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  1. I will take what you say into consideration I was only looking to match tonal quality because there is differences the 280fa's have that revamped squared and circular throat so I thought it would make a huge difference ! I love the sound some movies in the center speaker sound muffled I think cause of my towers precise detail in everything and then there are more movies that sound bang on if this makes any since at all ?! Means a lot hearing I own the flagship in Klipsch reference line but would the flagship be the rf-7ii's?!? Thanks for your help and replys
  2. So you do not recommend this what's so ever .. I thought the horn itself would add a bit more with rp-450ca these rp-280fa's sound crazy detailed .. back to 450ca from 6" to 5.25" think I'll lose that much ? I love the sound now I have if the center was a tad more on the brighter side I'd be stoked , I still am tho cause it's a crazy center for the most part and has beautiful depth and overall great sound quality
  3. I'll try my best at ear ... I had the rf-82's few years back sold them and wanted the rf-82ii's and picked these klf-20' s up for 300 so I settled cause they sounded amazing ! I'm hoping these new ones talk business just curious if my rc--64 will sound good with them is my only worry for the front sound stage !
  4. Hi there , im new to the forums ! I'm currently running for a setup Klipsch KLF-20'S for fronts Klipsch Rc64ii for center Rw-10d for sub Klipsch Rs-42's rears My question is I just ordered the Klipsch Walnut rp-280fa pair .. and was curious if I can run my 64ii or sell and get the rp-450ca or rp-450c ? Will these be major sound differences in my front three keeping the 64ii w/280fa ? Any help much appreciated!
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