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  1. Dave911

    RP260F matching YamahaRN 602??

    Fatal connection, very sharp highs.
  2. Dave911

    Music quality Klipsch + Yamaha

    As701 good combo to BIG sound? I like when the sound is big and the scene wide and deep, I like when the sound surrounds me.
  3. Dave911

    Replace RP250f to 260f?

    This is just a proverb. These speakers are very similar to Klipsch, the high tones are intense but not tiring. Columns are made to order, there are no shops. If I had bought 260 at first, I probably would not need a replacement. The 250f is a very poor model, it can work well in 5.1, unfortunately in stereo poorly
  4. Dave911

    Replace RP250f to 260f?

    RP 250f replaced to polish tower BMN s2 sound 100 times better, epic bass.
  5. Hello. My room 18m2 I Have RP250f I think to sell this model and buy 260f. Because I have very little bass and low midrange fill, and the impression of small sound. I need to add +4 bass on Yamaha 657, just somehow playing. Are the differences between 250 and 260 worth the extra 400$? If Difference is minimal then I will stay with 250 Thank you all
  6. He compared the sound of the speakers dali Zensor 3 and the middle band was filled vocals nicely played. :-\
  7. AMPs has been tested on audio shop , On High Quality Cd player and Bluetooth flac files, and not enought low Mids frequency
  8. I'm tested cxa60, Onkyo 9050 and Yamaha sound is very bright , treble shock , i cant listen trance music, i heard Only boom boom and tsss tsss :-\ Vocals and melody quiet than hihats and cymbals . . .
  9. Hi! I want buy good AMP to my Klipsch. Cambridge Cxa60 good match ? Sound is not too bright ?
  10. I am the supporter to listen to music without any additives, flat. On the Polish forums, people say that the speakers as they play because they have withdrawn midbass. And if you want to correct something I need to look for an amplifier which is juicy in midbass and mild treble. If this does not help, I have to look for speakers neutral Gentlemen, could you recommend me to do these amplifier speakers do 1k$ Prices friend told me Vincent SV-500 i listen Classic Trance music
  11. always use manual settings, my Yamaha is just eq for the center speaker, an old model. My old speakers for tonsil Zeus, has never been problems with the middle band. Electric guitar until hummed and on KLIPSCH guitar sound thin. It seems to me that these speakers have withdrawn midrange and very bright high bandwidth. Have you nothing is impossible to do, and I will have to sell them?
  12. If you switch off the equalizer, the melodies in trance music are silent and silenced, only hear the bass and hihats. when you turn on the equalizer All sounds can be heard equally. nothing dominates hole in the band above 500hz t the acoustics of the room I have done everything possible. thick carpet, damping wall opposite the speakers, equilateral triangle, but still sounds of midbass are withdrawn He does not want to use the equalizer because it degrades the sound, but otherwise not enjoy music
  13. Cześć! Cześć! Pół roku temu kupiłem te głośniki, mam go z Yamaha RX-V 657, jakość dźwięku jest dobra, ale barwa dźwięku jest tragiczna, wypełnić dźwiękiem brakującego więcej często 500Hz-1kHz, niestety, mam używać korektora i dodaj + 3dB w tym zakresie. Czy będę musiał sprzedać te głośniki? Przepraszam za język, używam trasnalator