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  1. I wouldn't buy one unless it has tone controls.
  2. Would this work? Mwm+jubes

    I'd love to get an 1802 or even a 1502. Problem is, I have 3 very narrow doorways to get things of that size into my cave. If it wasjust one doorway I'd make it bigger.
  3. Would this work? Mwm+jubes

    I am definitely getting at least 2 subs once I decide on wich ones to get. I've been advised Tuba subs are the way to go but I want to do alittle more research before I pull the trigger. I want to avoid having to upgrade subs down the road. Right now the 402 and Faital hf20at sound very good, if I keep it 2way I will most likely get TAD'S or another beryllium type driver. If adding a 510 and tweeter could top 402/TAD combo I would be inclined to go in that direction. Mike.
  4. Would this work? Mwm+jubes

    Yes I do! I plan to have 2 subs made this spring/summer, probably Tuba's. I would still like a couple more mwm's to complete my system. The subs will probably be crossed very low so I don't think they will add much chest thumping bass.
  5. Would this work? Mwm+jubes

    Ya There is enough room to put the tv on top of a Jube bin. That's a possible option.
  6. I recently got mwm bins so I took the 402 from my jubes to use with them. I'm extreamly happy with them but my jube bins have just been sitting here unused and I'd like to integrate them back into my system. In the past I have tried blending different speakers together with very poor results, they always sounded like they where competing with each other rather than complimenting each other. Will I run into the same problem if I try to use them both together? One of my issues will be placement. The way I see it is I have 4 options. 1. Move my tv and audio rack and put the Jube bins between the mwm/402. 2. Piggy back the jube bins on top of the mwm's, they will fit and would also have the benifit of being back in a corner but the 402 horn would be directly in front of the jube bin. This could cause problems? 3. Put the jube bins back in the corners with 402 and move the mwm bins between the jubes where my tv and audio rack is now. 4. Put the jube bins on the opposite wall on either side of my couch. 5. Sell the jube bins and get a couple more mwm's It will be alot of work moving these huge bins around a bunch of times to find best placement so any suggestions before I give myself a hernia? Out of those options I like the idea of stacking the jube bins on top of the mwm's because I think the bass would blend the best, but I could be completely wrong. Here's a couple pics of my room.
  7. DSP options for your Pro Klipsch Audio

    I'd also like to know how those Radians compair to other drivers. I'd like to get some beryllium drivers but i really don't want to pay 3-4 grand for used TAD's. I'm using Faital HF20AT drivers now and like them alot.
  8. WTB MWM single bin splits

    Thanks for posting that. I'll read up on those tonight.
  9. WTB MWM single bin splits

    This is definitely an option. Can you PM me any plans that you have on hand? I might take a crack at trying to build them myself if I can't find any singles by summer. Thanks, Mike
  10. WTB MWM single bin splits

    Those where double bins ( to big for my doorways )
  11. WTB MWM single bin splits

    I'm in Maine. I got 4 of HPS split bins off Tim already, i asked if he had anymore but he said they where all gone. I used Uship to get them here from St Louis with no issues. Mike.
  12. WTB MWM single bin splits

    I'm Looking for 2-4 mwm single bins, preferably with k43 woofers. HPS singles are ok too. Thanks, Mike.
  13. Mcintosh Mc452. Mint.

    Weekend bump!
  14. Mcintosh Mc452. Mint.

    Selling my Mcintosh Mc452. I am the original owner. It is about 1.5 years old. It went from new in box into my audio rack and hasn't moved. Conservatively rated at 450wpc. Incredible sound. Like new condition. I have all the original packaging. I do not want to ship it. Location: Maine. Price: 5,300 Firm. Thanks, Mike.