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  1. Joe Biden's leg? .......sorry! couldn't help it.
  2. I like the "swarm" idea, too. Multiple small-ish subs of suitably high output that can go cleanly down below 30Hz. (Personally, I don't worry too much about sub 30Hz reproduction.) Place the subs strategically to get flattest response and though they may not match the max output capability of the mains, they will do pretty darned well for the most part. And if you are adding bass that otherwise would not be reproduced at all, then I think that's a good thing, even if it isn't as low distortion as a horn might be. If Klipsch was to market a line of Heritage-branded subs, it bothers me not one bit that they weren't designed by PWK. If you want to say they're not "real Heritage", I say you're right, but so what? I don't consider Forte and Chorus "real" Heritage either. And I sure don't consider any sound bar or bluetooth speaker Heritage. But apparently Klipsch does and that's fine. They can do whatever they want. I just want subs, and yeah sure, even surrounds, to as much as possible be a great sonic and style match for Heritage speakers. I think if they succeeded on both counts they'd make some money and a lot of Klipsch Heritage fans would be pleased. Just not too many who frequent this forum.🙂
  3. All right! Now we're cookin'! Have you seen current Parts Express sub kits and drivers? They have a lot interesting options for do-able amounts of money. And since they're in kit form, sky's the limit as far as finishing them to mate well with Heritage. Here's an example: 18" driver, 4 cubic ft. sealed enclosure, no amp or x/o.......app $509.
  4. So...I guess nothing but a horn-loaded sub the size of refrigerator will be acceptable to some Heritage owners. OK, that niche within a niche within a niche market would appear to be served satisfactorily by commercial horn subs that are available. But for the rest of us, what is there? SVS, HSU, Rythmik, REL, JL Audio and no doubt others. But none look like Klipsch Heritage, and that is the point. I'd like for Klipsch to build me a high-performance, non-horn sub that would look and work well with Heritage speakers. Yes, I know I'm talking about a product that doesn't exist, and that is precisely the point. I would love for it to exist.
  5. I don't believe at all that a sub designed to be used with a fully horn-loaded speaker (k-horn/belle/la scala) has to itself be horn-loaded. It comes down to the wavelengths being dealt with and the issue of practicality. Power is cheap and doesn't even have to take up much space (class D). Drivers capable of extreme excursion are available (Yes, I know: more excursion equals more distortion.). I think the secret is in the crossover. Keep the x/o point low enough and the low-pass filter steep enough. Go acoustic suspension to keep extension deep, distortion low and size reasonable. I think a sub could be designed that would please 95% of Heritage fans. The other 5% may already have pro designs and are happy campers. So...there's my design brief.😎 The KW-120THX is probably the closest thing to my idea of what a "Heritage" sub should be, that Klipsch has in their line right now. But it doesn't look the part. It could be made to look the part if Klipsch chose to do so, I'm sure. Make it a 15"'er and style it to match Heritage and I'm in. If a person want's more performance, buy multiples!
  6. I didn't start this thread to debate subwoofer design or preference (specifically, industrial horns vs consumer ported or sealed), but to discuss the possibility of commercially viable sub designs that Klipsch might introduce to sell with and for their Heritage speakers. But good threads often take lots of twists and turns. This one just turned a little harder and sooner than I expected.
  7. I'm glad y'all who own those huge theater subs are happy with them. Good for you, but that's just not what I'm talking about. Those are not even designed for home use. They are designed for theaters and perhaps other industrial uses. I'm not familiar with them at all and have no desire to own one. What I would like to see from Klipsch is just a good, high-quality, high-output series of subs that are designed to be really good aesthetic matches with current and past Heritage speakers. Performance-wise, the goal would be to match speaker output at crossover (maybe 40-60 Hz) and then just extend it on down as far and as cleanly as possible, keeping price and size manageable. Tall order maybe. Obviously, there's different ideas on what a "Heritage" sub should be, but I'm talking about one that would have appeal to a large cross-section of Klipsch Heritage owners.
  8. I'm talking home subwoofers. Key words being "home", as in "designed for". Not that ugly and enormous 1502 theater thing. (No offense to any who may have one of those in their home or who perhaps have one they us as a home.) Other key word: "subwoofer", as in operating below woofer range. 50-60Hz tops, as I don't know of any Heritage speakers that can't function fine down to 60Hz. If crossovers are done properly, a good sealed or vented sub of sufficient size and power should not muddy up anything, but simply extend bass response right on down to 16-32Hz.
  9. I'm not thinking horn subs. Too big for about 99.9% of the human race according to a study that was never done. Too big even for most klipschorn and la scala owners, someone may have once said. No, I'm thinking vented or sealed, big as needed with very powerful class D amp. There's many great subs out there that would be quite satisfactory, performance-wise. But they don't look the part. They need to look like Klipsch Heritage. Klipsch could do it so easily, I would think...and I have zero experience in the audio industry, so I should know!
  10. Yeah, I know PWK never designed and sold a sub for mating with k-horn, la scala, belle, cornwall, heresy, etc., but... Klipsch now sells lots of products under the "Heritage" banner that were not around when PWK was. So, why in the name of all that's right and good, does klipsch not design, build and market a high-quality sub (or three) to go with the huge installed base of heritage speakers that have been sold all over the world? Make grille styles and cabinet finishes optional to match different era's of Heritage speakers. Don't be too greedy on pricing and they will sell faster than Hope can build! Thoughts?
  11. That beast ought to do your Cornwalls proud! Of course, now you'll have to add a 2nd sub!😁😎😵
  12. Why is it called "distressed", anyway? I'll take my oak stress-free, thank you very much!
  13. I also have sticky little rubber thingys that Klipsch graciously provided to put under the corners of the risers of my Cornwall IV's. Unlike the flat-washer-shaped sticky little rubber thingys that they provided to protect the speakers from the grille magnets during shipping (I suppose), these sticky little rubber thingys are little hemispherical nubs (I'm sure just like DJEditor's). Klipsch probably paid about 3 cents for them. I'm equally sure that if you try to move the speaker after installing them, they will un-install themselves. Or at least, one will. I think the best remedy depends on your floor. Yes, on a hard, non-carpeted floor, I would go with good felt pads. On carpet, nylon sliders would be my preference. Or, if I wanted to go all audiophile, I might find a way to do spikes (on carpet). I have carpet over concrete. I intent to pick up enough sliders to do the job, ASAP!
  14. jdmccall

    CD's at Amazon

    No offense taken. I get what you're saying, and I agree. Physical media is not going to be the main way people access video and audio going forward. I suppose we're already in that future, in fact. But I already have a fairly substantial collection of LP's, CD's, SACD's, etc. I don't intend to sell them. I like physical media! I would like to continue buying music on CD or SACD, but it's getting both more difficult and more expensive. Amazon has been my go-to music store for quite a while but they seem to be pushing streaming and moving away from CD sales. I guess I'm basically a relic of a bygone era. 🙃
  15. jdmccall

    CD's at Amazon

    Just for the record, I didn't accumulate my CD collection to impress anyone.. Today, CD-quality streams are typically $20/month, correct? I probably don't average much more than that on new CD's. Basically, I'm too far in to stop now! Besides, I don't hear much compelling new music these days. It may be out there, but I'm not hearing it. So, I'll keep looking for CD sources. CD Universe looked good. I had over $200 worth in my cart when I noticed the "Adult" header. I don't know if I want to do business with an establishment that so prominently features porn as part of their business. Yeah, I know, ebay sells it too, but at least they're more discreet.
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