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  1. FWIW getting access to the bass section is super easy. On the basis that your crossovers are well attached in place, simply flip the speaker upside down and unscrew the base. It’s worth a look in there anyway, if only to admire the big ol driver!
  2. Hi all, Back on script... @Wirrunna came over to my place yesterday and left me with enough caps to implement stage 0.5 of the plan - Re-cap one of the ALs and bring it back up to spec. I've just done the deed - Improvement in that side is dramatic - on George Duke - Brazilian Love Affair (Columbia 1992 Digital Remaster), the title track is a very dynamic, fast percussion-driven jazz fusion (dare I say) masterpiece with heavy bass guitar courtesy of Byron Miller. And it's absolutely popping for me right now. I listen to a lot of music with this sort of space and bounce (being more of a jazz / funk / disco kind of guy than a rock-lover) and the separation and detail I'm hearing today is truly magical. ** Not that I ever actually had a "problem" of any sort with the original ALs - I'm just seeing what more I can squeeze out of these speakers and from step 0.5 it seems like - quite a lot more. Next step - Procure a few more parts, and re-cap the other side. After that - We're plotting how to build an ES network using some great ideas that John has accumulated over the years. I'm also considering getting some new tweeters to mount externally in physical alignment with the squawker driver but that's one for another thread. Cheers IWS PS - Holy Hell - Track 8 "Up from the Sea it Arose and Ate Rio in One Swift Bite" - Here's a youtube link to help persuade you to look out for this CD next time you're in the local thrift store
  3. Thanks Geoff - I'm a classic long-time lurker. Bought these things off a guy in Seattle on CraigsList about 10 years ago - got them crated and shipped to Botany, dicked around with Mainfreight for weeks ("Special Company, Special People") and ended up with a Toyota HiAce engine being loaded into the back of my van... Took another week before they found and released my actual consigment (in perfect condition thankfully).
  4. We can, albeit with less suppliers. Mainstream is fine - we have element14 and RS and then a chain-store called Jaycar with a small range of stuff for hobbyists. Audio-specific, the market is a lot smaller. International postage is the main issue - I think due to all of the old postal treaties "expiring" of late, costs are going through the roof. I buy a lot of records and CDs, but never from the US. Vendors are often looking for up to $25 USD to ship a single LP these days *sigh*
  5. Really? Wow I wish I had known that. Thanks however to the other responders who took the time to inform me that I should look into the AA network. That was the great community-sourced response I was looking for. Hopefully my pictures, descriptions and those helpful responses will add to the fantastic canon that is the Klipsch Forums, and help someone else out in the future. IWS
  6. Hi and thanks for reading, I have a pair of La Scalas with the Type AL crossover, as pictured. It seems to be pretty hard to find a circuit diagram for this network, including from the thread between Bob Crites and ALK. There are no pictures I can find online and from the few discussions I have read, the general advice is that rather than re-cap it, this network should be replaced with something else - Both Crites and ALK have solutions, but both run into several hundred $AUD with postage and I don't have that sort of budget atm. La Scala LSBR S/N 8504510 K55-M squawker K-77M tweeter In terms of capacitors on the crossover, these are the markings on each part: 3x 2uF [+- 5%] 180 VAC - black rectangular block type 2x 8uF [+- 5%] 250 VAC - black rectangular block type 1x 30uF 250 VAC "CDE Soggy Foil Protected" 60 Hz - large canister type There is also a resistor marked "5 [Ohm] 10%" - white packaged type. My questions: Is it indeed not worth (in terms of financial outlay) replacing these parts with new components of the same values? What capacitor types are these and what would be suitable replacements (as I am not familiar with the respective uses of the various capacitor package / build types)? What would be the best bang for buck, if I had to choose between parts to replace - treble, mid or bass? I assume top end? My understanding is that there would be no benefit updating any of the inductors or transformers. Is this correct? Are there any other alternatives apart from Crites / ALK ? I would also consider DIY if I had a solid schematic and wiring guide to follow. I am spurred on to try the re-cap after some significant success replacing the caps on some 1975 Mordaunt Short speakers this week, dramatically uplifting performance! Any advice, experiences or general comments would be most appreciated. Anyone locally (in Australia anyway) done this before? Thanks! IWS
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