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  1. Thanks. Spikes can be used instead of casters, but I don't have the spikes for it.🙁
  2. Not me! Cool and collected!
  3. ...just thought I'd add my 2c regarding k-horn vs. cornwall... I think potentially, k-horns can kick cornwalls right to the curb...but only potentially. Set-up, room, gear, etc, etc must be spot-on for k-horn to perform up to it's capabilities. Cornwall are much easier to live with and much more forgiving of less-than-perfect...set-up, gear, room, etc. That said, my only first-hand experience is with cornwall "1's" (I know...they weren't called "cornwall I's") from '85 to '93, and with AK3 klipschorns from '98 thru '03.
  4. I think the problem is with the shipper. Of course, some blame must go to the seller for using that freight company. And to me, for using that seller. ðŸĪŠ The ebay listing had the "FastNFree" guaranteed 3-day delivery, but after sale when I checked tracking, the YRC Freight website said: "COVID-19 – A suspension of all guarantee service failure reimbursements has been issued effective 3/25/2020" So I guess I'm out of luck unless I wanted to push a false advertising angle related to the "fastnfree" thing on ebay...which I don't. I suppose the speakers will get here eventually. The last tracking update (this morning) said "TRAILER 261251 WAS CLOSED AT SAINT LOUIS MO USA". I interpret this to mean the trailer is loaded and ready to roll, which could mean delivery even today, or on Monday, which is also the latest estimated delivery date. My biggest concern is all the extra handling of the speakers; moving them from one trailer to another, which just means more chance of damage, and then there's all the time the speakers are sitting out in hot and/or humid conditions. ðŸĨī Not that I'm a worrier or anything. ðŸ˜ĩ
  5. That's probably it. That or the dog ate the shipping papers.
  6. Oops! I spoke too fast and assumed too much. Delivery now slated for 17th. Sure it is. 😒
  7. They have been moved to a different trailer (again!) and projected delivery is still 8/14, so hopefully tomorrow will be the day. ðŸĪž
  8. Delivery now slated for 8/14. Yeah, right. Too late to cancel order.
  9. Hsu has a good looking 15" sealed sub. I was very impressed with their CCB-8 loudspeakers I had, especially at the price. I would definitely consider their subs.
  10. If you're ever about 100 miles south of KC, rolling down I49, come on by and we'll fire'em up...if they're here yet, that is.
  11. You are closer to them than me. They''re sitting on a trailer somewhere in StL. Supposedly they'll get down in my neck of the woods Thursday but I'll believe it when I see them.
  12. When you absolutely can't spend or borrow another dime for something better. Only then.🙂
  13. I'm not a fisherperson and I don't own a cell phone. I used to ride motorcycles before my wife neutered me but that was a long time ago. When I got married I had two motorcycles: a GS1100ES Suzuki and an XL600 Honda. In short order I had nothing but a Schwinn. Now I don't even have that. I do use my lack of motorized entertainment to shame my wife into going along with some of my larger audio purchases, though, so it's not all down side.
  14. It's not a problem for me. Although my wife might disagree. ðŸ’ēðŸ’ē
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