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  1. I plan to use a Yamaha RX V2400 receiver to drive an RC25 (for now)- for occasional movies and background music Q- Is it ok (ie safe) to connect both the Left and Right Channels of the Yamaha to the RC25? (RC25 has 2 sets of Red inputs and 2 sets of Black inputs at the back). I understand the center channel won't have a stereo effect and I'll probably be missing out on both highs and lows. I know this may sound odd but the reason is :I just purchased a vintage tube amp so now I have 2 Amps And I plan to use the tube amp to drive a pair of Quartets purely for vinyl and CDs
  2. My apologies, I found the 'Garage Sale' section . Here's a pic of the Scott amp I'm considering. The bridge rectifier has been replaced but from the attached picture of the underside I can't tell if those white ceracaps are the originals and what further refurbishment is needed for reliability? I'm hoping someone here can make more sense of the picture. I'm new to the Forum and if there's a more appropriate place for such Qs please chime in.
  3. Getting back to the original question which was what's a good starter tube amp, I am in the search for an older US made tube amp like the Scott 222/299 or Fisher 10x series. I prefer an integrated amp (vs. seperate power and pre-amp). the reason for the US choice is I recall the amazing US made tube equipment when I was a kid and now I prefer my hard earned $ stay in the US when possible. I see what's on eBay but if someone on this forum has one for sale- could you please contact me or point me to a place on this Forum where I can find such equipment for sale ? Thank you
  4. Maynard, Thank you for clarifying that I don't need much by way of watts to drive the Quartets and your console pull is a great option- that way I can have more than one set-up . I'm located in San Jose CA. If anyone is located close by and has any tube gear connected to Klipsch speakers, I'd love to connect. And thanks to everyone for sharing your knowledge!
  5. Hi Jimbo (nice pic), Maynard & all. Appreciate the feedback- I got started looking at Scott's because I read about them in this forum specifically 222s and 299s and read that they have a great phono stage. And they are pretty specially with the gold faces but I'm down for the 'Industrial look', if you have tubes why not show 'em? Would your Eico HF-89 need a pre-amp as well? Same for the Altec? I'd prefer an integrated I'll check out Eico's and the others you mentioned- I think Sherwoods are about the same price as Scotts (~ $500 original to $700 refurbished) Bogens are a bit less. No more $200 Scotts ! If anyone has a nice Integrated tube amp for sale or sees something worthwhile ( ~ $700 max) please let me know
  6. Can you explain what you mean by the "smaller EU and US tubes" please?
  7. Hi Wolfbane, Thanks much! Yes, I think I need an upgrade on my Quartets- but first the tube amp. So Selenium rectifier and some cap replacement recommended- it's what I thought too. Good to hear that the 222B is plenty in terms of power. Other than the usual eBay sites, any other places to check for refurbished Scotts hopefully not heavily modded? I found Craig Osby, Mapleshade, Analog Engg. Cheers!
  8. Long time (1990s) Klipsch Quartet owner looking to get back into tube amps for the warm sound ( mostly listen to Vinyl) and noticed a lot of posting on Scott 1) Any suggestions on which Scott tube amp to pair ( 222, 299 ) & is 18 W RMS enough? I like to blast it occasionally. 2) Original Scott vs Refurbished. Does having a re-furbished (recapped) unit change the sound? I'm not trying to split hairs & not sure I can even tell the difference with my less than perfect hearing, but I heard the Russian tubes sound different. Are NOS tubes what I should look for ? Thank you!
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