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  1. Dx38 with Jubilee settings installed.

  2. FORTE III as a 2 WAY !!!!

    To each there own. I personally wouldn't buy a pre amp that doesn't have tone controls.
  3. Dx38 with Jubilee settings installed.

    I boxed it up. Looks just like that one.
  4. Dx38 with Jubilee settings installed.

    Xilica 4080.
  5. Selling my Dx38 I bought off a forum member. Its in very good condition and has jubilee settings already installed. $300 + shipping. Location: Maine.
  6. I've used these setting with k691's and Faital pro hf20at drivers and they sound great with both of these.
  7. Chorus 1

    Chorus 1 for sale. Cabinets have been repainted by previous owner, they look ok but could look better with alittle sanding and another coat of paint. Grills are in good shape and all drivers work. They have Crites Titanium tweeters. Location: Maine. $500.
  8. 4 cornscala's Maine (pic has Jubs as well)

    Yes, since I'm not going to ship them I'm only looking for a local sale.
  9. 4 cornscala's Maine (pic has Jubs as well)

    That was my add. My profile has one of the pics from the add. New add will be going up later tonight. With more pics. Btw, stacking them is better than any other arrangement.
  10. Sub for Jubilee's

    Thanks for the feedback guys. some very helpful suggestions. I've never owned a sub before so I want to make the right choice. The guy who would build the Tuba tht also suggested i take a look at the T60 or titan 48. It's not that I didn't like the small table tuba, i just expected more kick drum, it did other frequencies just fine so that might be why I thought it sounded flabby. Chris, I've talked to Cory and I think it might be awhile before the 1502's become available. I'm willing to wait if it is in fact the best match for jubes. The 1802 is just to big to get in my room without major surgery to the house. Even the 1502 will be a challenge with my layout but it is doable. Mike.
  11. Sub for Jubilee's

    If I could get it in my room I'd have one or two of them. The 1502 would just barely fit. I have a huge room but my doorways are small.
  12. Sub for Jubilee's

    It could have been placement and that it was only an 8' driver and im used to the slamming bass of my jubes. The build quality looked great.