the amp runs fine without any speakers connected and does not go into overload, even after a couple of hours. So, the amp doesn't seem to be the problem. Also, opened up both Heresy cabinets and checked all wires and connections. Everything looks fine. Checked all of the above and everything looks good. I'm using new Monster Cable and I think all my wire is Monster. Time to upgrade I think! I was using Monster Cable flex pins for the speaker cable ends. Probably not the greatest idea. Just gonna try bare wire and leave it at that. Good idea on making changes one at a time. I recently had the amp serviced and it was gone through pretty extensively.
  8. First of all, thanks to everyone for the help! I should have tried a different set of speakers before I started this thread but I will be doing that tonight or tomorrow. The overload protection doesn't tell you what channel the problem is with unfortunately, but it works with any of the speaker outputs. The speaker wire is new so it should be fine. Never thought of the internal connections. I may have to do that. Yep. Gonna try that. Should have done that first. I think I'll just go ahead and use different wire when I connect different speakers. Thanks. I'm gonna try new wire with different speakers.
  9. I have a very nice Rotel RA-1412 integrated amp that I hooked up my 1979 Heresy's to. The amp has an overload circuit that protects it from various things like high dc offset, speaker wires touching, etc. If any of those things occur a red light comes on and the amp shuts down. The bottom line is with the Heresy's connected the amp goes into overload every time, sometimes immediately and sometimes within 15-45 minutes. The dc offset is spot on and the speaker connections are fine. If I disconnect the speakers the amp is fine and never overloads even after many hours. Assuming the Heresy's are 8 ohm what could be the problem with using the Heresy's with this particular amp?
  10. I would start out using a soft brush. That should remove most or all of the loose dust. For anything the brush doesn't remove, I would use a small, damp sponge and carefully go over the rest of the woofers. You don't want to go over the same area too many times or you'll damage the woofer material.
  11. http://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/ele/5923035020.html
  12. I finally got around to mounting my Heresy badges to the grills using mounting tabs. They work great! I cut a small amount off the tabs to match them to the size of the badges and they hold very well, as good or better than glue. These particular tabs are permanent so if you use them keep in mind once the badges and tabs are in place you won't want to try and remove them. If you did I would guess it could damage the grill fabric.
  13. Surprised to see a KLH receiver. It's not a worthy match for the speakers at all and it's not really worth anything as far as selling it.
  14. Would those Wouldn't those LaScala's (or any other Klipsch model) sound a whole lot better on the floor? Sure, they take up a fair amount of room on the floor but if they sound much better there why hang them?
  15. I recently came across this group and it's great. It really is like a family! The "Solid State" and "2-Channel Audio" forums have some great info on what receivers and amps go well with Klipsch speakers.
  16. Well, that is an option. Didn't really think about that one! As far as treating the cabinets, if they came from the factory with the oiled finish (that needs to be determined) then Watco Rejuvenating Oil should be applied periodically (how often would be good to determine also) to keep the cabinets from drying out.
  17. I see a little scuff but that's it. No need to replace the cabinet! It looks like the polish you used may have darkened the damaged area a little making it stand out. If the TV actually did scratch/gouge the veneer it could be replaced but matching the veneer color and grain exactly will probably be impossible. Not sure if the Heresy III's have oiled cabinets but if they do some Watco Rejuvenating Oil might help to make the damaged area look better. I wouldn't think filling the damaged area in with wood putty, etc. would be wise either since it and/or any stain you would use probably wouldn't match right. Best thing might be to just leave it be! I wish my Heresy's cabinets were that nice but mine are I's not III's.
  18. Any pictures of the cabinets? What kind of damage do they have?
  19. Thanks Jim. The glue residue on my grills is centered at the top so clearly they originally had one of the rectangular badges. I picked up some double-sided mounting tabs. They are supposedly very strong. I don't want to put new glue over old glue residue so I'm going to try the mounting tabs first. I'll report back on the results.
  20. So, if you have Heresy's with grills that have missing badges and there is glue residue on the grills, is it safe to assume they originally didn't have the laser badges since they would have been affixed using double-sided tape and there wouldn't be any dried glue on the grills?
  21. Thanks again. The pantagraph is very interesting!
  22. From what I've been able to tell, the Heresy badges were affixed to the grills with contact cement at the factory. Is that the best way to reaffix a new pair of badges to grills that have missing badges? I thought of using double-sided tape but the question is will the tape stick to the grill fabric?
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