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  1. Thanks for confirming my train of thought.....I asked the purchasing agent why the R15's were included when promoting the speakers at "5.1 surround"? The reply: " This is what the Sales rep at Klipsch recommended for a stunning 5.1 surround sound. hmmmm. Thinking in the moment I an at the same crossroad with my Sony STR K-7000, Yamaha YST-SW012, 2 Bose, 2 JBL Samsung 5 series and Dell self upgraded desk top with NVidia's GTX 1070 Card. No room here for them either, looks like a Xmass present for some lucky soul. Again I appreciate your response! Be well, Neal
  2. best way to hook up the R15MP to integrate with the other speakers to get 5.1?
  3. First moment to get back here, glad I did! Thank you two for the info, impressive and helpful, Again, thank you very much, Neal
  4. Hello to all ....How did i ever live without Klipsch, if not for the weak grip the JBL kingdom had on me i would have definitely taken the 1st place prize! Read on, I'll explain. I Won this contest and was thrilled that the number 5, or in this case the 5th place prize was still available, which i snagged in a heart beat....2) R-15M's, 1) R-25C , 2)R-28F's . I love music with all my heart and soul and to Listen, (hear) the subwooffffferrrrr......trust me, you've got to get surrounded by this angelic but fierce, clean sound. I'm looking for Bookshelf Speakers comparable to the R-15M without the Amp. The amp is now in the lair filling that room up nicely. Neal>>>>I'd appreciate the model number, seemed to be the place to ask.....Ty!
  5. Oh , currently in Arizona , was born in Gary!
  6. Thanks! Just loop the wire from one post to the other I believe I can handle. Your thoughts on the Yamaha RX-V581 \
  7. I have a Yamaha (btw good day)Rx-V581. I have a pair of R-28F, Pair of R-15M , R-25C R , R-12SW. Am I good to go , or do I need to upgrade my Receiver? Also I didn't see any jumpers (assuming they need to be a solid strip with no breaks connecting both posts. Each post there is an independent piece of metal ant the base of ea. post and that is it. All suggestions are appreciated. Neal
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