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  1. I too, was very disappointed in the STEREOPHILE review of the new Klipschorn; both in the listening review by AD and in JA's measurements. AD's room was really not k-horn friendly and JA ran head-long into the difficulties of measuring a horn loaded loudspeaker designed for corner placement and relating those measurements to how the speaker is actually going to be used. But I think that maybe the most surprising thing about the review, to me, was the low, reactive impedance graph. Factor that into many user's preference to power their klipschorns with tubes and I have way more questions than I have answers. When I had k-horns ('98-'03), I last powered them with the same Pioneer Elite VSX-55TXi a/v receiver I'm still using. I don't know (but I doubt) that the combination caused any of the extreme frequency response variations I encountered, but now I wonder. At the time I blamed it all on the room.
  2. I just haven't seen much pro or con. When I got mine, they'd already been put in the discount bargain bin, so that would explain that, I suppose. Heritage and the latest and greatest Reference products seem to be where the swarm goes...and the good looking girls. All well and good. I just think the 82-2 is pretty darned good sounding in light of the paltry price of admission ($718 delivered). Nothing special I suppose; especially in the Klipsch universe, but still quite satisfying in their own right.
  3. Sorry. I accidentally hit the enter key. A little premature insertion. 😏
  4. Is it true? If so, is it because they were blown out at deep discount at the end of their run? Or is it the other way around? Were they blown out because nobody loved them? If there is no love and it's based on performance, then what is the issue? I bought a pair in December of 2016 and I use them with a pair of subs and by dang, I find little to criticize, sound-wise. In my room there was a big hump in the 50 Hz area, but a little EQ and the subs (crossed over at 100 Hz) pretty much fixed that and extended the response down to the 25 Hz band to boot. I guess vinyl-clad speakers are kind of hard to love, which I totally understand. But the vinyl doesn't hurt the sound much if any, I would say.
  5. Great thread! I'd love to read more from all who've heard both RF7 and Cornwalls recently. I'm trying to decide which, if either, to buy, RF7 III or Cornwall III.
  6. Is the voting closed? If not, I vote RF-82's. Much more bass, and smoother overall. That said, Heresys are cool in the right set-up and system. Plus, the real wood finish is nice!
  7. This may not apply to C3's or your room, but IIRC, my old cornwalls from '85 had a definite peak in the 60-70 Hz range. If you want to knock that down you might want to try a x/o as high as 80-100 Hz. I cross my RF82's to a pair of Velodynes at 100Hz for the same reason -to reduce the bass hump, which in my case is a bit lower, down around 50Hz.
  8. One pair of k-horns and one pair of la scalas = great sound in two rooms.
  9. I suspect the price may fall in the range of..."if you have to ask"...which of course would make it way, way, way over my pay grade. But, if I ever fall into a barrel full of money...
  10. Who would go for this? I dig it, but it's pricey. http://www.avm-audio.com/products/ovation/ovation-cs-62-cs-82.html
  11. Thanks, Grizzog! I only paid $718 for my pair of RF82II's, delivered to my front door. List on the RF7II is what...$3198/pair? I mean sure, I like real wood and I like "made in America" and I like big speakers, but at less than 1/4 the price of the 7's, my 82's do a pretty good job; especially when combined with a decent sub or two. Of course, the subs tend to equalize the prices, but I already had them. Now if Klipsch was to knock 40% of the RF-7II, that would get them down to $1919 and things get very interesting!
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