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  1. Md5150

    Mwm + k48?

    Has anyone actually tried a k48 in a mwm bass bin? and if so was there any benifit over the k43? I'm asking because I have 4 k48's sitting around and I'm also in the process of repainting and re sealing the mwm's so I'm pulling the k43's out anyways. I figure it might be a fun experiment to try and I can easily swop the k43's back in. Also I am wondering if there are any newer modern style woofers, like ones with neodymium magnets that would outperform both in a 2way mwm/402 setup? I have subs so I don't need them to go any lower like k33's, i care more about midbass slam, overall clarity and power handling. Mike.
  2. Md5150

    Woofer gasket - spacer

    Think I found what I need. It looked like 2 gaskets glued together. The biggest I could find was 3/8 thick. The surround on these woofers bulge alot.
  3. Does anyone know where i can find these? I'm not even sure what they're called, woofer rings? As you see by the picture mine is in need of replacing, I've done a few quick searches and haven't found what I'm looking for. This is for a 15' dayton subwoofer for one of Tuba tht subs. It looks to be about 3/4' thick. Thanks! Mike.
  4. Md5150

    Chorus I’s vs Cornwall’s

    Owned both liked the Chorus much better. K48 can handle more power and tighter bass.
  5. Md5150

    Jube/1802 - The Ultimate 2.1

    I've never seen an adjustment labled input sensitivity on xilica or is that the same as adjusting input gain?
  6. Md5150

    Jube/1802 - The Ultimate 2.1

    Build a man cave! I don't get much crap anymore.
  7. Md5150

    Mcintosh Mc452. Mint.

    New Price. $5,000 + shipping.
  8. Md5150

    Would this work? Mwm+jubes

    You won't regret it. They sound awesome. The terminals around the fuse rattled on all of my cabs, i added a couple homemade gaskets and cured the problem. The clarity and dynamics on these are better than anything I've heard to date. My room has proven to be sound proof enough for every other setup I've had but I think with this I could get the police to come say Hi.
  9. Md5150

    Would this work? Mwm+jubes

    Yes they are. got all 8 from Tim.
  10. Md5150

    Would this work? Mwm+jubes

    Trying 3 stack out. Sounds great but can't unleash it tonight.
  11. Md5150

    Would this work? Mwm+jubes

    This may be true. My girlfriend definitely thinks so!
  12. Md5150

    Would this work? Mwm+jubes

    I just picked up 4 more mwm single bins, so now I have 8. I have a few placement options that I'm going to try out. Option 1. Move my tv and audio rack and put another 2 stacks side by side. So it would be the width of 4 mwm's stacked 2 high. It would have to toe the ones in the middle alittle to make them fit though but then I wouldn't have to move the 402 horn from the corners. Option 2. Stack 3 bins in each corner with 402 on top. Put the remaining 2 bins sideways next to them. Option 3. Stack 4 bins in each corner and put the 402 next to the bins. I have no idea if this would sound good. I would have to make a base for the 402 so it would be lvl with listening position. Option 4. Stand 2 mwm's sideways on each side next to the stacked bins I have in the corners now. I would have to move my tv stand and either wall mount it or put it on top of my audio rack, either is fine. The 402 would stay where it is now. Once I'm done Duratexing all the bins I will set them up in each configuration and take pics to get advise wich way I will get the best sound and of course see what my ears tell me.
  13. Md5150

    Would this work? Mwm+jubes

    Full horn is my plan.
  14. Md5150

    Chorus II's vs Cornwall III's?

    I've owned a couple pairs of Chorus 2 over the years and loved them. I have only heard the Cornwall 3 at a dealer a few years ago when I was considering buying a pair. Unfortunately they didn't sound as good as I was hoping so I passed. Not a fair comparison I know, but I was impressed years prior with the Chorus 2 at the dealer and bought them on the spot.