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  1. Md5150

    K691 Drivers

    These are still available.
  2. Md5150

    Horn adaptor for K-77 replacement

    I only have this pic on my phone. I can take more pics tonight. All i think it would take is an adapter plate with 4 holes same as the k77 to mount to the horn and have the holes to mount the DE120 or DE110 to the plate and it should work. I could probably make one out of wood but I'd rather have one machined like the ones you make. I'll post a couple more pics when I get home.
  3. They might go lower but I certainly wouldn't say they have better bass. In my experience Chorus bass hits you in the chest harder. The woofers handle alot more power and to my ears sound clearer in the 150-500hz range, and they take up less space. The only way for him to really find out is to compair them in his room. If you can buy the CW without selling the Chorus I would, you really can't go wrong for 850 and you can have fun doing the comparison. I just wouldn't sell the Chorus to buy the CW, you might regret it and have to hunt down another pair of Chorus. To often I have made the mistake of selling what I have to buy something else only to regret it.
  4. I would keep the Chorus. I've owned Chorus 1 and 2 as well as Cornwall 1 and 2, to my ears the Chorus sounded better. The woofer handles more power. You might like the Cornwalls better but won't know until you hear them both under equal conditions. I would upgrade the Chorus with Crites crossovers and install a DE120 tweeter with the adapter a forum member just started selling. Those would be hard to beat.
  5. Md5150

    Horn adaptor for K-77 replacement

    Nice work! I have a pair of kp600's that uses 2 k77 tweeters mounted to a duel manifold horn. Any idea if these adapters would enable me to use DE120 or 110?
  6. Md5150

    Jubilee 4,380 day update...

    I thought the same thing a year ago. With XConsole it's easy. I'm no expert by any means but I'm pretty good with it now. I never messed with active crossovers before the xilica and i didn't have the slightest clue what I was doing, with help from Chris I was able to get my Jubilee's sounding great. I've since used it for two way mwm's, tuba subs, and most recently for 4 way KP600's with great results. Just use XConsole and not the front pannel on the xilica. Chris, I would be interested in trying out those new settings you came up with using the Bessel Crossover.
  7. Md5150

    Jubilee/MWM Crossover inquiry

    MWM and jubilee bass bins are very different. It might "work" but it wouldn't sound as good as it should and might sound very bad.
  8. Md5150

    Converting khorns to 2way

    I cross my Faital pro hf20at between 400 and 450hz with 48 db slope on jubilees and mwm's with no problems and I listen very loud. Amps I've used with them are Parasound JC-1, Mcintosh mc452. They are fantastic drivers.
  9. Md5150

    FS: KP-600s with KP-682s

    Hi, Before I get ahead of myself with questions, are you able to ship these? I didn't see your location in the add. I am in Maine. Thanks, Mike.
  10. Md5150

    Mwm + k48?

    Has anyone actually tried a k48 in a mwm bass bin? and if so was there any benifit over the k43? I'm asking because I have 4 k48's sitting around and I'm also in the process of repainting and re sealing the mwm's so I'm pulling the k43's out anyways. I figure it might be a fun experiment to try and I can easily swop the k43's back in. Also I am wondering if there are any newer modern style woofers, like ones with neodymium magnets that would outperform both in a 2way mwm/402 setup? I have subs so I don't need them to go any lower like k33's, i care more about midbass slam, overall clarity and power handling. Mike.
  11. Md5150

    Woofer gasket - spacer

    Think I found what I need. It looked like 2 gaskets glued together. The biggest I could find was 3/8 thick. The surround on these woofers bulge alot.
  12. Does anyone know where i can find these? I'm not even sure what they're called, woofer rings? As you see by the picture mine is in need of replacing, I've done a few quick searches and haven't found what I'm looking for. This is for a 15' dayton subwoofer for one of Tuba tht subs. It looks to be about 3/4' thick. Thanks! Mike.
  13. Md5150

    Chorus I’s vs Cornwall’s

    Owned both liked the Chorus much better. K48 can handle more power and tighter bass.