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  1. I've used these setting with k691's and Faital pro hf20at drivers and they sound great with both of these.
  2. Chorus 1

    Chorus 1 for sale. Cabinets have been repainted by previous owner, they look ok but could look better with alittle sanding and another coat of paint. Grills are in good shape and all drivers work. They have Crites Titanium tweeters. Location: Maine. $500.
  3. 4 cornscala's Maine (pic has Jubs as well)

    Yes, since I'm not going to ship them I'm only looking for a local sale.
  4. 4 cornscala's Maine (pic has Jubs as well)

    That was my add. My profile has one of the pics from the add. New add will be going up later tonight. With more pics. Btw, stacking them is better than any other arrangement.
  5. Sub for Jubilee's

    Thanks for the feedback guys. some very helpful suggestions. I've never owned a sub before so I want to make the right choice. The guy who would build the Tuba tht also suggested i take a look at the T60 or titan 48. It's not that I didn't like the small table tuba, i just expected more kick drum, it did other frequencies just fine so that might be why I thought it sounded flabby. Chris, I've talked to Cory and I think it might be awhile before the 1502's become available. I'm willing to wait if it is in fact the best match for jubes. The 1802 is just to big to get in my room without major surgery to the house. Even the 1502 will be a challenge with my layout but it is doable. Mike.
  6. Sub for Jubilee's

    If I could get it in my room I'd have one or two of them. The 1502 would just barely fit. I have a huge room but my doorways are small.
  7. Sub for Jubilee's

    It could have been placement and that it was only an 8' driver and im used to the slamming bass of my jubes. The build quality looked great.
  8. Sub for Jubilee's

    Thanks for the replies. After seeing the new klipsch 1502 prototype makes me wonder if I should wait a bit.
  9. Sub for Jubilee's

    Looking for alittle help on what subs I should get that will go best with my Jubilee's for music. I went and listened to a table tuba with a 8' sub today and it sounded kinda flabby. It seemed more of a movie sub than music. The bigger version with the 15' might be another story or just more of what I heard. I want a sub that has fast- tight kick drum bass and I'm willing to give up alittle bottom end for better chest thump. Right now I am considering these: Tuba THT low profile. Danley dts-10 Danely spud JTR Orbit shifter Will consider any other DIY builds that might do the job. Appreciate any advise. Thanks, Mike.
  10. That's my setup. The 2 pairs of Cornscala's are now on the back wall not in use. They are awesome speakers but I'm probably going to sell them to help pay for more horn loaded bins, just need to make my mind up on what's next. Mike.
  11. As much as I'd love to have the double bins I don't think I could get them through my 30' doorway without taking a sawzal to a couple walls.. I've done some crazy shit so you never know!
  12. 2way mwm's?

    I appreciate the info. What I meant was would I be better off going to mwm's rather than adding another pair of jubilee bass bins. I already have one pair. If I add another pair of jube bins I would have to power 8 woofers instead of 4 with the mwm's. That's why I'm thinking I could save alot on amps. Going by what I've been reading about mwm's they can kick alot harder when pushed. Another thing that strikes me about the mwm's ( single bins ) is say you start out with 2 per side and it's great for awhile but then at some point you want more, you can easily add another bin per side. Its been suggested i should just add a couple subs like the tuba tht. That's a possibility, i have just never owned a subwoofer of any kind before and worry I might lose some of the magic from the jubes if I do. I'm of the mindset of adding more of what you know you like. The jubes are great, i love what they do but I feel I am driving them to there limits to get the experience I want and that is feeling massive power kick me in the chest without worrying if I am driving them to hard. I was powering the bins with a 1250wpc Crown now I am using jc-1 monoblocks. There is a guy close to me who is an authorized Bill fitzs builder who can build the tuba tht's for me if i decide to go that route but he only has a small table tuba for me to hear before deciding. So I basically have 3 options. 1. Add a couple tuba subs. 2. Get another pair of jube bins. 3. Mwm's They all look like good options.