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  1. I think Jbl 2350 with 220 Hz cut off is maybe better than fostex H 325, 340 Hz cut off. As you can cross the network lower than 600 Hz. Anyway, both excellent. My Cornwall sounded very well stock, but after Dave’s tweeter and fostex horn, they sound much better. Can’t wait the AE woofer arrive to me.
  2. Here I post my Cornwall photos with the foster horn and Dave’s wood horn tweeter. After I’ll swap the network out of box I’ll put the tweeter fix on the midrange horn. I’ve ordered yesterday the AE 15 H woofer, I think I’ll get it in two months (it’s the time for building and shipping). I’ll post photos and listening impression after I fix everything. Thanks again Claude for your precious advertisement.
  3. I have both, B and B-2 network. But i move to B-2, second order, 600Hz-6k Hz, after i get k-55v dual phase plug and Mahl wood horn tweeter with DE 120 B&C driver. Like Mr. Paul Klipsch suggested in his letterature and also, Mr. Bob Crites (very sad that him is not still with us) suggested to me (i've been in contact with him and i get some k-77 diaphgram from him years ago). When you suggested to add shelf extension, do you mean a piece of 3/4 birch plywood? I think to bi-amp the speaker with Accuphase P-400 for the woofer (200w AB, 50w class A) and with Unison Research Simply two for HF section (SE 12w class A with El 34 (NOS Mullard) and ECC 82(NOS Philips Miniwatt-Mullard) that i already have.
  4. Thank you very much Claude. Now I have enough information to do the better choice. I’m going to order AE TD15H, after installing it I’ll post the result and my impressions about changing the woofer. I’ll go also to order new diaphragm for my 55v driver and new gaskets for it.
  5. Thanks, I’ll appreciate it very much. You are a very helpful gentleman.
  6. Thanks Claude. I like music and i prefer to try to have the best form my audio system, of course in the range of money i can afford. I decide to go with the AE 15 4 ohm. The only thing i don't know exactly is which TD15, the M version or the H version. I have sent an email to the AE factory and they say that for my cornwall is better the H version, as it have the lower Fs and higher Xmax, despite the little lower Spl (3,7 db less). I can trust them but i want to be sure (each different version cost the same), so i ask you because you are very expertise in technical question and also, that's matter a lot, you no have interesting in AE factory business. As for my mid driver and horn, i don't use the k-600 but the Foster wood horn with my k-55v double phase plug with the 600 Hz and 6k crossover.
  7. Thanks Claude, but what about if is it better for cornwall, that is vented box, AE TD 15M or AE 15H? AS i have read and i have learned by your previous post, an higher Xmax is better for vented box, like Cornwall are. So, if i'm not wrong, AE TD15H would be the best choice. As for the crossover, where i changed all the capacitors, would better to change inductor and autotransformer too? As they also are 40 years old. It will be nice to know what you think about, thanks.
  8. Hi Travis, I live in south Italy, name of the town is Bari, in the part of the region called Puglia. I’ve owned heresy one before and now I have Cornwall 1, 1978 black birch.
  9. Hi Claud, i try to get the Eminence kappalite 3015 FL, but the 4 ohm version is not anymore on the market. Said that, i'm thinking to get the acoustic elegant Td 15. You had spoken about TD 15M version, but as i saw, it has low Xmax (6 mm), high Fs (34.7 Hz)and higher SPL (97.7 db). So i wrote to the AE factory and they say to me that is better, for my cornwall, the TD15H which have higher Xmax (14 mm), lower Fs (21 Hz) and lower SPL (94 db). I already have on the cornwall the tweeter from Mahl with B&C de 120 driver and the new wood horn. I have the K55V dual phase plug with the wood Foster horn H-325 (cut of 325 Hz) sit on the top of cornwall (inside the box i leave the k-600 with the another k55v i have, so no change in box volume). The crossover filter is the B-2 with all cap change form a danish factory (not duelung but similar tipe but less expensive). I'm also thinking to change the diaphragm in the k55v as they are 40 years old. I may please you an advertisement about woofer: AE TD15 M or AE TD 15 H. I also not sure if to get the Apollo version, because it's more expensive and also the shipping rate (as it is heavier) and the duty and vat tax would be higher, Hope you can answer to me. Sorry for my bad english but i'm from Italy and this is the best i can do (avoid automatic translation). Thanks
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