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  1. That's a nice system. I have used both those tops and subs in the past. I remember replacing super tweeters on the 362's and sourcing those diaphragms was an issue. I wonder if that's still the case. I remember there being some ferro-fluid involved. Do you have a spec sheet on both tops and subs? Edit: klipsch 3 ways I worked with were KI-362 version as I remember the adjustable round baffle plate with the hf and mid horns.
  2. Thanks for the welcome. I have a pair of 3002s and have a need for two tops per side on some upcoming sound gigs. Here they are on top of my Ciare 18.00sw loaded subs. I grew up in Detroit and worked for a small live sound company there that primarily used kp-3002 and kp-3002c2 as tops. I did many repairs on these over the years including crossover rebuilds.
  3. In need of a pair of kp-3002 to augment my current system. Anybody? Im located in Nashville TN and willing to make a road trip.
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