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  1. I had a 225 for a week and returned it. My impression was much the same as yours. The volume knob on mine was loose too, thought it was going to fall off and the remote was garbage.
  2. Md5150


    One of the few big Klipsch systems I haven't owned yet. If these where closer I'd work out a deal for my Kp600's or I have 4 mwm bass bins, ( the more desirable single cab bins ) Good luck with sale!
  3. Not sure if I've posted any pics of the mwm/402 setup before. Basically I have them in a 21x22 room in the corners. When Mark was over I had my Parasound JC-1 Monoblocks on the bass bins. Mc452 on the 402/Faitals, A21 on the tuba subs. If I get time over the weekend I'll post a pic.
  4. Claude, nope I still have the amp. I should have sold it last year when I had the chance. I relisted it for sale about a month ago.
  5. The mid range horn and drivers on the KI-396 are far superior to the Cornwalls. The weight difference is because the Cornwall cabinet is bigger. You want to pay 3x as much for a pretty wrapper then that's your choice but you're trading in sound quality for a better finish. I find it funny you think pro speakers have higher distortion than speakers made specifically for the home. Cornwalls will distort and sound like they are struggling way before speakers like KP600'S, Jubilee's, and other pro speakers. The KP600's that someone linked to you to consider buying are the best speakers for rap music I've ever heard and destroy Cornwalls so badly they shouldn't even be compaired.
  6. Mark, Thanks for the kind words about my setup. It was nice to have someone who has heard many high end systems come hear my setup and talk shop. Wish we had more listening time that day. Hopefully one day I get down to hear your setup, I'd really like to hear those tad's. Mike.
  7. I have 2 way Jubes for sale for thousands less... only 2 years old one owner.
  8. Hah yes I do! I sold my 1997 Dodge Viper GTS and wonder what I was thinking every summer. I'm sure I will regret selling them at some point, probably when the price on Jubes goes the way of what new Lascala's cost these days.
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